99 Guard 2

    The party went on smoothly. Cheering and laughter could be heard from the party. However, despite the happiness in the party, there was some part of the group that was still had a serious face.

    "Patrol team, how is the situation?" Gerard asked through the communication device.

    "There was no activity around here. Everything was safe"

    "No, living things here."

    "There was a monster here before, but we have chased it out from here."

    "It was safe here. There is nothing suspicious."

    "The entrance of the forest was safe. No, monster nor human here."

    This was the fifth time Gerard asked this through the entire day. In fact, he asked this same question once an hour. From this past 5 hours, the situation was seems under control. Nothing strange nor suspicious going on.

    Every time Gerard got the answer from his patrolling team, he put a serious face on the outside, but inside, he was relieved. What the others didn't know was that he got a strict order from Kelial and he alongside with Jackal already knew the situation that befall on Daniel. When he first heard about it from Kelial, he immediately tensed up. Moreover, he knew it right just before he was assigned with this task. This made the pressure on Gerard higher.

    "Patrol team, how is the situation?" At the next hour, Gerard asked the same thing over again.

    "Everything under control, no suspicious movement or person in sight."

    "Another monster's group in sight, we have chased it out. One person suffered light injury."

    "We also encountered a group of monster and had successfully kill all of it."

    "We sight a suspicious figure deep inside the forest, but when we tried to chase it, it ran away deeper to the forest. We decided not to chase it and raised the alert in the area."

    After several answer, Gerard only heard 4 answer from the patrol team when there were actually 5 teams. Gerard tensed up, and became more serious. Moreover, it seems there was heavy movement and encountered with something suspicious and the timing was almost at the same time made this became more strange.

    "Is this going to begin?" Gerard thought in his mind.

    "Everyone be alert. You and you go to the southwest and looked over the team there." Gerard commanded every guard in the party area seriously. He also commanded a group to head over to the missing team. It was actually from the one of the adventurer teams.

    The guards became tensed. The one who was instructed to search the missing team got ready to set out.

    "Reporting, we encountered a group of bandit disguised as a merchant." When they was about to got out of the party area, the missing group suddenly made a report back to Gerard.

    "What is the situation?" Gerard asked seriously.

    "We already eradicated all of the bandit, but we suffered casualties. 2 dead, 3 heavy injuries, and the rest suffered a light injuries. Right now, we took cover under the tree at coordinate 321, 923."

    "Okay, we will sent reinforcements and substitutes for your group."

    "You took your group and helped the injured" Gerard gave another command. A group of 10 people set out from the party area and went to the specified coordinate.

    "Get medic ready to received the injured"

    "Sire, Should we informed and pull our other patrol team back?" One of the guards asked Gerard.

    "Yes, pull them closer to us but maintain some distance for them and kept alert at the situation. You, took the horse and went to Kelial's side. Their meeting should be over at this moment. Inform the situation here." Gerard issued another command.

    Meanwhile, Auron's group also heard about the situation at the other groups and they became more alert. They went back closer to the party area. "Kept your guard up and maintain some alert" Radit command.

    After several minutes going, the situation seems went back to peace. No other suspicious going on. The tensed situation gradually went back to normal. 40 minutes later, the injured teams went back to the party area. A medic team immediately went over to them wanted to treat their injuries.

    Meanwhile, Gerard was also prepared to went over to the injured team and asked the chronology of the incident. However, when the medic team arrived at the injured team, the injured teams directly stood up and swung his sword towards the medic team. A head was flung.

    With the sudden changed situation, a chaos in the guards happened. Gerard became serious. Vavor, the captain of the injured team was actually a traitor. He leads his group to his companions and eradicate all of them. Then, he pretended to be fine with Gerard.

    A chaos started up in the guards nearby the party area. Gerard knew he was deceived by his subordinate. He also had suspected that the reinforcement team he sent before already dead.

    "Prepare for battle!! Protect the lord's son and wife and all of the guest! Call all of our patrol team here!" Gerard shouted with all of his might.

    With Gerard shout, the enemies didn't care about their disguised anymore. They sheathed out their sword. Meanwhile, the guests' guards also heard that shout, they also tensed up and protect their each of their lord. A chaos also happened in the party area.

    The guest directly retreated the party area. A group of guards also went over to protect Daniel's son and wife. When they wanted to retreated. From far sight, another enemies reinforcement came and  cut their retreat path. A battle could not be evaded.

    So far, the enemies number was still fewer than the guards from Gerard's side. The first enemies group only count around 8 person. Meanwhile, the enemies reinforcement that came counted up with 20 person inside the group.

    Two of the patrol team was in sight from the party area. Gerard felt some of his pressured relieved. However, before he could issued his command on the patrol team, the patrol team swung his sword at the guard on his side.

    Another surprised attack was came to Gerard's side. He gritted his teeth and though one thing, "How come there's so many traitor hidden for this long inside my subordinate".
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