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    Auron took some damage from the thieves surprise attack before. However, he quickly regained his mind and focused on the battle once more. This time, the battle was way more difficult than before. One of the thief and the swordsman kept on pressuring Auron. While the other thief got away and ready to use stealth.

    Auron tried his best to endure the attack while waiting a chance to counter attacked. When there was two enemies, Auron pressure go down a little bit. However, Auron knew this was only a calm before the storm. He needed to quickly finish one enemy or else he would surely dies if this continue.

    A sword slashed out in front of him. Auron dodged it by stepping back. However, a dagger followed out and tried to stab at his stomach. Auron blocked the dagger with his hand. Then, a fire bolt shot and aimed at the swordsman.

    The fire bolt hit. However, the damage was so low. Lately, Auron was not so lucky with the randomize damage. The swordsman felt like an ant bite him and didn't bother with the damage. Moreover, the swordsman's health was high, so a little bit damage could not make him panic.

    Auron tried to move away from the two of them. However, they kept on chasing and sticking to Auron. This made Auron became more and more frustrated. He could only dodge, blocked, and counter attacked with a spell that did little bit damage.

    This continue until the other thief managed to arrived in the battlefield in stealth mode. Like a routine, the swordsman slashed his sword. Then, Auron dodged it and a dagger followed and tried to stab him. Once again, Auron blocked the dagger with his dagger and Auron aimed his chanted spell to the swordsman.

    However, this time, before the spell launched towards the swordsman, another dagger came out of nowhere slashed towards Auron's back. A damage appeared above Auron's head. A clean hit, Auron took hit a pretty decent damage this time. The three enemies continued their pressure and attack Auron.

    However, Auron managed to regained his composure and blocked or dodged the attack. Seeing, their effort was not enough, One of the thief went away once more and tried to use another stealth. Auron gritted his teeth. He could do nothing to prevent the thief from using the stealth. It was already difficult for him to maintain dodging and blocking the attack.

    Left with two enemies once more, Auron tried to became more aggressive. He successfully landed several attack to the enemy. His spell randomize damage also got higher than before. If before, the swordsman didn't bother to dodge, after he got a pretty high damage, the swordsman now tried to dodge the spell launched at him.

    This left him some opening and Auron didn't missed the chance and used his dagger to attack the swordsman. The swordsman got hit by the dagger and staggered a bit. Using this chance, Auron tried to escape from the encirclement. However, it was futile. The thief already blocked at his planned direction.

    Auron still tried to escape, he fought one on one with the thief. However, not long after, the swordsman regained his composure, and joined the fight. The battle back to square one again.

    Left with 53% of his health, Auron felt desperate. He could not think of a way to win from this fight. The swordsman left with 60% of his health and the thief left with 80% of his health. How could 53% health defeated two enemies with health way above him. Moreover, in a minute the other thief should be arrived and joined the fight.

    In his desperation, Auron's attack become more aggressive. Especially towards the swordsman who had a fewer health than the thief. When the thief attack, Auron would tried to dodge it completely. On the other hand, when the swordsman attack, Auron tried to dodge as well as counter attack the swordsman's attack.

    This plan actually a little bit effect. Combined with his spell, Auron managed to reduced 40% of the swordsman health, in sacrifice of 32% of Auron's health. This time, Auron already timed his time. So he knew that there was a stealth thief lurking out near him. Auron became more defensive on this round.

    And, it worked. Even though, he could not counter attack the enemies or reduce the enemies' attack, Auron managed to block or dodge the incoming attack and preserving his health. As the battle goes on, with the pressure from his enemy, Auron's concentration become sharper and sharper. He could reduced his preserve his health while reducing the enemies health bit by bit.

    Seeing their situation, the enemies became more serious. If this continues, they could only watch their dead slowly. The swordsman who had the lowest health launched a desperate attack. He disregard his health and kept on attacking as he would died any moment.

    This proved to be a success, from the desperate attack of the swordsman, Auron's manage to make a mistake. Auron's health started to reduce. Auron's left with 10% of his health meanwhile the swordsman left with 5% of his health. Although, percentage-wise, the swordsman had a lower health, however, from the real number, their health actually the same.

    Auron became more defensive once more. He knew this was the time the stealth thief came. Auron didn't bother to attack and just blocking or dodging. However, the desperate swordsman use this to his advantage, he become more aggressive with his attack and didn't bother defending leaving a wide opening every time he attack.

    The stealth time came and attack. However, it didn't manage to reduce Auron's health. The three enemies started to pressure Auron with the swordsman desperate attack, Auron felt more pressure than before. The pressure successfully made Auron did a mistake.

    From this mistake, it became snowball and became bigger. Auron was in danger. Seeing the situation, it was a hopeless situation to overcome. He could not go to the next round. However, Auron didn't want to die alone. He also aimed at the low health swordsman. Before Auron died, he manage to kill the swordsman first before dying because of the thieves's attack.
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