88 Pirates King Jack 3

    Now, there were only Auron and the boss left. Although, the [Senior Pirate] already dead, Auron could still felt the pressure. The pressure was coming from his potion's stock. He was afraid that his potion could not support him to the end of the battle. And, it would be such a disappointment if Auron died when there was only a sliver of health left of the boss.

    "I need to be more careful. With the low leveled equipment that I have, it would take a huge risk to just take one hit from the boss. Fortunately, I have higher attributes than others at the same level." Auron thought.

    Seeing Auron didn't moved. The boss started to attack first. However, he could not use his charging skill since his health was 50%. The boss ran towards Auron. When the boss was close to Auron, he used his skill [Wild Slash]. He swung his saber randomly at the space in front of him.

    Auron tried to move to the boss' side. However, the boss quickly turned around and faced Auron once more while swinging his saber randomly. Seeing that his move would not be effective, Auron decided to wait until the duration of the [Wild Slash] to over. So, Auron moved back several steps and maintained some distance from the boss.

    When the boss saw Auron move away, he could not do anything other than waiting for his [Wild Slash] to over. Luckily, the duration of the skill would be over in several more seconds. When the skill's duration was over, the boss quickly aimed his rifle at Auron and sent several shot towards him.

    When Auron saw the [Wild Slash]'s duration was over, at first, he wanted to charge to the boss. However, he quickly cancelled his plan because when he was about to charge to the boss, the boss already aimed his rifle towards him, he felt that it would take a huge risk to charge at the boss, so he cancelled his plan.

    From far away, the boss kept on shooting Auron. However, Auron decided to move zig zag to dodge the bullet, as well as to close his distance with the boss and had a close combat battle with the boss.

    Little by little, Auron moved closer to the boss. When he was two sword away from the boss, Auron already chanted and used [Aqua barrier]. A barrier from water formed like a ball and envelop Auron. The barrier would protect Auron from the boss' attack.

    Since Auron already in the range of the boss' saber. The boss decided to switch his attack using his saber. His saber slashed out toward Auron and hit the water barrier. It directly destroyed the barrier.

    [Aqua Barrier] was one of the most had to learn spell. The reason was because the barrier could take up and protect the user from several hit regardless the damage. It was like giving a state of invincibility to the user for several hit or several time. With 30 minutes cool down, the barrier was a must have spell if you were a mage. Unfortunately, for Auron, the spell level was still level 1, so he could only took up 1 hit in the duration of 3 seconds. Every level of the spell would increase the duration by 0.5 seconds and every 10 level would increased the hit it could prevent.

    The chance given to Auron by the [Aqua barrier] would not be wasted. Auron swung his sword while using his [Chop] skill. The sword swung down so fast and powerful toward the boss. It hit the boss hard and produced a critical hit. The boss roared painfully. However, it didn't stop the boss from attacking. The boss aimed lifted his right hand and aimed it towards Auron. He pulled the rifle trigger.

    However, before he fully pulled the rifle trigger, A [Fire Blast] was shot out from Auron towards his right hand. An explosion produced at the boss right hand, it made the boss staggered a bit. However, Auron also not escaped from the explosion, he suffered some damage due to the explosion. He had to take this risk to make the boss staggered.

    With the boss staggered, Auron used [Bash] to hit the boss. The skill connect to the boss. A red number floated above the boss' head. Auron also followed up with several basic attack afterward. However, the boss managed to blocked the second basic attack. With the attack being blocked, Auron decided to move back and drank a mana potion since his mana was depleted.

    The fight continued for 15 more minutes, before the boss only had 5% of his health left. With the boss only had 5% of his health, Auron became more aggressive. He charge up to the boss. When he was about to landed his attack, the boss used up [Random shot] and shot randomly.

    The attack coming so random and made Auron had a difficult time. He got several hit connected to him. It was almost a disaster, he almost died from the attack. Fortunately, he could block the last bullet that was about to approach him with his sword and quickly drank several health potions.

    Auron learnt his lesson, this time he became more careful on approaching the boss. With a 5% health left, Auron decimated the boss. A roar filled the hall when the boss died. Several item popped out at the ground.

    [Pirate's Bracelet] (uncommon grade equipment)

    Type: Accessories

    Requirement: No Requirement.

    Class: All Class

    Defend: 5

    Agility + 1

    Effect: Improve user's attack speed by 1.

    "I am so lucky to have the boss dropped an accessory." Auron took the bracelet and directly equipped it. This bracelet was the most precious item that could be dropped by the boss besides the [Lucky Random Box].

    "It was still 3 in the morning. There was still some time before the class begin, I will continued to hunt several monster first in the [Mud Swamp]." After looting all of the item dropped by the boss, Auron moved and entered the exit portal.
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