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    Auron and his group chose that mission and handed it over to the mission tower's clerk. After that, the clerk called the noble who issued the mission. After several minutes, the clerk said to Auron, "The noble wanted to meet with your group first, before he agreed to take you in."

    "As for your information, you are the third group to went there. The previous two group were declined by the noble. However, I cannot disclosed the reason they were declined to you. I can just wish you a good luck."

    Auron received the location of the meeting with the noble. Actually, the location was at the noble's house near the southern gate of Miderian. Auron and his group went to the location.

    Soon, they arrived at the noble's house. Before they could went in, two guards blocked their advance.

    "What are your doing here?" One of the guards asked.

    "We are the one who will take the mission posted by the noble who lived here. Please inform the noble first."

    "Wait here!"

    The guards went in and not long after, he came out followed by a butler.

    "Please follow me. Our lord has waiting for your arrival." The butler asked Auron's group to follow him inside.

    The butler led Auron's group through a hallway until they arrived at the library. Inside the library, there already an old man waiting up while reading a book. When Auron's group arrived, the man immediately stood up and welcoming them.

    "Hello, please have a seat!"

    "So, I heard that your group want to take the mission I posted"

    "Yes, my lord. Do you have anything to in mind?" Auron answered

    "No, Please just call me by my name. I am Daniel. As you know, I have posted this mission since last week. The mission was as stated, that your group needed to guard my son for his birthday party, tomorrow from morning until evening. Also, you already know that  the invited guest was also the other noble's son or rich merchant which mean they would also bring their own guard. So, the place will be crowded with people. I hope that your group could ensure my son's safety despite the rowdiness. Actually, I have assigned several guards for my son but, I am still worried so that was why I posted a task in the mission tower. In simple, you will be a back up guard for my son in his birthday tomorrow."

    "However, before you are accepted, you need to be tested first to see are your group eligible for this task."

    "After this, my head guard will guide you to take the test. I wish you luck. I can even raise your rewards." The noble smiled.

    Not long after the noble said that, a huge burly man came inside to the building with a full armor equipped in his body. Behind the man, there were also two man with the same exact full armor. All of them saluted to the noble then face Auron's group.

    Auron saw three of them. The man at the front looks like the leader out of the three of them. When Auron looked at the level, he was rather shocked because that man was level 500. Meanwhile, the two men behind that man, both of them, were level 450. This means that three of the guards were already above than most of the player.

    "Come, follow me to the backyard." The head guard said.

    All of them went to the backyard while the noble stayed at the library returning to his book.

    "I am the head guard here, my name is Kelial. Your test was simple. You need to defeat my assistant behind me or survived for 1 hour against him. Jackal, come forward and fight them"

    The right man behind Kelial came forward. "Are you guys ready?" Jackal asked.

    "Wait a minute, let us prepared first" Auron said. When Auron said that, Kelial frowned and shook his head. He was disappointed, how come they need time to prepare. If this was the real situation, they would not have any preparation time. But, he stayed silent and continued the test.

    This development was too sudden for Auron and his group. Moreover, this was their first time fight as a group. They never worked as a group before. Auron turned his body and faced his teammate. However, he didn't say anything and only looked at their teammate's expression.

    None of them was afraid or confused, Auron could not help but said in low voice, "Are you guys not afraid?"

    All of them shook their head. "What I was confused was, why you asked for time to prepare? If this was the real situation, the one who we supposed to protect will die" Deadly Arrow said.

    "Don't be too hard with our friend here. Maybe he lacked of experience" Feather Slice said.

    "Okay then, let us begin" Auron said to Jackal. Auron felt satisfied with his teammate. It looked like he was worrying for nothing.

    All of the conversation took for less than one minute, before Auron agreed to start the fight. This piqued Kelial's interest. He took note of this and just stayed silently.

    When Auron said he was ready, without any cue, Jackal directly launched an attack. Auron's group was caught in surprise, but they immediately calmed down and focused. Auron was the nearest to Jackal. Moreover, he was a mage, so he became Jackal's first attack target.

    Seeing this, Deadly Arrow directly used [Three Ways Arrows] and aimed it towards Jackal. Meanwhile, Black Bull who was agreed to become the group's tank ran in front of Auron and raised his shield.

    Feather Slice also didn't stay still, he used his [Hide] skill and went to attack the enemy. Auron raised his staff and already cast out [Aqua Barrier] for himself.

    Jackal didn't even bothered with the arrow as he didn't even bothered to dodge and received the incoming arrow. BANG... Jackal hit Black Bull's shield with his fist. Black Bull got hit hard and went limp for a second.

    Jackal continued his attack with the other fist toward the limped Black Bull. This time, Auron who already finished chanted [Aqua Barrier] became the shield for Black Bull. Feather Slice launched an attack toward Jackal's neck. Jackal dodged a bit and the dagger grazed his shoulder. Then, Jackal kicked Feather Slice which made him flew back.
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