101 Hostage 1

    Since Daniel's wife still could not move, they decided to look for a hidden place nearby to rest a bit so the wife's pain could ease a bit before they continued their runaway. Auron's group and several others guards was assigned to guard the area. Meanwhile, Radit with 2 person decided to interrogated the captured enemies.

    "Who are you? Where are you guys coming from? Why you attack us? In whose order you attack us?" Radit bombarded the captured enemies with questions.

    One of the enemies only looked at Radit's eyes and kept silent. There was no fear in his eyes as this was what he had always do everyday. Didn't want to waste anymore time, Radit sheathed his sword and swung it towards the man's neck.

    A head flung over with blood spurted out from the sliced part. Blood splashed towards Radit's clothes and also the other enemies. As soon as the dead man's body fell down to the ground, one of Radit's guard search for his belonging in hope to find a clue.

    However, the search show no result. They only found weapon and two pieces of parchment with picture inside. It was a picture of Daniel's son and wife on each of the parchment. This was also what they found on the rest of the enemies that they had killed before when they saved Daniel's son and wife.

    The guard shook his head. Seeing this, Radit looked over to the other enemy's eyes. He could see the same expression on this man's face. His expression was calm, there was no a little bit hint of fear in his expression. Inwardly, Radit sighed, he would not be able to extract information from this man as well.

    Radit raised his sword and wanted to kill this man. However, before he could kill this man, the man spoke, "What will I get if I tell all about it?"

    Radit stopped his hand. He looked at the man and shouted furiously, "Tell us everything you know! You have no right to negotiate!"

    Radit punched the man's face. Blood trickled through the man's lips. He faced Radit and smiled, "Do you think you could get any information from searching our belonging?"

    "We don't bring anything that could show who we are. If you want to know about everything, you need to read our mind and memory. But, there was no way you could do it."

    "Now, you have your chance" The man smiled mysteriously.

    Radit knew what the man said was correct. Seeing the evidence in his eyes, none of the belonging could pinpoint the enemies' origin. Also, there was no way to read mind and memory of a person. One of the way was to hypnotize the person and asked the person to tell the truth. However, to hypnotize a person was not easy. Moreover, an assassin have their own prevention measure against such a thing. Usually, before they could hypnotize that person, a counter measure that was planted on the man's brain would started and destroy the man mind and made the man became an idiot.

    As the man said, if he tell the truth than this was his only way to get all of the information he needed. "How would I know that you will tell the truth? Also, didn't there was some kind of restriction from your employer so that you would not divulge any information?"

    "You are correct. However, my employer this time was such a fool. The restriction he gave to us was not so strict. We only could not tell you any information using our mouth. But, I could still write it down somewhere and just dropped the message so you could read it. As the matter how can you trust me, it was up to you to believe in me or not."

    Radit thought over this, if the prisoner really had a way to give such information using that way, then it was worth to try. "We would ensure we will do no harm to you, if you give us the information."

    If the prisoner was telling the truth then he would gain a valuable information, but if he was not telling the truth then, he would only let one defeated enemy to get away and nothing would be lose since he would also not get anything if he killed the prisoner right away. That was why Radit accepted his offer.

    "Okay. Then, let us do it this way. Give me a paper and pen, and I will write the information on it. However, I will not give it to you yet."

    "You will stay here while I will going to the forest's entrance. I will putted the paper at the ground of the forest's entrance. Also, to ensure that you will keep your word, I need a hostage."

    "As for the hostage, I want one of that four students as my hostage."

    "No way, what if you kill the hostage and ran away and didn't give us any information" Radit directly objected the suggestion.

    "I would never let that happened."

    The negotiation met a stalemate. "Then, we can forget about it. Just kill me" The prisoner said. He was very sure that Radit would not kill him since he really needed the information.

    Seeing the firm decision of the prisoner, Radit gritted his teeth and called Auron's group. He told everything to Auron's group and let them decided.

    "If you didn't want to become the hostage than we will not force you and just kill him." Radit whispered to Auron's group.

    Auron looked at the prisoner. The prisoner level was around 300 while he was only at level 40. The prisoner could killed him easily like an ant. None from his group could survive from the man's ability.

    However, Auron also didn't want to give up the information since he knew that the information would be so valuable to Daniel and it can give him more rewards.

    Auron decided, he step up and said, "I will became the hostage. However, we need to adjust the procedure"
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