68 Walking Chanting

    [You have learn a new spell]

    [Walking Chanting] (Mage's skill)

    Level: 1 (Cannot be leveled up)

    Damage: 0-100%

    MP: Depend on the spell chanted

    Type: Passive

    Target: Depend on the spell chanted

    Cool down: 0 sec

    Prerequisites: None


    - Automatically used while user start to cast their spell on the move.

    - The damage was randomize between 0-100% of the spell magic damage.

    - There was a chance to fail.

    - If failed, the spell would explode and damage the caster for 100% of the spell damage.

    - User get 1 second chance to continue their spell when disrupted otherwise, it will make the spell fail and explode.

    "Finally, I get this skill" Auron was very happy to know that he finally learn the must have skill of a mage.

    "With this, I can make progress on this assessment easily" Auron thought.

    Auron didn't want to be drowned in happiness, he knew he was still in dire straits. With 5% health left, anything could happen. While both of the thieves still in state of shocked, Auron quickly made a move. He ran away and made distance between him and the thieves.

    However, he didn't just ran away, he properly used the skill he just learnt. Auron chanted another a basic spell, [Ice Bolt]. With high concentration, Auron successfully produced the [Ice Bolt]. The ice bolt flew out to the thieves and hit the injured thief. Auron deliberately aimed to the injured thief to finish him off so to reduce the burden on him. Unfortunately, this time Auron's luck was bad. His randomize damage only got 1% damage of the spell.

    The injured thief didn't died. On the contrary, this attack made the thieves came back to their senses. They looked at Auron and started to chase him. This time, the healthy thief chased him while the injured thief ran away and tried to use stealth. Like before, the healthy thief also tried to buy time so that his teammate could assist him with stealth. However, how could Auron let this happened. He quickly stopped ran away and fight back against the healthy thief. This time Auron became more and more aggressive.

    Auron combined his attack between close combat and his magic. When the enemy was close enough, Auron would attack him with his dagger. On the contrary, when the enemy tried to run away, Auron would chanted his spell while chasing the enemy. This made the enemy was in dilemma. If he come closer, Auron could attack him with dagger or magic. Moreover, it would break his goal to buy time. But, if he ran away and made distance from Auron, he would be a moving spell dummy.

    Although, Auron's magic damage was not high because he was using a dagger and not so lucky in his randomize damage, however, the enemy's health was visibly reduced every seconds. It was slow but little by little the enemy health got reduced. from 100%, 98%, 95%, 90%, 89%, to 50% and it was still reduced as the time goes by. Auron carefulness also contributed to the slow reduction pace of the enemy's health. He only had 5% of his health left. It would be a big joke, if he got hit by the enemy's desperate attack and died.

    After several minutes of harassing the enemy, Auron finally killed that thief. A notification sound rang indicating that he got a point. However, he could not be bothered by that because he knew the other thief was nearby. Although, the leftover thief had only around 5% of his health but he was in stealth mode. Auron needed to dodge one of his attack first before he could attack him.

    "What should I do to bait the thief out?" Auron thought.

    He knew that thief would be very careful since he also had a low health. It would be very hard for Auron to bait that thief came out of his stealth. He drop his guard down. Auron tried to act as if he was not aware there was a thief lurking beside him. He walked deep into the forest as if he was looking for a place to rest.

    At first, the thief not buying Auron's act. However, as the thief followed Auron deep into the forest, he started to believe that Auron was not acting. Moreover, with a sliver of health left, he could killed Auron with just several combo of his skills. However, he could still resist the temptation to act.

    As time goes by, with Auron's genuine act, the urge to act was rising. The temptation pressure the thief and become a burden to him. It was like there was a devil saying "Act now, and everything will be over".

    Could not resist no more, the thief started to act hastily. He started to move closer to Auron. However, because the thief move carelessly, he left some sign. The vigilant and observant Auron didn't missed this sign.

    "Finally, can't resist it no more?" Auron smirked.

    Auron still act as if he didn't care about the whereabouts of the other thief and continued to rest. However, inside, he was formulating a plan, he was trying to predict what move will the thief made. He tried to position himself as the careless thief which seeing a prey didn't have any of their guards up.

    The thief made a move at Auron. In his stealth condition, he moved to behind Auron. When he was facing Auron's back he started to attack. However, Auron had anticipated this. From the brainstorming before, this was the move with highest chance that the thief would do, attacking from behind.

    The thief swung his dagger aiming at Auron's neck and broke his stealth. Suddenly, Auron turned his back and blocked the incoming dagger with his dagger. Seeing his attack failed, the thief turned panic. He desperately bombarded Auron with his attack. However, Auron blocked it calmly.

    When one attack desperately, he didn't had any time to think about defense. So, when Auron seeing a gap opened, he counter attack. The thief took some damage which made him more nervous and made more mistake. After several attack from Auron, the thief collapsed on the ground.
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