103 Hostage 3

    Seeing the chance to escape with his life, the prisoner didn't dare to waste any time. He carried Auron and went full speed toward the forest's entrance. With his strength halved due to [Restrict Chain]'s effect, his speed obviously wast slower than normal. However his speed now still considered fast enough since as an assassin speed was important.

    Wind brushed Auron's face as the prisoner moved in full speed. Auron just stayed still and didn't dare to move or do something strange. He wished to obtained the information peacefully although he didn't know whether the information was valid or not. Moreover, with his strength now he could only escape or stalling time from the prisoner, he could forget about defeating the prisoner with his strength now.

    Seeing Auron behaved well, the prisoner smirked. A good hostage was the hostage that didn't have many requested and just comply with whatever he wanted. And as a hostage, Auron seems to fit this kind of criteria.

    In no time, 5 minutes passed, they arrived at the forest's entrance. As Auron had stated before, 5 minutes was enough for them to arrived at the forest's entrance. They stopped at the forest's entrance. The prisoner putted down Auron.

    Auron immediately reached out his hand toward the prisoner hinting to hand over the information paper. "Give me the information" Auron said.

    The prisoner frowned. Although he didn't want to break his promise. Auron's asking tone made the prisoner felt that he was commanded. It was enough to make him a little bit angry. Moreover, the one who asked was obviously way far weaker than him.

    The prisoner was furious, but he tried to endure it since he knew the time was ticking for him to ran away. Even a minute delay would made him captured once more. However, he didn't want to comply with Auron's demand.

    "Shut up! Stay right there! I don't have to give it to you. As the agreement before, I will put it on the ground. Why should I handed it to you?" A slight high tone could be heard from the prisoner's sentence.

    "Stay right there and don't do anything strange or I will burned this paper!" The prisoner threatened.

    Holding the paper in his hand, the prisoner facing Auron and walking back towards the forest's entrance.

    "Okay... okay... Just make it quick. If you want to escape just put it on the ground and go away" Auron shrugged his should and said with a tone as if he didn't care with the prisoner's threat.

    The prisoner frowned deeply and his anger raised to the max. However, he still could control it. He putted the paper on the ground and sped away deep inside the forest. The prisoner could have escaped with the paper and Auron would not be able to stop him, but he didn't want to do it. The reason was because if he ran away with the paper and broke their agreement. The noble, Daniel, would be furious and would issued an catch order for him. He would be a fugitive around all of the city. However, if he give the paper and didn't broke the agreement, even though Daniel didn't know whether the information was true or fake, Daniel's anger would be pointed to the one inside the paper and maybe he would be forgotten.

    Seeing the prisoner ran away, Daniel sighed. He mocked the prisoner on purpose. He intended to make the prisoner furious enough to attack him. The reason was because if Auron took the initiative to attack, the prisoner would think that Auron was stalling the time to make the reinforcement came. The prisoner would use all of his effort to run away and if that happened, Auron would not be able to stop him. But, if the prisoner was furious and attacked Auron first, Auron confidently could protect himself and stalled the time. But, his plan obviously failed.

    Auron walked and picked the information paper, but he didn't have any intention to open or read it. He just hold the paper in his hand and waited patiently until Radit's came. Not long after, Radit with two people whom he had the interrogation session with, came.

    Radit looked at Auron and the paper in his hand. He felt relieved as Auron was safe and still got the paper information.

    "I tried to provoke him but it was a failure." Auron said with a sunk face. Auron actually had discussed about this plan when Auron voluntary to become the hostage. At first, of course, Radit and the other didn't agree with him. But as Radit saw the resolute confident in Auron, in the end, he agreed to him. But still there was some worried feeling in Radit's heart. But he had worry for nothing.

    Auron handed out the paper to Radit. After receiving the paper, Radit also didn't opened it and just kept it inside his armor. "Let us go back to picked up the lord's wife and son. Then immediately continue our journey back. We have wasted some time here."

    Auron nodded and he followed Radit back to the group. Since they was in hurry, The went full speed to the group. Obviously, Auron was left behind as his speed was slower compared to the other three. Since everything was already over, Auron was not worried with any danger as he only focused to chase the three.

    After went full speed for a few minutes, Auron could saw the sight of the place his group resided before. However, when Auron looked at it, he directly frowned and a sign of worry could be seen on his face. A commotion could be heard from his group's place. His group was under attack. He didn't dare to slow down instead he used his swordsman's skill to move faster.

    As Auron approaching the group's location, his heartbeart went faster. A group of enemies greeted his sight. As the enemies fought out with his group's guard, Auron prepared to enter the battle.
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