93 Practical Period 3

    "Now, all of you dismissed!"

    As soon as the dismissed command was spoken, all of the student quickly disperse from the field and went back to their own plan. Meanwhile, Auron's party also quickly left out the field. They didn't want to meet Sarden's party anymore. They needed to focus their mind for tomorrow since their starting point already behind the others.

    They decided to come back to their room in the dorm. When they were inside their room, they continued their conversation first that was cut before because of the incident with Sarden's party. They talked a lot of things like what level they were, what had they learned and many more.

    "So, what are your plan for tomorrow?" Auron started to ask the other about their plan to survive in the practical period.

    Auron had been told them before his suspiciousness about the changes in the practical period. Auron thought that the academy wanted to force them to join the war zone. However, the academy could not just blatantly force them, which why Auron thought they made this changes.

    At first, they didn't really take Auron serious. However, as Auron explained the reason behind his suspicion, they began to slowly take things serious. And, as Auron was concern about them, he asked their plan for tomorrow.

    "I am thinking to take the easy and rather safe route like taking mission that only took place in the academy. I didn't really care about top 50 or what. As long as, I am safe." Black Bull sighed, "But, if what you said was true, that means, it would not as simple as that. If I was still continued with my old plan, I am absolutely sure that I will not survive this month. Moreover, we start from -100."

    "I still can not think what I am gonna do, this news really shocked me."

    While Black Bull was down because of this news, for Deadly Tower and Feather Slice, this news, didn't made any of them panic. They already get the gist of it when the news was stated before. However, with Auron confirmation, they now 100 percent sure that what they thought was true.

    Not like Black Bull that chose to do thing safely, Deadly Tower and Feather Slice already decided to take riskier mission. However, they also had their own worries. Since, the point was double which mean the difficulty was raised. And, they still didn't have that confidence they could passed the first month easily.

    "What about your plan?" Deadly Tower asked Auron.

    "As you know, I am not coming from the noble family and my knowledge about the mission was really limited based on the book I read from the library."

    "That was why, I don't really have any concrete plan for tomorrow. I am thinking to go with the flow. However, because of the changes, I am also worried, I cannot survived this month points. As you guys know, my level was the lowest out of all 4 of us." Auron stated.

    From the 4 of them, Auron who had level 40 was the lowest out of them all. Meanwhile, Deadly Tower had the highest level with level 85. And, Feather Slice was behind him with level 80. Lastly, Black Bull had level 60 since he more focused out on his wealth and survivability than his level.

    "How about we taking mission as a group? Since all of us had different class, we could supported each other weakness" Auron suggested.

    It was allowed for the student to take mission as a group. Taking a mission as a group had it own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages was for sure, it was safer than going alone. Moreover, if you had a really trusted group member. The other was you could took more difficult mission which rewards more.

    The disadvantages was also obviously, if you could not really trust you group member, there could be internal fighting and it could leads to failure in the mission even death. Moreover, when you took a mission in a group, the rewards would need to be distributed among the member including the point which mean the point one would get obviously will be lower than if that person could finish the same mission alone. And, the most difficult things of all was to find reliable and right member.

    For example, if you have several trusted friends, however all of them was a mage. The group composition would also became a mess and it could leads to destruction. To find a reliable and correct member was hard. However, Auron's party right now had a pretty decent party's composition. What they lack actually was a reliable tank. After all the melee class in their party was a thief and merchant. Thief would be more suitable to become a scout. Meanwhile, although merchant could become a tank it was more inferior than swordsman.

    "Well, I think that was a good idea. But, we lack a tank" Feather Slice said his concern.

    "I also agreed" Deadly Tower said that.

    "Urhm..." Black Bull still thinking hard, "I like the idea, however it would likely that I am the one who will become the tank if we form a group."

    "Okay, well since I trusted you guys, I will change all my equipment to a more defensive one. Please, just make sure that you guys could defeat the enemies." Black Bull decided his mind.

    Auron actually wanted to voluntary become a tank. However, all of them would think that Auron was crazy, since a mage could not tank. However, when Black Bull had decided his mind, then Auron could only trusted on his group's ability since if you could not trust your team member why would you even formed a group with that person.

    "Since all of us agreed, then let us prepared our self and met up tomorrow at 6 a.m in the mission tower" Auron said.

    "Okay then, it was decided. I will leave to spend all of my money to buy a defensive equipment. See you guys at the mission tower tomorrow." Black Bull quickly went out to spend all of his money.

    Meanwhile, the rest of them separate from each other with their own agenda.
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