97 Mission 128 3

    Auron's group looked at each other. When theirs eyes met, Auron's teammate nodded their head. Although the rewards point was reduced, but it was still considered high considering the duration of the mission.

    "Okay, we accept the mission"

    "Great! Then, follow me to the room before and let's make the agreement."

    Auron followed Daniel and Kelial back to the library. At there, Auron's group waited for several minutes while Kelial drafting the agreement. The agreement was about the task that Auron's group needed to fulfill before they could get the rewards.

    This mission would take place tomorrow from 8 a.m until 6 p.m. Auron's group needed to gather at Blue Lake, the birthday place, at 7 a.m for briefing and meeting the other guards. As stated before, the rewards Auron's group would get was 40 points. Also, in the agreement, there was a clause that stated if the noble, Daniel, was very satisfied with the works, he would added some more bonus points when the mission ends.

    For the mission to be issued, the mission's issuer needed to paid several amount of money as a down payment to the academy. After that, for the rewards, the issuer would provide another money as the rewards. That money that was agreed on will be converted to the military point that the student would get and collect.

    However, the issuer could not give rewards as he like. First, his mission would be assessed by the academy and categorized based on the difficulty which also be the floor where the mission would be placed on the mission tower. Each difficulty had a minimum rewards that had to be paid as a rewards. This would ensure that the rewards was in line with the difficulty of the mission.

    After reading the agreement once more and making sure that there was nothing suspicious, each of the member in Auron's group then signed the agreement.

    "Here is the copy of the agreement. Don't forget to submit it to the mission tower. If not, you would work for nothing." Kelial handed the copy of the agreement and reminded Auron's group.

    After receiving the agreement's copy, Auron's group take their leave and went back to the mission tower to hand over the copy. Seeing Auron's group had left the house, Kelial turned over to Daniel and asked, "Is this really fine?"

    "I guess" Daniel shrugged his shoulder. "As you know, the mission had already been verified by the mission tower's staff. So, it should be okay."

    "But, I am still worried. If the academy knows this, they would 100% furious."

    "Just prayed that this would not happened. After all, it will not 100% happened. What if it was another empty threat. Also, the one that they targeting is me."

    What Auron's group didn't know was that Daniel received a big secret project from the king. As the king wanted to restructure the noble. To do that, the king needed several trusted person to assessed the noble's performance. And the king had chose 10 person to assess the other noble's performance and Daniel was one of the person selected.

    Tomorrow, Daniel needed to meet with the king to present his progress so far. But, last month, Daniel received a threat letter that stated he would be killed if he went out of his house. There was no mentioned on the reason why.

    As a righteous noble, Daniel had actually received a lot of this kind of letter from the beginning he started became a noble. So, at first Daniel ignored the letter. However, on last week, Daniel actually received another letter. When Daniel read this letter, he changed his mind.

    At the beginning of the letter, it stated that the sender felt that Daniel ignored his warning. The sender mocked at Daniel ignorance and as a proof, the sender actually sent all of Daniel's exact location for the past week. The letter even explained in detail. Where Daniel went, with whom he met, how many guards did Daniel brought with him, even what color did Daniel's clothes is.

    After reading the letter, Daniel could not help but became worried. However, he was trying to not become paranoid because of the incident. After consulting with Kelial, his head guard, he agreed to stay low and stayed at his house for the past week. However, since tomorrow Daniel had a meeting with the king, Daniel had to went outside of his house that was why he asked Kelial to issued the mission on the mission tower. Also, because he was afraid with his son safety, he also issued another mission for his son's safety since he had to brought almost 50% of his guard to guard him to make a trip to meet with the king.

    What Auron's group didn't know was, at first, Daniel issued two mission. One for his son, and one for himself. However, Daniel didn't said anything about the threat letter on his description. The mission for Daniel was posted on 5th floor. However, Daniel felt that it was unnecessary for him, so he directly putted down mission for himself and decide brought more guard with him.

    He felt that since his son's guest also a noble, there would be already a lot of guard from the other nobles' family. In addition, to make sure everything went well, he still continued the mission and, at the end, Auron's group was the one that got selected.

    "How about this, to make sure everything went well, you contact the last two group that we reject and asked them if they still wanted to join the mission. Also, hire a group from the adventurer's guild. I bet the one who threaten me will doubt to do his action with this many guard around me and my son. Even there was something wrong we still could defend ourselves by stating that we already hired many guards so the mission difficulty should be lower."

    "I don't know. I just have a bad feeling. I hope everything went well." Kelial wished.
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