80 Pirates Treasury 1

    "how about I tell you if you could clear this dungeon by yourself?" The woman smiling teasingly. She believed that Auron could not finished the dungeon by himself and when he failed, she would come up as a heroine and helped him.

    "Okay, fine. You wait here and I will enter the dungeon" Auron asked.

    "No, I will enter with you as a party. But, I will just stay still and watched you fight." The woman answered.

    Hearing the woman suggestion, Auron frowned. His goals to enter this dungeon was not only for the gold, but also to practice his dual class. He wanted to use this opportunity to familiarize with the [Walking Chanting] skill more. If the woman come inside with him, it would expose his "cheat".

    Auron frowned and asked, "Do you really have to come inside?"

    "Of course. What if you just come inside and waited at the entrance then came out of the dungeon as you have cleared it?" The woman answered.

    "Well then, forget it about all of this. I don't really want to know the reason. I am just curious. If you don't want to tell me that's fine." Auron rejected her proposition.

    Hearing Auron's reply, the woman shocked and quickly replied, "I will tell you if you could clear the dungeon by yourself."

    "Well, you don't need to trick me to challenge the dungeon, I know fully about myself, and I believe that I could clear the dungeon by myself. But, I don't want you to come inside with me. If you insisted to come inside with me then, you could just forget it, I will not do it."

    "If I don't come inside with you, what if you deceived me?"

    "Well, it is not my problem. If you cannot believed in me, the just pretend that I didn't asked you the question before. As I said before, I am just curious."

    "Why you insisted so hard to not let me come with you?" The woman said.

    Hearing the question, Auron felt shocked, He though that was this woman really innocent or she only pretended to be one, "Have you never heard about trump card? I don't know you and I don't know if you have an evil intention on me or not. Even if you don't have any evil intention right now. What if, inside, you know my trump card and begin to develop an evil intention to me."

    "You are so much stronger than me. I cannot fight you if you have any intention on my trump card and snatched it from me."

    "Hmph... Do you really think I will do such lowly things?" The woman started to get furious.

    "Well, who knows?" Auron shrugged his shoulder.

    "I don't know you and I cannot believe in you."

    The woman started to believe that Auron really have secret on him. Although, she would not do such lowly things like snatching it from Auron, she still would become curious and pushed Auron to tell her how to get that secret.

    "But, what if he is lying?" The woman thought in his mind.

    "What if I add the reward? If you could clear the dungeon by yourself, not only I will tell you my reason, I will also give you 100 gold. What about it?"

    Auron didn't care about it and just shrugged his shoulder once again, "As long as you come inside with me, I don't care about the reward."

    "Hey, 100 gold is not little. Can you imagine a level 22 like you have a 100 gold in your pocket. You could buy a lot of things using that money." The woman kept on persuading Auron.

    With Auron consistent declined, the woman little by little becoming more curious on him. How could a level 22 player had so much confident to clear a level 35 dungeon by himself. She thought more and the more she thought the more she become curious.

    From the incident before, when Auron was being chased by mobs of monsters, she could recognize the boss inside the mob. It was already a surprise for her to find a level 22 player walking deep inside the [Mud Swamp] by himself. In addition, she know that the boss only spawn near the entrance of the dungeon, which mean that Auron almost arrived at the dungeon by himself.

    If he had a helper, why when Auron was being chased, the helper didn't help him at all. This mean that Auron didn't have any helper on his side. With the fact above she become more and more interested on Auron.

    From thinking the matter deep enough, she had concluded that Auron was not a new player. But, she still need to figure out how could a level 22 player gone so deep inside the [Mud Swamp] by himself. Even, if it was her, it would be difficult for her to achieve what Auron had achieved. Moreover, with the confidence she felt from Auron, she began to believe that Auron really thought that he could clear the dungeon by himself.

    This was the reason she kept on persuading Auron to let her join him inside the dungeon. Moreover, on the mention of the trump card before, she already felt that Auron had such a thing and that was the reason he could achieved what he achieved right now. She really wanted to know what was the trump card he had.

    Auron started to ignore the woman. He just didn't care anymore about the reason why she join a farming guild. He even found the woman's consistent persuasion become annoying for him.

    "Let us stop this unnecessary talk like this. I don't want you to come with me and you cannot believe in me. So, let just forget about this. I have waste my time, I need to go to clear the dungeon now." Auron end the conversation, he turned around and started to walked to the dungeon. The woman chased him and kept on persuade him with more and more rewards to let her inside with him, but Auron ignored her.
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