69 Round 6

    In a room full of monitor, a lady was sitting in front of the monitor observing what was happening in the monitor.

    "What a pity, many of the student already failed at this time. It looks like a close combat lesson was very important." the lady pitifully sighed. The lady was Alice. She was their teacher as well as the overseer of the assessment. She also the one that chose the the combination of the enemy.

    "If I knew this would happen, maybe I should chose an easy enemy." This time, Alice was very disappointed. However, she cannot change what already done. The enemy needed to be inputted before the assessment started. And, because she had already inputted the enemy, she could only watched as the student failed one by one.

    Actually, she only inputted the enemy's combination up until four enemy or in other words up until 12 rounds. If there was a student that could achieved up until round 13, then she would needed to inputted the enemy manually. At first, she thought that to reach round 12 with the enemy combination she inputted, would be very difficult. And, if there was a student that could reached that height, then that student surely would become a prodigy.

    She thought that the student would achieved until a minimum round 9. However, reality was different. Because of the enemy combination, many student already failed. Especially, when they reached round 5, the 2 thieves round.

    However, what's done was done. She could only waited patiently until the assessment was over and maybe gave some encouragement to the student.

    "Ah, another student failed, huh..." Alice shook her head looking at one of the monitor while suddenly she was shocked. A student was chased by two thieves, when he was at his dead end, suddenly he turned back and a fire bolt was launched from hand and hit the chasing thieves. That student was Auron.

    "Hmm... this student was that student that worked very hard and was in bet with other student." Alice recognize Auron.

    "Wow, a superb close combat experience. I bet he had a ton of close combat experience to achieve at this height." Alice praised when she saw Auron fighting the thief in close combat.

    "What a pity he only got a sliver of health left, while his last enemy was in stealth" Alice thought that despite having a ton of close combat experience, the student still cannot defeated a thief in stealth mode.

    "Huh, so he chose to act like this." Alice saw what Auron was doing to lure the stealth enemy out.

    "Hmm... Smiling Wizard. He was the weakest student in my class" Alice saw through the student attendance and found out Auron's information. She suddenly become interested to Auron. Before, she only got a good impression on Auron because he was hard working but now that impression changed to interest.

    Auron got another point from defeating the last thief. Right now, he had 171 points. However, he couldn't know how many point the other got. The academy intentionally blocked all information relating other participant so the participant could solely focused on his fight.

    While Auron was resting to fully replenish his health and mana, he didn't stay idle. He trying to understand how the new skill he got work best. He was thinking on how to split focus, how to prevent from failing, etc. Despite he was resting, his mind was working hard. Before the timer was up, he concluded what the was analyzing and switched his mind to battle mode again.

    [Two enemy with level 27 had been spawn]

    The assessment continue. Auron maintain his composure and looking for the enemies. This was the first time in the assessment Auron was actively looking for the enemies. Not long after, he saw the enemies far away. Auron move closer to the enemy. The enemies also saw Auron and move closer to Auron. However, they still maintain a safe distance between them and Auron.

    The AI in the simulation already learned that Auron could used [Walking Chanting]. So, that variable was added to the formula. That was why the enemies became more careful this time. The enemies Auron encounter this time was swordsman and cleric.

    It was a pretty good combination to fight against a solo mage. However, it means nothing to Auron. Since he had learned the [Walking Chanting], his confidence shot up. With his experience in close combat he could deviate many plan from combining it with the skill.

    Also, Auron was different from any other mage. When the other mage, seeing the enemies this time, they would take distance and showered them with spell. However, Auron didn't do it like that. He come closer to the enemies and with a dagger in his hand, he fight in close combat.

    Of course, it was not easy to fight in close combat against two enemies. However, Auron had learn a lesson from before. He harassed the cleric and ignoring the swordsman. Occasionally, Auron used his spell to dodge from swordsman's attack. With the harassment from Auron, the cleric could not do anything other than healing himself.

    When the cleric's mana was emptied, he could do nothing and was stab to death by Auron. Meanwhile, the swordsman also depleted some of Auron's mana till half full. However, it was enough to defeat the swordsman. Without the healing from the cleric, the swordsman could only saw his health going down little by little while his attack was dodged by Auron. The swordsman could not continue long enough before he collapsed to the ground and death. Another round was finished and point was given to Auron.

    While Auron replenishing his health and mana, he didn't just stay still. He worked his head again to find a way for optimizing his spell usage in combat. He fully used the 5 minutes given by the academy. When the timer was up, he went to battle mode again.

    [Three enemy with level 28 had been spawn]
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