79 Farming Guild

    "No, I am not!" Auron shouted to the woman. He felt exhausted after hearing of the woman's conclusion without asking his opinion.

    "You must be lying. If you are not a new player then how you can go to this place with your level. Do you think you are strong?" Hearing the shout, the woman felt that Auron was embarrassed by the truth so he was shouting to her.

    "Although, I am not as strong as you. I can still fight in this place."

    "Then, how come I see you ran away before?" The woman pressured Auron.

    "There was a boss mixed in the mob. Forget it, I will still have to thank you for saving me. Now, I need to go the dungeon." Auron turned his body and walk at the direction of the dungeon. Because the enemy was died not long ago, the monster hadn't spawn yet, so the path was empty and Auron could walk freely.

    Seeing Auron ignored her, the woman decided to keep tease him. She still believed that Auron was a new player and felt very embarrassed to admit it. So, the woman get down from his battle mount and walked alongside Auron. She kept on asking him and tease him.

    "Are you sure you want to go to the dungeon?"

    "Do you need my help to clear the dungeon with you?"

    "Do you really not want to get out of this place? I can protect you?"

    Auron became dizzy by every question she asked. "This woman was pretty and cheerful. However, she was really talkative."

    Auron kept ignoring her while the woman still talk a lot. Auron knew her goal by coming here. She was also intending to go to the dungeon. How Auron knew? He knew it because of the badge on her armor. It was a guild's badge. 3 gold bars with a scale was drawn on the badge. It was the badge for Gold Digger, a farming guild.

    Farming guild was a type of guild that had one goal, to make money. They would look for a way to efficiently make money. They also would not skip a chance to make more money. For example, this woman, although she had level over 400, she still come to this place for just a level 35 dungeon. In fact, this was a very common occurrence when one joined a farming guild. They would do everything that could give them money and this level 35 dungeon was one of the favorite place. That was why, at this stage of game, usually, when you get into a low level dungeon you would trigger a hidden boss like Evil Mistress' Dungeon, but not for this dungeon. You would really need to depend on luck to trigger the hidden boss at this dungeon.

    If one really could stay in the farming guild, then it would really profitable. Moreover, if the farming guild was a big farming guild, it would give its member a really lot of money. However, to stay in a farming guild was difficult, the requirement to stay was more difficult than staying in a non-farming guild. One of the requirement was, each of the member needed to pay a certain amount of money each day. If you cannot afford to pay it, usually, you would get expelled from the guild.

    However, the benefit to stay in the farming guild was also not little. Usually, at the end of month, the money collected from daily payment from the guild's member would be shared to all of the member in the guild. The distribution was different and it based on each member's contribution to the guild even the guild master itself. So, the longer and active on in the guild, the more money someone would get.

    Another benefit was if there were a rare item, the member could get it with a price cheaper than the market price. So, it could help a lot when upgrading the equipment. There were some characteristic for a farming guild. Their guild member usually was less than the battle-oriented guild and their member's level usually was low because they were not chasing for level. Instead, they chased on the money. Also, the people that joined the guild had only one goal that was to convert their in-game money to real world money. And, it was their job.

    As it stated before, the higher the guild's ranking, the more profit each of the member would get. So, Two Worlds made a farming guild's ranking to make the competition heat more. When the guild was ranked in the top 100, then its member's prosperity would be guaranteed. And, Gold Digger was in the top 100 guild. Although, it ranked near 100, despite the stricter requirement to stay, its member's income was way more than ordinary player income.

    When Auron learnt that the woman was a member of farming guild, he felt shocked and confused. Although, now, he knew the reason how the woman had a pretty decent equipment, but he still confused why the woman with skill enough to compete with the elite of the high leveled guild, was in a farming guild.

    "Okay... okay... I believe you are not a new player" Seeing Auron ignored her, the woman felt crazy because she was talking to herself, so she gave up.

    Although, there were no monster, both of them was walking toward the dungeon with a normal speed and there were no desire to move faster. Both Auron and the woman didn't spoke anymore and just walked to the dungeon.

    Not long after, they were about to reach the dungeon entrance. When they were almost arrived at their destination, Auron broke the silence and asked out of his curiosity, "I know you were skilled enough, but, instead of joining the elite force of a high ranked guild, you are joining a farming guild?"

    Hearing Auron's question, the woman turned her head to Auron and smiled teasingly, "It's a secret. But well, how about I tell you if you could clear this dungeon by yourself?"
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