87 Pirates King Jack 2

    Although the bullet that was shot from the boss didn't manage to hit Auron, but that bullet hindered Auron from attacking the boss. Like before, the boss stopped before he hit the wall. His health reduce by another 3%.

    After the boss stopped, he directly turned around to face Auron. He used his summoning skill. A group of 3 [Senior Pirate] showed up at the call from the boss. Seeing the summoned pirates, Auron tried to use the strategy he used before. He changed his focus to fight the [Senior Pirate] first.

    He chose the nearest [Senior Pirate] to focus. Auron swung his sword to hit the pirate. The pirate failed to block Auron's sword and got damage from Auron. While Auron successfully hit the pirate, he also got hit by the other pirates including the boss. Fortunately, with his strong attributes, he could manage to still alive. However, the boss' damage took almost 30% of his health. In total, his health got reduced almost 40%.

    Auron didn't wait for long to gulp the health potion. He gulped several health potions to fully heal his health. After gulping the health potion, Auron hopped on top of the bed and was ready to fight once more.

    The pirates and the boss chased Auron. While the boss was firing his rifle from the back, the 3 [Senior Pirate] chased Auron at the front and tried to hopped on the bed. Three of them jumped up to the bed. While the pirates still in the air, from the ground, a spike was formed and attack toward the pirates. The spike pierce through the side of the bed on top of it and pierce through the pirates.

    One of the pirates got hit from the front, while the other two pirates only got scratched by the spike. However, it managed to hinder the 3 [Senior Pirate] from attacking Auron. With the attack from the [Senior Pirate] canceled, Auron could be more focused on dodging the bullet from the boss.

    Auron managed to dodge the bullet. He leaped off the bed. This time, he was running to the exit. However, he didn't just ran away passively, he also use his [Walking Chanting] while running away. Auron used [Fire Wall] and tried to blocked the pirates advances. A pillar of fire formed behind Auron who was running to the door.

    One of the [Senior Pirate] at the most front got hit by the [Fire Wall] and stumbled back. Since the other two pirates was at the back, they managed to avoid the [Fire Wall] and circled around the [Fire Wall] and kept on advancing. The first pirate also didn't stayed at the ground. He quickly stood up and chased Auron once more. Since the boss was at the back, he was a little bit at behind of all the group.

    Auron who managed to entered the dark squared room once more, directly used the stairs and went up to the floor above. However, the pirates chasing him was so close behind that they managed to shot several bullet out of their rifle. While was running through the stairs and it was hard for him to dodge the bullet. So, he could not help but just enduring the damage from the bullet.

    When Auron arrived at the floor above, he turned around and made another [Fire Wall] blocking the stairs exit. It proved to be somewhat effective, the wall caught the pirates on surprise and made one out of the two pirates in the front tripped over and roll down several steps. While the other pirate gritted his teeth and break through the [Fire Wall]. Of course, the pirate took some heavy damage from the break through.

    Auron who was at the front had already used another health potion to recover his health and waiting for the pirates at the hall where there was two rooms that leads to pirate's vice commander's rooms.

    The pirate who break through the [Fire Wall] also arrived at the hall where Auron had already waiting. When he saw the pirate coming to the hall, Auron used [Charged] and attack the pirate. Caught at surprise, the pirate could not blocked in time and got hit by Auron.

    Auron didn't leave the chance go away. He became more aggressive at attacking the pirate. He unleashed his skill and tried to kill the pirate before the other pirates and the boss arrived at the hall.

    Auron's effort didn't go in vain. When the other two [Senior Pirate] and the boss arrived at the hall, the pirate that was in the middle of the battle against Auron died. With one enemies down, the pressure, Auron felt was reduced.

    Arriving at the hall, the boss directly used his [Pirate's roar]. After that, he directly used his charging skill once more. The boss charged straight to Auron. However, the charge was very easy to dodge. Auron moved sideways from the charging path.

    When he moved sideways, two [Senior Pirate] already waited for him. With two pirates attacking him at the same time, as well as the pirate already got buff from the boss' roar, the pressure that Auron felt intensified. Also, the boss just didn't stay idle while charging. He still fired up his gun from far away.

    Auron could dodge all of the attack, however, in return, he had no chance to launch an attack. The fight come to a stale mate. Neither of the pirates' health nor Auron's health reducing. Auron had already tried to use several spell on his hand. However, with the buffed pirates, the spell means nothing. They could either dodge or blocked the spell.

    However this state didn't last forever. When the pirate's buff had expired, Auron pressure's lessen. Although, he still didn't have the upper hand, but he already got a small chance that he could use to attack the pirates.

    With careful battle Auron and the large hall, Auron managed to defeat both of the [Senior Pirate] left. Meanwhile, the boss' health already reduced to 50% from using the charge skill that failed to connect. However, it didn't just go easily. Auron skill need to consume a lot of health potion and several mana potion. He only had 100 health potions and around 40 mana potions left to kill the boss.
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