74 Self Created Spell

    Pollack's face sunk. "Smiling Wizard, don't push think too far!"

    "Whoa... Now, I am the one that was wrong here?"

    "You lose the bet, but didn't want to admit your lose?"

    "It is as expected, the great Pollack never lose. If he lose, then his opponent are the one that in the wrong" Auron mocked Pollack.


    "I am sorry" Pollack apologized to Auron and turned to leave this place.

    However, Auron stopped him, "Wait up"

    "What's more?" Pollack holding his rage that going to erupted any second.

    "Are you already turned into senile? From what I remember, you should apologize while kneeling down"

    Pollack no longer could hold his rage. His rage erupted. He started to chant a spell and aimed at Auron. He was going to attack Auron. However, before he finished his spell, a pressure came down upon him and suppressed him.

    The pressure interrupted his chanting. A voice followed after, "Don't waste my time, do what you must do and leave!"

    Pollack looked at the source of the pressure and he could see Alice's face turned ugly. He knew Alice must be in a super bad mood. He could not offend this teacher. Even if he brave enough to offend this teacher, his family would not.

    Pollack could only gritted his teeth and knelt down, "I am sorry". Then, he stand up and left without saying anything. However, the other student move away from him because they could felt Pollack's rage and they didn't want get into trouble.

    Auron could sense insincerity and rage when Pollack's apologize to him, but he didn't care. He just wanted a revenge. Before the assessment started, he already prepared if he was the one that going to lose. But, fate turned to be good. Instead of losing, he won. Moreover, he was first in the ranked. He could not let this slide out. That was why, he stopped Pollack and mocked him.

    With Pollack's leave, the other student started to leave. Meanwhile, Auron followed Alice to Alice's office.

    "You are going too far. Don't you afraid of his revenge?" Alice asked.

    "You know in the academy, his family still had an influence. Moreover, he had his backing out here. You know the big guy that he always followed. That guy's background was more terrifying than Pollack."

    "Well, it looks like teacher also didn't afraid with his terrifying background" Auron smiled.

    "Why should I afraid with him? I have more terrifying background than him, but you?" Alice answered.

    "Since teacher didn't afraid, then why should I be afraid. Moreover, we are in the academy. He would not dare to do something big or the academy would not let it slide."

    "I am a man, if he come with 100 then I will beat 100, If he come with 1000 then I will beat 1000"

    "Well said, but don't you gone crying to me when you are being bullied"

    "Now, let get down into the real business. The reason I called you here is for your price, my created spell."

    "Now, speak up, which spell you want to learn from me?"

    Auron stopped for a second, before he embarrassingly said, "Ehmm. Teacher, could you tell me what created spell did you have? I don't know what spell did you create"

    When Alice heard Auron's question, she felt shocked. She was a prodigy and very famous. There was no one that didn't know about her. Her tale about creating a spell already spread out to all of the kingdom. Even if someone didn't know all of her created spell, they should know one of it.

    "So, you didn't know about me?" Alice tried to ensure that she heard wrong.

    Auron shook his head, "I know you are a prodigy, but I didn't know you created a spell"

    Alice felt shocked, this was the first time a person didn't know about her created spell. She could not help but explained about his created spell to Auron. However, what Alice didn't know was, Auron was pretending. He already knew all of Alice created spell but from book. He wanted to get explanation from the creator itself. That way, he could knew which spell suitable for him.

    After explaining all 15 of her created spell, she asked, "So, which spell you wanted to learn?"

    Auron started to pondered on which spell he wanted to learn. After hearing Alice's explanation he get to know more about her spell, way more than just reading from book. He started to use elimination system to filter out the spell that he going to learn.

    From 15 spells, he reduced it to 12 spells. From 12 spells, he reduced it to 8, then to 3. When Auron was pondering on which spell he was going to pick out of the 3 spells left, Alice said, "Actually, last week I created a new spell, however, since it was new, I haven't figured out it's full potential."

    "I promised to teach you one of my spell, although it was a new spell and I haven't figured out the full potential, I think I will explained it to you, whether you choose it or not, it's depend on you."

    "So, as you know, although I can use other element spell, I am more inclined to fire spell. After using fire spell for so long, I got an idea. There were many fire spell, and each of the spell had their own characteristic. For example, [Fire Bolt] was very basic spell with ordinary power the advantages of it was it was easy to chant. Another one is [Fire Blast], it was a spell that could created a blast when hit something. What if I could combined the characteristic of [Fire Blast] to [Fire Bolt] and create an easy chanted [Fire Bolt] spell that could blast its fire when it hit. That way it could make the ordinary [Fire Bolt] become something extraordinary."

    "Well, that's was the basic idea of my new created spell. But, let me tell you first, this spell is not finish yet and can still be developed. Before, when I say I created a new spell, it just mean that I already succeed once out of hundred thousands tries"
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