81 Pirates Treasury 2

    Auron ignored the woman and kept walking until he entered the dungeon.

    [You have entered Pirate's Treasury.]

    [Kill the Pirate King Jack]

    Maximum Players: 10

    Dungeon Cooldown: 1 days

    Description: Kill the Pirate King Jack to clear the dungeon.

    Quest Clear Condition: Kill Pirate King Jack (0/1)

    Quest Clear Rewards: Lucky Random box + 1

    Quest Failure Condition: All player in the party die

    Quest Failure Punishment: Dungeon will be in cool down for 2 days.

    A notification for the dungeon's quest appear and just as Auron had predicted, he didn't get any hidden boss' quest. Although he didn't have much hope for the hidden boss, but when he faced the reality, he still felt a little bit disappointed.

    As the dungeon took place in the mud swamp, when Auron looked around, he was still standing inside a swamp filled with mud. Auron started to walk forward. Because of the mud, his movement speed was reduced.

    [Junior Pirate] (common monster)

    Level: 32

    HP: 5000/5000

    MP: 120/120

    Skills: Bash, Wild Slash

    Description: A junior crew in a pirate ship. Using a saber as his weapon.

    After walking for a while, he spotted his first enemy. It was a [Junior Pirate]. Just like Auron, since the pirate didn't float or using a mount, they also get reduced movement speed. Unlike the enemy outside of the dungeon, this make Auron whose level was way under the pirate, still could kept up with the pirate's speed. Moreover, Auron attributes was little bit higher than the pirate.

    The pirate who spotted Auron charged toward Auron. When he was close to Auron, the pirate swung his saber to attack Auron. But, Auron easily dodge the attack and moved to the side of the pirate. Auron used [Bash] to counter attack the pirate. The pirate was hit by Auron's attack and stumbled.

    The fight last for a while before the pirate died. The fight was to easy for Auron. After he looted the item dropped from the pirate, he continued forward when he spotted 2 [Junior Pirate]. This time, Auron charged first.

    Seeing Auron charged toward them, the pirates prepared themselves to receive Auron's attack. Auron swung his sword toward one of the pirates. The pirate blocked Auron's attack with his saber. Meanwhile, the other pirate swung his saber and tried to attack Auron. However, before the attack landed, an [Earth Spike] came out from the ground and pierced the attacking pirate.

    This was the reason Auron was very stubborn with his decision to not let the woman came with him. He wanted to practice the [Walking Chanting], if the woman came inside with him, he could not practiced it. Moreover, one of the reason Auron was confident enough to clear the dungeon was his combination between attack and magic.

    Auron followed up with several attack before the pierced pirate died. When facing only one pirate, it was like fighting with a kid, Auron easily killed the leftover pirate. A bunch of item appear on the ground as the last pirate died. Auron also received some huge exp.

    After he looted up all of the item on the ground, he looked at his experience. From killing just 3 [Junior Pirate], Auron already received 5% of his experience. This dungeon actually was famous for farming its lucky random box to get some gold. It could be seen from the dungeon's quest that didn't even give any experience point at all. The reason Auron could get huge experience was due to his level which was way below the average monster here.

    "Hmm... after fighting with only 3 monster, my mana was almost depleted" Auron thought.

    By using the combination of his skill and spell, the damage produced was high. Also, this could lead to way more variate of fighting style and combination. However, the disadvantages was clear. Auron's mana could not afford it. After only few battle, his mana almost empty.

    "Should I invest more in my intelligence?" Auron thought of a possibility to resolve the issue.

    "No way, if I do that, I need to sacrifice other attributes. The only way was to resolve it through equipment. Hopefully, I could get permanent intelligence attribute from quest or item like what I get from Peter's lesson."

    Auron took a mana potion and used it. When he was using a mana potion, a whistle sound rang loud. Auron looked at the source of sound and found a group of pirate appeared and moving toward him.

    [Pirate Watchman] (common monster)

    Level: 35

    HP: 5000/5000

    MP: 120/120

    Skills: Emergency Call

    Description: As strong as a junior pirate. However, it could summon other pirates through its whistle. There would be 1-5 pirates summoned. The type of the pirate's summoned was random.

    [Medior Pirate] (common monster)

    Level: 35

    HP: 8000/8000

    MP: 150/150

    Skills: Bash, Wild Slash, Burst shot.

    Description: A medior crew in a pirate ship. Using a saber as his weapon. He also had rifle as his secondary weapon.

    [Senior Pirate] (common monster)

    Level: 38

    HP: 10000/10000

    MP: 180/180

    Skills: Bash, Wild Slash, Burst shot.

    Description: A senior crew in a pirate ship. Using a saber as his weapon. He also had rifle as his secondary weapon. Beware!! his weapon had a higher quality than medior pirate.

    Actually, the group of pirate was the act of [Pirate Watchman]. It saw Auron when Auron was drinking mana potion then it use its whistle to summon a bunch of pirate. Luckily, the number of pirate summoned only 3. There were a [Junior Pirate], [Medior Pirate], and [Senior Pirate] heed the call from the [Pirate Watchman].

    The group of pirate started to attack Auron. They made a formation to attack Auron. With [Junior Pirate] and [Pirate Watchmen] act as the front guard. Meanwhile, the [Medior Pirate] was slightly behind them and preparing his rifle. At the most back, was the [Senior Pirate] also preparing his rifle.

    The [Senior Pirate] finished preparing his rifle and from far away, he shot his rifle to Auron. With some distance and no distraction, Auron could dodge the bullet. Then, he chose not to charge the enemy, instead, he chose to move back and made some distance.
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