85 Pirates Base 3

    Auron collected the box and the saber from the ground. He also didn't forget to pick the key for unlocking one of the padlocks. There were also several miscellaneous things mixed up from the item he picked.

    [Pirate's Saber] (uncommon grade equipment)

    Type: One Handed Sword

    Requirement: 50 Strength, level 35

    Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant

    Attack: 130 - 175

    Strength +3

    Agility +1

    Effect: no effect

    [Lucky Random Box] (Common Item)

    Type: Box

    Class: All Class

    Effect: Giving a random gold with a minimum of 1 copper coins.

    Auron started to inspect and sorted his loot. After sorting all of the miscellaneous item. He started to look at the big gain. The [Pirate's Saber] was a good equipment that could be used to change his current [Skeletal Sword]. Unfortunately, [Pirate's Saber] could only be used when he was already level 35. And, it was still a long way to go for Auron. He could only save it for later.

    He inspected the box. This thing was the reason that made many players come here for, [Lucky Random Box]. One of the reason was because, the boss here would 100% drop this box. There were three bosses in the dungeon which means a party would get 3 boxes if they could kill all of the bosses. Moreover, if their party luckily triggered a hidden boss, then it would mean another boss. And, one more boss mean one more box. Although, 3 boxes seems little for a party, but for  a single player that could soloed the dungeon it was acceptable. 3 boxes a day, in a month, it added up to 90 boxes. Moreover, if the player was very strong that they could easily cleared the dungeon under 20 minutes, then this opportunity could not be missed.

    Auron saved the box he got first. He planned to open it after he cleared the dungeon. Auron got out of the room and went to the next room where the other boss had wait. Auron made sure once more all of his preparation before entering the room. His problem was his mana potion almost depleted. He needed to save his potion for the last boss in the dungeon.

    Auron could not help but sighed, "It looks like, I need to stock way more higher grade mana potion for next time"

    During this journey, he realized that his consumption on the mana potion was very high. His consumption rate was like a high leveled mage with high leveled skill that needed huge mana. What made Auron worried was, a higher grade mana potion was pricey. Furthermore, mana potion above rare grade was not sold in any NPC store. They could only earn it from NPC quest or bought it from other player that had alchemist as their sub class. However to use mana potion above the rare grade was still far away in the future. For now, Auron could only put it in the back of his head.

    [Vice Commander Henry] (common boss monster)

    Level: 39

    HP: 20000/20000

    MP: 1000/1000

    Skills: Summon pirates, Pirate's Roar

    Description: The first vice commander of the pirate's fleet. Using rifle as his main weapon.

    After making sure everything was okay, Auron entered the second Vice Commanders room. He spotted the boss and two [Senior Pirate] in the room. This was a ranged boss. Also, in the room, there were two [Senior Pirate] that serving as a meat shield for the boss.

    Fortunately, the boss health was only half of the previous boss. Moreover, as the boss was a ranged one, his defense was obviously weaker than the previous boss. Auron was confident that he could defeated this boss quicker than before.

    The boss started to fire his rifle at Auron while the two [Senior Pirate] charging towards Auron at the sound of gunshot. Since Auron had defeated one of the boss, he lured the boss to the hall out of the room. The [Senior Pirate] and the boss quickly chased Auron outside of the room.

    The reason Auron lured the boss to the hall was because the hall was bigger than the room. This could give Auron more space to dodge the attack from the boss and pirates. Using the previous strategy, Auron focused the [Senior Pirate] first.

    Auron managed to defeat both of the [Senior Pirate] in 15 minutes. However, it was not an easy task for Auron. Since the boss was ranged, the boss could attack from far away, it made Auron needed to move away from the boss and kept moving. The difficulty could be seen from Auron's received damage. From just clearing two [Senior Pirate], Auron already received damage more than 200% of his maximum health. If Auron didn't gulp on his health potion, he already death twice.

    When the [Senior Pirate] died, the boss was open wide. With no meat shield protecting the boss, Auron could easily reduced the boss' health. The boss' health reduced quickly. With only 5 minutes, Auron already reduced 20% of the boss' health.

    This time, Auron was very lucky the boss used the summoning skill when his health was only 20% left. The boss summoned monster was the same as the previous boss. Like the previous strategy, Auron spent another 25 minutes to defeat the boss' summoned monster. After clearing the pirates, Auron focused back to the boss. With the remaining 20% health of the boss, Auron defeated the boss in no time.

    With the boss dead, a bunch of item popped out at the ground waiting to be picked. Auron looked at the item and looted all of the item. Sadly, there was no good item came out from the boss like from the previous one. The number of the items was fewer than the previous one.

    "Maybe, I have used all of my luck in the battle. This make the item dropped was so bad." Auron thought.

    Auron felt that he was very lucky during the battle since the boss only used his summoning skill once throughout the battle and didn't even use his roar skill which made the pressure from the fight was lighter that before. However, the item dropped was so bad. That the best thing that came out from the boss was the [Lucky Random Box] and a key which had a 100% drop rate.
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