82 Pirates Treasury 3

    Auron moved back several step, but he just didn't stay idle. He used the [Walking Chanting] skill. While the group of pirates chased him, a sudden bullet of wind shot out from Auron toward the group. The [Junior Pirate] who was at the front got hit by the bullet of wind and stumbled. However, the other pirate who was behind [Junior Pirate] didn't even care about their mate and kept on chasing Auron.

    The [Medior Pirate] started to shoot out bullet from his riffle alongside with the [Senior Pirate]. Auron was in full concentration mode, so it was easy for him to dodge the bullet while he kept on moving back.

    Auron intentionally not to charge toward them, instead, he used the group of pirates as a spell practice tool. He tried to familiarize himself with the skill. He tried to change the spell he used, from only using several basic spell to more advanced spell.

    When his mana was empty, he would drink a bottle of mana potion to replenish it. The fight was long because Auron only dodging and using the spell to damage the enemy while moving. He also not so lucky with the randomize damage. Sometimes, he would get 1% damage, at another time he would get 100% damage,  but most of the time he would only get 40-60% damage.

    With the difference in the level, the damage Auron produced to them was like a ticklish. However, slowly but surely Auron started to reduce the pirates' health bit by bit. After almost hundreds of spells, Auron managed to kill the [Junior Pirate] and [Pirate Watchman].

    Although, [Junior Pirate] and [Pirate Watchman] already died, Auron didn't reduce his awareness and become careless. Instead, he become more and more focus and immersed in practicing the spell. With less pressure from the pirates, Auron could tried several other experiment with his spell.

    Before, Auron only chanted a spell and throw it away at the enemy, however, now, instead of threw it away, Auron tried to target specific area at the pirate's body. This surely was not easy. At first, Auron missed several target. He wanted to target the [Medior Pirate]'s right arm. Instead of hitting the right arm, it hit the pirate's chest.

    Although, Auron missed his target, he didn't give up. He tried several more spell. After chanting 10 spells, he only successfully made 1 spell target the spell he wanted. With more practice, the success chance increasing, from 1 out of 10, it become 2 out of 10 and kept gradually increase.

    When the [Medior Pirate] died, he changed his target to the [Senior Pirate]. Auron had a prolonged battle with the [Senior Pirate] since the [Senior Pirate] was stronger and could even dodged some of Auron's attack. With the prolonged battle, Auron had more chance to chant his spell.

    Although, the [Senior Pirate] could dodge Auron's attack, however, Auron could also dodge his attack. Moreover, with Auron's battle experience in close combat and a monster's monotonous move, Auron easily had the upper hand in the battle.

    [Your fire elemental understanding had raised]

    After several minutes of fight, Auron concluded the battle. He managed to defeat the [Senior Pirate] and took all of the loot. He also got a notification telling him that he got a fire elemental understanding. He opened his character's status interface. There was a new line in the status interface which indicating he now had 1% fire elemental understanding.

    It was a surprised for Auron since he didn't really hope to gain an elemental understanding. However, thinking back at all of his battle before, he mostly used a fire element spell. Moreover, he practice a lot for the [Fire Combination]. So, it was not really a surprised for him that he got the fire elemental understanding first.

    After the battle, he didn't directly continued his journey. Instead, he tried to organize everything he had gain from the battle against the group of pirates before. First, it was easier to use basic spell like [Fire Bolt] rather than to use more advanced spell. When using the advanced spell, his chance of failure increased and his casting time also increased. Luckily, his concentration before was way higher than usual or he would fail more than what he had already.

    It could be seen by the damage he received. From the battle before, if he calculated all of his damage received throughout the battle, his health had already reduced for more than 300% of his maximum health. And, from that number, 240% was because the spell he chant using [Walking Chanting] was exploded and damage him.

    Second, he needed to expend a lot of his concentration to hit specific target area and it was not easy. His success chance before was because the pirate had monotonous move and it made Auron could deduct the opponent's movement. When fighting with a boss or even player, it will not be as easy as he had before.

    Third, his mana pool was really could not afford the expenditure. From the battle before, he already used more than half of his mana potion he prepared. Based on the number of spell he chant and the mana potion he used, he would needed to use a mana potion for every 10 spell he used. Moreover, this number was only for basic spell he had now. If he decided to raise the basic spell level or use more advanced spell, then he needed to use more mana potion.

    Although, there were so many negative crucial things mentioned, Auron still felt satisfied by this discovery. With this, he could be more prepared in the future. Moreover, he also gain a fire elemental understanding, which mean, his fire elemental spell would become stronger and it would also helped him in the [Fire Combination] skill.

    After arranging all of the information he gained, he started to move again toward the inner area of the dungeon. He encountered several monster which become his moving practice doll. He continued his journey until he found a large cave.
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