83 Pirates Base 1

    Auron arrived in front of a large cave. The cave was actually the dungeon's main place. If one wanted to finish the dungeon they needed to come to this cave. It was because the cave was where the pirate's base. It was where the boss resided.

    Although, from outside the cave seems small, however, actually when one come to the inside, the cave was large. It has several floor underground which made this cave looks small from outside, but was large inside.

    Inside the cave, there were 5 floor with 4 floors below the ground. The first floor was some kind of the "lobby" of this pirate's base. Below this floor was the resident of the pirates here. The second floor was where the [Medior Pirate] and [Junior Pirate] would live. Whereas the [Senior Pirate] would stay at the third floor.

    Meanwhile, the fourth floor was where the Pirate fleet's vice commander stayed. There were two vice commanders that stayed at the fourth floor. And lastly, the last floor was where the Pirate King Jack resided.

    Actually there was a hidden chamber at the last floor, but it could only be reached if the hidden boss was activated. Inside, the hidden chamber, there would be another boss inside which was Pirate King Mark. Actually the Pirate King Jack at the last floor was actually just a double for the Pirate King Mark. Pirate King Jack was actually just the commander of the pirate's fleet and the actual captain of the pirate's fleet was the Pirate King Mark. But, the player would only learnt the fact if they already activated the hidden boss.

    Auron went inside the cave. When he was about to enter, just like any other base, there would be a guard, Auron was welcomed by 2 [Medior Pirate] who guard the entrance. Auron quickly exterminated both of them. When both of the [Medior Pirate] died, a yellow light flashed upon Auron which indicating Auron leveled up to level 23. He allocated his attributes point before entering the cave.

    After swept all of the pirate in the swamp, Auron felt that he already get the gist of his skill, so he needed to raise up the difficulty. There were two ways that Auron already thought which could be done in this dungeon. First, he needed to fight against the boss and not just ordinary pirate. However, there was still a long way to go until Auron faced the boss. Second, he could raise his battle's intensity and really combine it with his swordsmanship.

    The latter was what Auron doing right now, he tried to combine his magic with his swordsmanship to defeat his enemies. He also tried to raise his fighting speed. If before, he would tried to whittle the enemies' health slowly, but now, he would raised his speed in defeating his enemies.

    By doing this, he would needed to be more careful in the battle. Also, with high speed battle, he also needed to think faster than before to make a correct decision. Auron arrived at the so called "lobby" of the pirate's base. He started to quickly exterminated all of the enemies. He didn't hold off anything and unleashed all of  his potential.

    First, Auron pulled out two pirates to came up to him. Auron didn't hold off anything, he quickly used his skill magic and sword. But, like any other first timer, Auron make small mistake here and there which lead to the enemies successfully hit him. Auron needed to take some health potion to recover from the damage. He also made some wrong decision, which made the enemies could dodge his attack or attack him before he could unleashed his attack.

    After the first battle, he rest up a little bit while summarizing what he gain from the battle. Then, he continued, he pulled out another two pirates. This time, he learnt from his mistake. He made less mistake than before, but he still didn't satisfied with the result. He pulled another two pirates and fight again.

    This cycle continued until the sixth battle. After the sixth battle, although he still made some mistake and wrong decision but it was way more better than the first battle. He was pretty satisfied with the result. So, the next battle he pulled out the last three pirates at the floor.

    When battling against three opponents, he felt different kind of pressure he felt from battling against two opponents. His mistake increased and he used more potion than what he used at the sixth battle.

    "This was such a nostalgic feeling" Auron felt very nostalgic. The last time he felt this kind of things was when he was still low level and tried to be the best. After that moment, for 8 years, he was considered as one of the best swordsman. Slowly, he lost pressure from battling monster and slowly lost the feeling.

    But now, he could felt the sensation again, he felt really thrilled. When battling against three opponents, he used more swordsmanship than his spell. Slowly but surely, the opponents started to die one by one.

    When all of the opponents already dead, he went straight to the stairs lead to the floor underground. The opponents here mostly the same as the one at the floor above. So, he got no issues at all when battling against them. Still, he tried his best and went all out. It took no longer than 10 minutes before he cleared all of the 15 opponents in the second floor before he continued to the third floor.

    The third floor had less opponent than the floor before. This floor only had 10 [Senior Pirate]. Battling against the [Senior Pirate], since, the opponent was obviously stronger than the opponent he fight before, Auron battled them two at once. At this floor, Auron was also reducing the usage of mana potion, since his mana potion almost ran out. So, Auron only used basic attack, while occasionally threw one or two skill or spells. This floor took longer than before. After 30 minutes, he cleared all 10 of the [Senior Pirate]. He rest up a bit before went to the next floor.
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