75 Fire Combination

    "I already succeed once out of hundred thousands tries"

    "I haven't got the gist of it. So, from that once success until now, I haven't succeed again. But, I believe, if I train more, one day I will succeed and I believe this spell will became my masterpiece and the strongest out of my other created spell"

    "Well, that's all what I have got to say. Now, it is time for you to choose one of my spell"

    Hearing the new information, Auron pondered for a while. He was interested on the new spell. However, there was a cons on the new spell. After learning that spell, he would not be able use that spell for a long way. After all, even the creator it self still failed on using that spell.

    "What should I choose?" Auron pondered deeply.

    After a while, Auron said to Alice, "I will choose the new spell"

    Hearing what Auron said, Alice became shocked, "Are you sure? The spell haven't finished yet and the requirement to use are high."

    Alice shocked because Auron choose the new spell, although she tell Auron about the new spell, she didn't want Auron to choose it. She only told Auron because she wanted to tell Auron about all of her created spell, even the unfinished one. When she told Auron, she had prepared and emphasize on the detail that the spell still unfinished in hope that Auron didn't choose it. But the fact says otherwise, Auron still chose it.

    "Yes, I am very sure about it."

    "Why? Tell me the reason"

    "The spell can be categorized as a spell in development phase. I believe that this spell had a lot of room of improvement. If I choose this spell now, I can improve it the way I wanted and it do not have to followed your way. Maybe, if I succeed, it can became my own created spell."

    "But, there is also a room of failure. What if you are fail?"

    "That was why, I take this gamble. If it is a failure, then you can say that I was not fated with the spell. But, if it is a success, although I use your spell as the base of it, it still could be said that it is my own created spell"

    Alice saw Auron's determination on this. She sighed and could only said, "Fine then, let me ask you for the last time. Are you really sure to choose this spell?"

    "I am 100% sure of it"

    "Fine. I will teach you how to use it, whether you could use it or not, it will up to you."

    At the end, Alice taught Auron on how to use the new spell. The process took longer than expected. Luckily, because today was the assessment day, there would only one class and that was the assessment. Or it could be said that there was no Peter's class for today.

    After five hours, a new notification rang out. Auron finally got to learn the skill.

    [You have learn a new skill, Fire Combination]

    [Fire Combination] (Mage's skill)

    Level: 1 (Cannot be leveled up)

    Understanding: 0.01%

    MP: Depend on the spell chanted

    Type: Active

    Target: Depend on the spell chanted

    Cool down: 0 sec

    Prerequisites: None


    - Combine two or more spell's characteristic, the more quantity of spell to combine, the higher the chance to fail

    - The spell produced will take form of the base spell combined with the characteristic of the other spell.

    - This skill only combine a spell's characteristic, not creating a new spell.

    - There was a chance to fail

    - The chance to succeed was depend on the user understanding of this skill and the spell to combine.

    - Works only for fire element spell.

    - If it was a failure, mana point spent would not be replenish.

    After succeed on learning the spell, Auron looked happy. Although, there was a downside on the spell, but this was a new journey for him to create his own created spell. From the description of the spell, Auron could conclude some information about this spell.

    First, the mana used was the mana cost of the base spell plus the average of the other spell. So, let's say that, we want to combine three spell, the base spell cost 100 mana, the second spell cost 50 mana, and the third spell cost 150 mana, then the cost of the spell was 100 plus (50 + 150) /2 mana which would be 200 mana.

    Second, the spell form was the base spell used combined with the other's spell characteristic. If the base spell was [Fire Bolt] then the spell would produced a [Fire Bolt] with some enhancement. If the base spell was [Fire Pillar] then the spell produced would also a [Fire Pillar].

    Third, the success chance was depend on the [Fire Combination]'s understanding and the combined spell. The higher the understanding the higher the chance to succeed. The [Fire Combination]'s understanding would have a heavy weight on the chance of success.

    Fourth, as the skill's name [Fire Combination], only worked for fire elemental spell only. If it was used with other elemental spell, it would 100% failed.

    "You have got your reward. Now, go back to your room." Alice instructed Auron after finishing her lesson.

    Auron was so happy that he went along with what Alice said. He left the room and head to his own room. He wanted to use this skill immediately. Since there was no lesson afterwards, he could try to analyze the skill or tried to use the skill to get the gist of it.

    When Auron already left the room, Alice sighed "I hope that spell will not discourage him or take a lot of time from him"

    What Auron didn't know was Alice actually lied on her chance of success. Instead of once in hundred thousands tries, it was actually once in hundreds millions tries. She didn't want to lose her face as a prodigy that was why she lowered the number. She thought that with hundred thousands, it was enough to discourage other people to learn it. But, who knows, Auron still chose it.
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