98 Guard 1

    The mission day had came, Auron prepared himself. At 7 am sharp, Auron and his friends arrived at the designated location. A huge lake could be seen on the place. The lake had a blue water that when a sunlight shone on it, a view so magnificent could be seen.

    Beside the lake, a huge area was occupied. Using white theme, almost all of the ornament of the party used white color. From white table cloth, white plate, until white daisy decorate the area. Around the area a short white fence was putted to mark out the boundary of the party. With a lot of balloon and a lot of servant still working on the decoration, it gives a sight of extravagant party.

    Not so far from the party area, on the outside of party area, a group of people was gathered around. All of them wore a white scarf on their right hand. This was the group of guard from Daniel's side that was assigned for this party. There were a 100 guards that was assigned for this party including Auron's group.

    It was considered a huge number for this small birthday party. Moreover, this number was not counting the number of each of the guest's guards. A briefing was now going in the guards area.

    "I am Gerard. The head of guards for this party. As all of you know, we will split you into two groups. One group for guarding in the party area, the other group will have a responsibility to patrol around the nearby area and make sure no suspicious movement take place."

    Auron was paying attention to the briefing given by Gerard. Actually, when Auron saw Gerard this morning, he already recognized the person. Gerard was actually the other guard that accompany Kelial and Jackal the day before when he was tested by Kelial.

    "Remember, to use the white scarf on your right hand and don't lose it. It was a sign that you was a part of the guards group. Meanwhile, the guest guards would be using a blue scarf on their hand as well."

    "50 guards will be assigned at the party area. Meanwhile, the rest of the guards will be split into another 5 groups compromise of 10 person each. Each group would be responsible to patrol around certain area."

    "Our guards will be mixed on the group and if you need anything, you could contact us through the communication device assigned to one of the guards"

    5 groups was consist of 3 groups from the academy that took the mission. Meanwhile the other two groups was a hired groups from the adventurer's guild. From Auron observation, the average level of the guards was level 300. The two groups from the adventurer's guild also had an average of level 300. Since the groups from the academy all originated from the new batch students, they only had  around 90 level average with Auron's group was the group with the lowest level out of all.

    "Any questions?" Gerard asked.

    "If there was no question, then you can start to go to your designated position."

    It was still 15 minutes before 8 a.m before the party start, a white horse carriage arrived at the location. Then, a young boy and young woman got down from the carriage. All of the also wore a white them clothes. The boy using a white tuxedo while the woman wore a white elegant dress. They were Daniel's son and wife that were the star of this party.

    They were greeted by Gerard as head of the guards. Gerard was chatted with Daniel's wife. Meanwhile, Daniel's son already had a happy atmosphere around him and went inside the party area happily.

    The guest started to arrived one by one. Each of them was greeted by Gerard and Daniel's wife. While the children automatically went to Daniel's son and played around. After around 1 hours, almost 80% of the guest had arrived on the party and it was the signed to start the party.

    An entertainer was invited to guide the party, a happy atmosphere could be felt on the area. Meanwhile, on the outside of the party, Auron's group was patrolling around the northwest of the area.

    The area Auron's group was assigned was a plain meadow area with only one street on it. The street leads to a forest nearby. However, Auron's group was only responsible until the entrance of the forest.

    "Why do our lords assigned so many guards for this party?" Black Bull asked, "It was such a waste of money to assigned this many guards."

    In Auron's group, 6 of them was came from Daniel's guard. Luckily, the guards assigned was friendly and after 3 hours together, they were closer to each other. Radit, the captain assigned to Auron's groups, answered, "I also don't know. I also have some suspicion. It was not like our lord to waste this money without any purpose."

    "Maybe, he was very concerned with his son and wife's safety." One of the guard stated.

    "But, still this many guards was very unnecessary. All of the guests was either from noble family or rich merchant, they must also bring their own guards." Black Bull stated his concerns. As the son of merchant family, Black Bull was very concerned about money.

    "I actually heard a rumor that there was a threat letter that was sent to the lords." Another guard joined.

    "Isn't the lord often received such letter?" Auron could not help and asked.

    "Yes, but this time, it was different. It was said that the lord received a secret project from the king and the threat was involved around that project."

    "I felt that the lord very concerned about the threat. You must also had seen that for the past week the lord didn't go anywhere and had a lot of talked with Kelial. They must be talking about this things."

    "After what you mentioned, I guess it was true. For the past week, the lords only holed in his house."

    "Okay, let's stop now. We have work to do" Radit said.
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