66 Assessment 4


    The [Fire Bolt] exploded when successfully hit the enemy. The archer staggered a bit but managed not to fell down. However, Auron didn't miss this chance, he quickly chanted another spell, [Ensnare].

    A vine of tree grows from the ground and snared the archer's both legs. Being snared, the archer could not ran away, he could only launched another attack towards Auron. This time, he used [Power Shot].

    The arrow shot on straight line toward Auron. By using [Power Shot], the arrow got faster and more powerful. However, no matter how fast it is, since Auron knew where the arrow coming from, he easily dodged the arrow. The archer kept on releasing his attack toward Auron. But, Auron could dodged all of the attack easily.

    After 3 arrow since the [Power Shot] used, the [Ensnare]'s effect had ended. Since it was only a level 1 spell, the duration also short. With the [Ensnare]'s effect went off, the archer could moved again. However, what waited for him was Auron, who had already stood in front of him. When dodging the arrow, Auron didn't just dodge it, he also moved closer to the archer.

    Auron equipped his dagger provided by the academy and stabbed on the archer. The archer also changed his weapon to a dagger and tried to fight close combat with Auron. However, Auron had way more close combat experience than ranged combat experience. The archer could not hold long enough before died under the dagger.

    Auron looked at his points which was added by another 23 point. Another countdown timer also popped out in front of him and he waited until all of his health and mana were full before continuing. He also switched back his dagger with a staff.

    Another enemy popped out. This new enemy was the easiest so far. Because, the new enemy was a cleric. Despite the cleric had an attack spell, compared to a mage, the attack spell was obviously weaker. Auron barraged the cleric with a spell. But, the cleric also spammed a healing skill on himself.

    Under this damage and heal, the cleric's health point went down then a few seconds later it went up. Then, it went down again and went up again. This continued until both of their mana was emptied. When the mana was emptied. Auron changed his weapon to a dagger and fight in a close combat.

    The enemy was also set to continue chasing the target, so he also went straight to Auron and used a dagger to try to stab Auron. Another close combat fight was started. This time, the fight didn't last as long as when he fought close combat with his previous enemy, the archer. Before long, the cleric defeated and another 24 points added. Auron waited until his mana and health filled before continuing the assessment.

    [Two enemies with level 25 had been spawned]

    "This time it was two" Auron thought while seeing the notification.

    The enemies quickly appeared in his sight. Two swordsman appeared and charging out to Auron. Every time, Auron was waiting until his health full, he didn't just lazily wait. He also read out his spell's description and tried to formulate a plan. Seeing the enemies was two swordsman, Auron chanted an [Earth Wall].

    When the enemies reached halfway to Auron, a wide wall appeared from the ground and blocked the enemies. This sudden appearance of the wall took the enemies in surprised. They could not stopped before crashing the wall. Because it was only level 1 spell, the sturdiness of the wall was low. The enemies made a hole in the shape of their body on the wall. However, their charge momentum was successfully stopped by the wall.

    Auron didn't missed this chance and launched another spell. He focused out on one of the swordsman. Auron's plan was to kill one of the swordsman first, so when he went out to fight into a close combat fight he would only fight with one enemy. After all, Auron used a mage character which was not suitable for close combat fight. He could coped up with one enemy using his experience to cover the lack of attribute. If there was two enemies, he would surely died under the enemies' attack. Moreover, the enemies had a higher attributes than him.

    Auron successfully defeated one swordsman. However, the other swordsman had already arrived beside him and swung his sword towards Auron. With a quick response, Auron tried to dodge the attack but failed. Auron got hit by the sword and took some damage. But, Auron didn't stay still, he changed his weapon to dagger and fight in close combat against the leftover swordsman. Although, Auron was in disadvantages because of the hit before, but Auron could coped up with the enemy and successfully defeated him. Another 50 points was added to his point's pool.

    [Two enemies with level 26 had been spawned]

    He rested up before he continued with another enemies. This time it was two enemies with level 26. He could not see any enemy lurking down to him. But, Auron still kept up his vigilance. After wait up for a few minutes, suddenly, Auron felt a cold sensation behind his back. Auron dodged the attack. When dodging, he could saw a steel dagger slashed out to the place where his neck was before. A thief appeared with a dagger. Auron was successfully dodged the thief's attack.

    However, when Auron want to relieved another chill sent down to his spine. A second thief appeared and attacked Auron. This time, Auron tried to dodge, but he could not dodged it in time. The dagger managed to graze his shoulder. Sensing danger, Auron ran away from the thief. Both of the time also started to chase Auron and didn't bother to use another stealth. Since the thief had a higher level combined with the thief's agility, their movement speed was faster than Auron. They quickly caught up with Auron.

    Auron felt danger
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