77 Mud Swamp 2

    Not long after, Auron arrived at [Mud Swamp]. When he arrived, two of monsters welcomed him.

    [Male Moth] (common monster)

    Level: 35

    HP: 8300/8300

    MP: 100/100

    Skills: Stinger

    Description: A flying moth. Always followed by at least 1 [Female Moth].

    [Female Moth] (common monster)

    Level: 38

    HP: 10500/10500

    MP: 300/300

    Skills: Stinger, Deadly Attack

    Description: A flying moth. It always followed a [Male Moth]. However, it was actually stronger than him.

    Auron dodged the attack from the [Male Moth]. However, a [Female Moth]'s attack followed. Auron block the attack with his sword. He quickly counter attack the [Female Moth]. Auron swung his sword and used [Bash].

    The [Bash] hit the [Female Moth] and damage her. However, an attack from the [Male Moth] came. Auron tried to dodge the attack, but he can't. A damage appeared above Auron's head. Auron quickly used his area skill, [Whirlwind Slash].

    The skill hit both of the enemy and flinched them a bit. It gave Auron some time to prepare for what happen next. Since the [Male Moth] was weaker, Auron quickly focused his attack on the [Male Moth].

    Auron took some damage but he managed to kill the [Male Moth]. Since, there was only [Female Moth] left alone, it was easier for Auron to dodge the attack. He took his time and slowly dwindle the [Female Moth]'s health. This time, since he only face one monster it was easier for him to handle. He only took a little bit health to defeat the [Female Moth].

    "It look likes, I was overconfident with my attributes. I had a hard time to defeat the monster here." Auron thought.

    "Maybe, it was because of the terrain" Auron still thought positively.

    As a hunting ground for level 35 player, this place was not very popular back when most of the player still level 35. The reason was because the mud. As it names, [Mud Swamp], fighting in the swamp already limited their movement speed. With the addition of mud inside the swamp, the movement speed was decreased more.

    Moreover, all of the monster here were flying monster so they were not affected by the swamp. In addition, the monster here always came in group. Although most of the monster here came in group of 2, however, some time, there were monster that came in as a group of 3 or 4.

    Because of the reason above, it was difficult to hunt here. Without a party, it was already difficult to hunt here. Moreover, if the party was not proper, it would be way more difficult. Usually, the party would consist with two melee class and the rest was a range class, of course with some healer class. Although, your party's composition was made like what stated above, however, if your melee player not good at keeping their aggro, it will have the same result, a party wipe out.

    With the reduction of the movement speed, more and more player cursed this place. Actually, there was a way to not get the movement speed, which was to use a flying battle mount. However, flying battle mount was introduced for level 50. So, back then, this place was not a very popular hunting ground.

    Although, it was not a popular hunting ground, many people still came here. Not to hunt here, but just to past here and get to the dungeon, Auron's goal at this journey. The dungeon was very enticing. Although they needed to past a dangerous terrain, they would still cross it for the dungeon.

    Right now, Auron was level 22. However, because he got a "special" class, he would get twice the of attribute point for one player. So, by calculation, actually his attribute was the same as a level 44 player. Moreover, he got a bonus attribute from Peter's task. This was the source of confident from Auron that he could fight here alone.

    However, reality spoke stronger, it was already difficult for him to fight with two monster in this terrain. His heart waver. He question his decision whether to continue or to give up and wait for when he was stronger.

    After a few minutes, Auron made up his mind to continue his journey. He walked slowly and tried to avoid the monster. The reason was, it was difficult for him to fight in this terrain and it only wasting his time and potion.

    When Auron saw a group of monster, he tried to look for another way. He would made a detour if there were a group of monster. He moved slowly so the monster would not notice him. However, the monster also didn't stay idle. They would roam around the [Mud Swamp].

    So, although Auron was being careful, a fight was inevitable. When he fought, Auron would tried to use all what he got and tried to finish quickly because he didn't want the other group of monster to notice the fight and join the fight.

    Moreover, the deeper one into the swamp, the more monster there were. When Auron goes deeper more and more fight would occurred. Although, he was only fought one group of monster at a time, There were once that he fought a group of three monsters. He managed to defeat all of the monster, but his potion also dwindle rapidly.

    Auron moved deeper, he already saw the entrance of the dungeon. He was about to move when he saw a group of huge monster.

    [General Moth] (common boss monster)

    Level: 45

    HP: 35000/35000

    MP: 300/300

    Skills: Stinger, Deadly Attack, Summon soldier, Moth's Shout

    Description: A flying moth. A boss moth. Beware of his soldier

    Auron tried to ran away, however it was too late. The boss already looked at Auron. The boss summon his solder and started chasing Auron with his soldier. Auron tried his best to ran away. He used all of his movement skill and just straight ignoring the bunch of monster ahead.

    All of the other monster also started to chase Auron. From small group, it slowly snowballed into a bigger group. However, not long after the chasing, when Auron was ran away with a group of monster behind him. Up at his front, he saw a huge bird coming to him.
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