78 Battle Moun

    A huge bird was flying toward him. With a huge mob of monster behind him, Auron kept on running towards the huge bird. When he was so close to the bird, a huge flame spell shot out from the bird. The spell flew in the direction of Auron.

    The spell flew fast, however, it flew past Auron and hit the mob behind Auron. The flame spell hit one of the nearest mob. When it hit, the spell produced a huge explosion that engulfed the nearby monster. The explosion also produced a flame that spread in a wide area. All of the monster was inside the flame.

    The flame produced a damage over time to the monster. After a few seconds, all of the monster scorched to death, including the boss monster and his guards. A huge pile of loot scattered on the grounds.

    Seeing the condition, Auron stopped running and looked at the huge bird. On the top of the bird, Auron could see a woman. The woman had a long black hair with armor on her body. However, the armor could not hide her elegant body curve.

    Actually, the huge bird was a type of flying mount that a player could get. Auron knew it was a mount, so that was the reason he didn't afraid and kept on running toward the huge bird. Auron looked at the woman and he could see the woman was younger than him. He predicted that the woman was around 3 to 4 years younger than him.

    Also, from the mount, Auron could recognize that this woman was not a nobody. The huge bird was a epic grade flying mount that no anyone could get. An ordinary mount was so hard to get even more a flying mount. Moreover, it was a epic grade flying mount.

    From just a flying mount and armor, Auron could see a lot of information about the woman. The huge bird had a minimum level to use and that was level 400. So, this means that the woman had a minimum level of 400. When Auron looked closely, the woman didn't try to her level at all, so Auron could see her level. She was level 410.

    When Auron knew her level, he became more impressed by the woman. The reason was because her flying mount equipped with armor. It was indicating that her mount was a battle mount. A battle mount was special. To get a battle mount, one needed to do a special quest with her mount. They could not buy a battle mount. When one want to sell the battle mount, they needed to strip off the battle capability of their mount before they could sell it. So, when someone buy a mount, they would only get a non battle mount and they needed to complete the quest to get a battle mount.

    The battle mount quest was difficult. They really needed to rely on their coordination on the user and their mount. The difficulty of the quest was depend on the type of mount, the rarity of the mount, and the user level. However, the type of the mount and rarity of the mount impacted greatly on the quest's difficulty. This was the reason why many of the average player usually completed their battle mount quest when they had more than 50 level of their mount's minimum level. Even for the rarer grade mount, they needed to have 100 level more than their mount's minimum level. And, the difficulty of the non flying mount quest was easier than the flying mount one.

    Since the woman mount was a battle mount, this means that the woman, whom Auron just met, was able to complete the battle mount quest with a 10 level difference. Moreover, it was a flying mount with epic grade. Auron could not help to become amazed. Even for Auron, back then, when he was doing his battle flying mount quest, he could only complete his quest with 20 level differences.

    A battle mount was very necessary in the Two Worlds. The reason was not just for the cool appearance of the mount, but also, for fighting. Although, the mount could not attack or doing anything except from moving, but having a battle mount would increase the rider's attributes. The attributes was depend on the mount, but usually, the mount would increase all type of the rider's attributes.

    The rarer the mount, the higher the attribute increase. Without a battle mount upgrade, a mount could only serve as a transportation tool that speed up the user movement. However, when they were engaged in the battle the mount immediately disappear and cannot be summoned until they were out of battle state. Also, to summon a mount they needed to wait for 5 seconds before the mount appear and ready to be use. A mount without upgrade would not increase any of the user's attributes except their movement speed.

    If the mount was upgraded to a battle mount. The rider could fight on top of the mount. So, they would still have a high movement speed. On top of that, the battle mount also would increase the user's attributes which strengthen the user. That was why, when there was a duel, usually the mount would be banned. Even if, the mount not banned, both of them needed to have a similar mount or else, the weaker one would have a lower attributes compared to the other one.

    When Auron was still amazed by the fact of the mount, the woman on top of the huge bird spoke confusedly, "Hmm... what a level 22 player doing here in the hunting grounds for level 35? Are you stupid?"

    Before Auron could answered, the woman already continued her speech, "No way, it was impossible that you are an experienced player. An experienced player must know about this place was a hunting ground for level 35. They would not come here as when they were level 22."

    Auron wanted to answered, but Auron could answered, the woman spoke again as if she was enlightened, "I know, you must be a new player that was lost and accidentally came here!"
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