89 Julia

    Outside of the dungeon, a young girl walking back and forth impatiently in front of the dungeon entrance. There were a hint of various feeling on the behavior of the girl. Furious, Nervous, Confused were mixed up and could be seen from the girl's behavior.

    This girl was the woman that Auron met before. When Auron ignored her and entered the dungeon, she was very frustrated and angry. She entered the dungeon and unleashed her rage there. With her over leveled strength, she quickly cleared the dungeon. She only needed around 20 minutes to clear the dungeon.

    After unleashing her rage, she calmed down a bit. With her calming down, she thought back at Auron. She could not find out where Auron's confident coming from. So, she decided to exit through the portal and waited for Auron at the entrance.

    While waiting, since Auron took so long inside, she slowly became impatient. Moreover, Auron didn't know that the girl was waiting for him so he took his time inside by practicing his skill. This made the girl waited longer.

    While the girl was walking back and forth in front of the dungeon, a monster sensed her presence and started moving towards her to attack her. When the monster was neared the girl, the girls suddenly unleashed [Fire Meteor] towards the monster. A huge fire ball fell down from the sky and hit the monster.

    The spell made a huge blast and spread out flame in a huge circle area. All of the monster within that area was dead and left out a pile of item on the ground. The spell even left out a burning flame within the area of impact for several seconds before the flame died.

    "Enough... I am not waiting anymore. He must have lie to me. How stupid am I to believe him like this. He must have logged out inside of the dungeon and not coming back." The girl shouted angrily.

    This was actually the third time the girl spoke like this. At first, she felt that Auron would died inside the dungeon and resurrected outside of the dungeon. That way, she could mocked Auron once more since Auron ignored her.

    With time ticking, her patient slowly fade away. However, the first and second time she wanted to leave, she convinced herself that there would be no way that Auron lied to her. She believed in Auron's eyes. The eyes that was full of confident, so she believed that Auron must have a secret that made him so confident. Because she was in need of something that could make her stronger, she waited for Auron.

    Although, she believed that  Auron's must have a secret that made him so confident, she still could not believe Auron to clear the dungeon. After all, the difference in level was so big, it was 13 level which means a different around 65 attributes. Moreover, the equipment Auron's wore would be under leveled. However, if Auron could made it to the vice commander room and defeat one of them it was already a proof that there was a secret could help her.

    If that happened, she already thought of to console Auron and teach him. Of course, in return of Auron's secrets. However, reality was so harsh. She already waited for over than 3 hours since she finished her dungeon run and there was still no sign that Auron would come out soon.

    This time, she was really enrage and wanted to leave. When she was about to leave, a light shone out from the dungeon entrance and a man walked out. That was Auron coming out.

    She quickly went to approach him.

    She was ready to console him, "I know it is okay to fail sometimes, you can not unleashed your full potential, you just need to find a good teacher, Luckily..." Before she could finish her sentence, she stopped.

    "I am Julia. Hopefully, we can meet again next time in a more proper way." She sent a friend request towards Auron and directly left.

    [Paradise Spring sent you a friend Request]

    Auron was confused with the sudden change. "Erh... what a weird girl. Whatever." Auron accepted the friend request and wanted to hunt.

    The reason why Julia stopped her speech midway was because she recognized the bracelet that Auron wore. It was a dropped from the last boss which means Auron successfully killed the last boss, whether he got a hidden boss or not that was not important. What important was that that man could defeat a boss which was 13 level above him alone.

    If she was in Auron's position, she 100% sure that she could not made it. This means that Auron was really succeed cleared the dungeon. She could just killed him and tried to force him to spit out the secret. However, it only worked now. What if Auron was so stubborn and didn't want to spit it out.

    Two Worlds was so large that even she mustered all her guild's force, it was still difficult to search for a player. Moreover, to make the guild's force moved, she had to pay a lot and the success to get the secret was not 100%. Rather than made an enemies, it would be better to befriend with him. Which was why, she sent a friend request before she left and hope that his impression of her was not so bad. Maybe, one day, she could get that secret out of his mouth.

    "What a weird girl. Do all beautiful girls have that strange behavior? Luckily, she was beautiful, if not, I had already kicked her away several times." Auron thought. Auron was so confused by the girl's behavior. An arrogant yet kind then become annoying fly and changed again to a kind girl. He could only shook his head and shrugged his shoulder.

    He putted the matter with the girl behind his head and started to walk towards the nearest monster. When he was about to attack, a ringing sound could be heard. The sound was not ordinary. It was more like an alarm sounds.

    [Ring... Ring... Ring...]
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