92 Practical Period 2

    "You... damn maggot!" Pollack got furious by Auron's mock.

    Meanwhile, hearing Auron's mock, Sarden's face distorted. He frowned his brows. It was his first time, a commoner dare to retort him even mocking him. If it was happened outside of the academy, that person would already dead. However, since this was inside the academy, he could not made any careless move.

    Pollack took out his staff and started to chant a spell. The other Sarden's lackeys also took out their own weapons. Seeing the enemy took out their weapon, Auron's side also drew out their weapon.

    Pollack finished chanting his spell, A fire ball flew out to Auron's group. Black Bull, who was at the front, swung his broad axe to repel the incoming fire ball. The two sides clashed hard. Auron chanted an area spell.

    Before, Auron's finished his chanted spell, a huge pressure coming out and hit all of the student in the field especially the participating parties. Auron's parties and Sarden's parties got down on the ground. They could not even lifted one of their finger.

    "What do you guys think this place are?" A loud voice coming out. A middle aged man walked out followed with several officer.

    The leading man frowned his brows, "It was you guys again?"

    "At the opening ceremony, it was you guys, and now, it was you guys again? Do you guys did not learn from before?"

    "It looks liked I need to give harsh punishment"

    "But, before that, I needed to start this first. Now, all of you make 50 line!"

    The pressure on Auron's and Sarden's parties lifted up. They stood up and form a line as instructed. They could only glared at each other before departing to their own side. They decided to choose their own side. Auron's parties went to the left side of the line, while Sarden's party moved to the right side of the line.

    "Now, I will explain what you will face tomorrow!"

    "I believe all of you already know from the academy's handbook. Starting tomorrow at 12.01 a.m you could take a mission to gain point."

    "As I said at the opening ceremony, you guys are special. So, there will be several differences as the handbook has stated."

    "First, you practical period will last for 11 months starting tomorrow. You guys already knew this since I had said this at the opening ceremony."

    "Second, all of the mission difficulties would be raised one level higher than normal. But, don't you guys worry, all of you could still finished the mission easily."

    "Third, for this practical period, duel content between student could only be fighting each other. And, you need one officer to supervise the fight. If there are any other duel content proposed, it would be automatically declined."

    "Fourth, usually for the first month, there will be no target score. However, since you guys are special. For the first month, you guys needed to reach a minimum of 100 score to avoid the penalty."

    "Fifth, you starting point will not be 10. All of you will start from 0 point"

    Hearing the difference for this period, all of the student started to murmuring and whispering one to each other. All of them only had one thought inside of their mind, "This batch practical period would be harder than before". All of them felt worried inside of their mind.

    "It seems this will be harder but the academy is fair" Brock smiled.

    "When there are minus, there will always be a plus"

    "First, there will be no task that required for you to pay some point before taking the task"

    "Second, you could exchange item to earn some point at the mission tower. Of course, not all of the item would be accepted. Only rare grade and above item would be accepted. The rarer the grade the higher the point. Also, a skill book will make you gain more."

    "Third, the one who can get money will be increased. If before only the top 10 get the money, now, it was top 50 that can get the money. Moreover, the point money conversion ratio was 1:2. So, you would get 2 copper coins for each of the point you collect"

    "And last but not least, all of the point you get from the mission would be doubled. It will make you guys easier to earn point. Hopefully, you guys can use this opportunity to gain more money" Brock smiled once more.

    The advantages that was announced gain a huge response from the student. Some of them felt delighted. And, there was some of them that felt worried. Auron was belong to the latter group. He felt worried. The reason was because, the easier one earned point this mean that the higher point they would get which mean the higher the following month's target score. This would surely made it easier for one to get penalty and entered the war zone.

    "Is this a plot from the academy to get all of the student entered the war zone?" Auron could not help but thought about it.

    While Auron was deep in thought, Brock continued his speech, "After this, you guys could have your free time before tomorrow begin."

    "Oh yeah, one more thing before we dispersed, for the 10 of you who started a commotion before the ceremony begin" Brock looked at Auron's group and Sarden's group.

    Hearing they was mentioned, all of the people in Auron's group and Sarden's group directly stood up straight and didn't dare to make anymore mistake.

    "I am still thinking about your punishment." Brock putted one of his hand on his chin.

    "What do you think I should do to you guys?" Brock actually said this to himself. However, since his voice was loud enough, it was as if he asked Auron's and Sarden's group.

    Black Bull immediately said with low voice to himself, "No punishment please, no punishment please..."

    "Okay, I have decided your punishment. All 10 of you will start with -100 points"
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