86 Pirates King Jack 1

    From defeating the boss, Auron's experience point went up above 50%. He needed a little more than 40% to gain a level. Auron stored the box in his inventory and move up to the small gate in the middle of the hall.

    Clack. He used up the first key to opened the first padlock.

    Clack. The second padlock opened.

    Auron pushed the small gate and entered the room. Like the gate, the room was small. It was so dark in the room. Luckily, there was a small candle that lighted the room. Although the light could not cover all of the room, but it was enough to show the next path. It was a square room with only a stair in the middle of the room. The stair leads up to the floor below it.

    Auron walked up to the stairs and went down to the floor below. After several minutes walking through the stair, Auron arrived at the floor below. He arrived in the same room as before. A small and dark room with only a stair in the middle of the room. What makes it different with the room before was the stair. If the stair in the room before leads to the floor below, then in this room, the stairs leads to the floor above.

    Auron walked several step forward. He arrived in front of a small gate. He knew if he opened up this gate, then he would faced up the boss. So, before he opened up the gate, he tried to make sure that he was ready to face the boss.

    He rechecked all of his preparation before opening the gate. "I have allocate all of the attributes point. Next, my equipment's durability seems okay. Next, my potion, I have more than 300 health potions and around 80 mana potions left. I guess it was enough to defeat this last boss."

    After he felt ready, Auron opened up the gate and entered the room. The first thing he saw after entering the room was a bed. He do a brief scanned and found out he was inside a bedroom. The room Auron entered was a bedroom for the last boss.

    "Who are you? You little puny thief dare to intrude my room!" An angry sound rang out in the room. It was the boss' voice, the [Pirate's King Jack].

    [Pirate's King Jack] (uncommon boss monster)

    Level: 44

    HP: 68000/68000

    MP: 1500/1500

    Skills: Summon pirates, Pirate's Roar, Wild Slash, Random Shoot.

    Description: The Pirate's King of the pirate's fleet. Using saber and rifle as his main weapons. He wield saber in his left hand and rifle in his right hand.

    The boss was coming out from a small room at the corner of the room. When the boss coming out of the room, the room directly closed and locked up as if there was an automatic lock that locked up the room. Actually the room that the boss coming out was a pathway leads to the hidden boss room. However, it will automatically locked if the entered group didn't activated the hidden boss' quest. Otherwise, if the hidden boss' quest was activated, the room would not be locked and opened. The entered party could went into the pathway without defeating the [Pirate's King Jack], but if they do that, then they would face up two boss, the hidden boss and the [Pirate's King Jack]. For, Auron this didn't mean anything since he didn't activated the hidden boss, he could forget about the room.

    Auron focused up at the boss. When Auron turned his gaze toward the boss. The boss already charging toward him destroying everything in his path. The boss used his saber in his left hand to destroy everything that hinder his path while he used his rifle in right hand to aim at Auron and shot some bullet.

    Auron moved sideways and leaps up above the sofa beside the exit gate. The bullet hit the gate and left a burn mark at the gate. Also, the boss charged stopped when the boss was an inch away from the gate. When the boss stopped, he turned his faced toward Auron and walked to Auron.

    Actually, when the boss used his charged skill, the boss would damage himself as he destroyed every thing in his path. However, the boss would received damage up to 50% of his health. If he already received damage up to 50% of his health, he would never used the charge skill anymore. Each time the boss used the charge skill it would randomly damage the boss for 3-5% of his health. This time, the boss received 5% of his health.

    Auron didn't want to stay idle. When he saw the boss walked up to him, he used up his swordsman buff skill to increase his speed. He directly went up to the left of the boss. The boss also didn't just stay idle, he shoot several bullet from his rifle towards Auron. However, Auron managed to deflect the bullet with his sword. When Auron was close to the boss, he used [Bash] and swung his sword towards the boss. However, the boss could blocked his skill with his rifle. Then, aimed his rifle targeting Auron's body.

    When his skill was blocked by the boss, Auron directly moved away from the boss. With Auron moved away, the bullet the boss had fired hit the wall in front of the boss. Auron moved several step back to the corner where the boss come out.

    Seeing that Auron moved away, the boss used his charging skill once more towards Auron and fired his rifle towards Auron. However, the charging skill could only charge forward and cannot turned or changed his direction. Auron moved to the side.

    When charging forward, the boss could not changed direction, however, his arms could still moved around freely. He saw Auron moved to his left side, so he aimed his right hand toward Auron and fired a shoot. However, from his past experience, Auron already knew that the boss capable doing something like this. So, he had already anticipated this and could deflect the bullet with his swords.
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