84 Pirates Base 2

    Auron arrived at the fourth floor. The floor was like a large hall. When one arrived at the hall, they could see three doors. The left and the right door had the same size and the same structure. While the door in the middle was different. It was larger and looks like a small gate. The door was chained by a chain and it was locked with two padlocks.

    The left and right door, each lead to a room which contains vice commanders of the Pirate's fleet, Vice Commander Henry and Thierry. Their main weapon as different. Vice Commander Henry used rifle while Vice Commander Thierry used saber. This made their attack range were different. Vice Commander Henry was a long range monster while the other one was a short range monster.

    While the door that looks like a small gate leads to a room that contains a stair to downstairs. However, to enter the room, one would need two keys to open the two padlocks. And, the keys could be obtained by defeating each of the vice commander in the left and right room.

    Luckily, they both stayed at their own designated room. So, Auron could fight them one on one. Actually, both of the boss could be lure to outside of the room, so they could be fight at once. Usually, the higher level player, like the woman before, would use this method to fight. This way they could use area skill and save more time than fighting the boss one by one. However, with Auron's strength right now, he would not do this.

    Auron chose the left room to start first. He chose it because he knew that the boss inside was Vice Commander Thierry. He chose it first because, the boss was a melee boss, so obviously, that the boss would have more health than the other boss. Auron opened the door and entered the room. He spotted the boss.

    [Vice Commander Thierry] (common boss monster)

    Level: 39

    HP: 40000/40000

    MP: 1000/1000

    Skills: Summon pirates, Pirate's roar

    Description: The second vice commander of the pirate's fleet. Using saber as his main weapon.

    When Auron entered the room and spotted the boss, the boss also spotted him. Immediately, the boss went rage and using his [Pirate's roar]. He grab his saber and charged towards Auron.

    The boss swung his saber at Auron. However, Auron could block the boss weapon with his sword.

    Auron used [Weapon's Aura]. An purple's aura envelop Auron's sword. He started to counter attacked the boss. Auron would occasionally used his spell to attack the boss. With the distraction from the spell, it made the boss could not focus on Auron.

    Because of that, the boss' health could be visibly seen reduced quickly. Also, with no distraction, in just 3 minutes, Auron already reduced the boss health to 90%. While, he took no damage at all.

    From that 3 minutes, Auron gained a lot. He know knew how to use the spell more effective than before. For example, when the boss was swinging his saber to attack, Auron coincidentally used an [Earth Spike] and hit the boss' arms that attack. If it was before, Auron would aim at the boss body. Doing so would produced more damage with a chance to make the boss stumbled. However, by aiming at its arms, it produced lesser damage but it could disturb the boss' attack momentum like the attack was canceled or it could slow the attack so it could be dodge easier. However, to aimed at the boss moving arms was easier said than done. With so many variables in a fight, it could not be done easily. One need more concentration to aim and withstand the pressure from the attack.

    When the boss had 90% of his health, it used his skill to summon a group of 4 pirates. The group contains 2 [Junior Pirate], a [Medior Pirate], and a [Senior Pirate]. The pressure Auron felt increased. He could not used his spell freely to attack the boss. But, he also needs to consider the attack from the group of pirates.

    With more pirates appeared, Auron decided to kill the summoned monster first. Auron changed his target. He targeted the [Junior Pirate] first. Auron focused his spell and attack at the [Junior Pirate]. With more enemies, more harder for Auron to even launched an attack. He already focused a lot on dodging and blocking the incoming attack.

    However, he was not a ranked number one swordsman for no reason. Auron could made use a little opening that arrived. From that little opening, he made the opening become larger and larger. After fighting for 15 minutes, both of the [Junior Pirate] and the [Medior Pirate] were died, while the [Senior Pirate] only had a sliver of his health left.

    Boom. A fire ball hit the [Senior Pirate] that reaped his live. Now the situation back to square one, there was only Auron and the boss. From the experience before, Auron started to fight more effectively. The boss' health reduced quicker than before.

    90%... 80%... 70%... 60%... 50%...

    When the boss' health reached 50%, he summoned again the pirates. Auron could not help but change his target once more. He tried to eliminate the summoned pirate again. When the summoned pirate all dead, he focused once again to the boss.

    50%... 40%... 30%... 20%... 10%...

    After another 30 minutes, the boss only had a sliver of his health left. Auron used the chance when the boss was swinging his saber to Auron. He aimed his spell at the boss' arm to slow the attack while he moved to the left to dodge the boss' attack and swung his sword. The damage from the spell and attack made the boss' health went emptied. The boss died and a yellow light enveloped Auron once more. He went up another level. He was now level 24.

    "A boss surely give a lot of experience point" Auron murmured while looking at the box and a saber on the ground
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