104 Fight 1

    The enemies numbered around 10 people. Meanwhile, Radit's group numbered 17 people from Radit's group plus the initial Daniel's wife and son group. It looked like radit's group have more people than the enemies, but, although Radit's have more people but two of them could not fight while 5 of them was injured.

    So, Radit's group comprised of 10 healthy people and 5 injured people. Meanwhile, inside the 10 healthy people there were 4 people that was a student which was Auron and his friends. With 2 people become the burden of the group, the could not fully used all of the resource they had. Because Auron was left behind, Radit commanded Auron's friend to protect Daniel's wife and son and left for the city.

    The enemies tried to surround Radit's group, but before the enemy could do it, Radit's with several of his subordinate blocked the enemy's plan. Auron's friend went directly to the Daniel's son and wife. As the lady knew what Auron's friend's intention,  she stood up. A pained expression could be seen on the lady face. She tried to lift her child. However, she could not.

    Seeing this, Black Bull immediately lift the child and put it behind his back. They urged the lady to run as fast as she could. Each time the lady stepped her foot, a pained expression could be seen on her face. However, she gritted her teeth and held the pain. Their small group detached from the main group and ran away.

    When they was about to run away, they saw Auron had just arrived. Black Bull quickly said, "Come with us, Captain Radit told us to protect the son and wife."

    As Auron wanted to help fight in the battle, hearing what Black Bull had said, he turned down his urge to battle, instead he went along with Black Bull's group. Their destination was Miderian.

    Their group ran as fast as they could. But, with the wife had injuries on her ankle, their group obviously slowed down. As time goes by, the group's speed slowed down. The wife already beared so much pained, it  made her more exhausted that usual.

    Their group was stopped. Auron asked the lady's permission to let him piggybacked her. Before, the lady could answer, Auron directly went over and pulled the lady up. They continued their journey to Miderian.

    Without looking at behind them, they gritted their teeth and ran as fast as they could. A few minutes after Auron piggybacked the lady, Feather Slice, who was at the most back of the group spotted enemy chasing them from behind.

    "Enemies!!" Feather Slice shouted.

    With the shout from Feather Slice, Auron looked behind him, he was afraid that Radit's group already been wiped out. However, what Auron saw was two enemy chasing them and their speed was faster than their group. If this continued, the enemies would caught to them in a few minutes.

    Auron knew that this would happened, with 5 people on their injuries and 6 healthy people to fight against 10 enemies was very difficult. However, seeing only two enemy chased them, the situation at Radit's group seems not bad.

    Now, his group was in a dangerous situation. Both of the enemies' level was above 200. With one of them had level 231 and the other one 213. These must be the weakest among the enemy's group.

    Although they was the weakest among the enemy's group, Auron's group level was below level 100. Moreover, they had to protect Daniel's wife and son.

    They almost reached the Miderian, but with the enemy coming faster than them, they knew they needed to fight against the enemy. Auron stopped his group. He put down the lady and told Black Bull to do the same.

    Auron hinted the lady with his eyes. As she was a noble's wife, she knew what Auron wanted. She grabbed her child and both of them ran towards Miderian. Their speed was obviously slower compared when Auron's group piggybacked them.

    Auron's group took position. With Black Bull at the front, the other was behind him. Auron walked to Black Bull's side at the front. As Auron coming to the front, the other didn't voice any dissatisfaction, they remembered how Auron fight when Daniel tested them yesterday.

    Auron took out his sword and was ready to fight with the enemy. The enemy saw what Auron's group was doing. The one with higher level hinted his companion to fight with the group while he chased Daniel's wife and son.

    The companion nodded, he sped up towards Auron's group while the higher leveled enemy split and chased towards Daniel's wife and son. But before the higher leveled enemy went to far from the group, Black Bull blocked him.

    The enemy obviously looked down on Black Bull, as his level was way higher than this brat, he could easily killed him. The enemy sheathed his dagger and tried to kill Black Bull.

    Seeing this situation, Auron's group was in panic, one thing was on their mind, Black Bull was going to die. They wanted to help Black Bull. But before they could went to helped Black Bull, the other enemy arrived at Auron's group and tried to kill him.

    Auron, Feather Slice and Deadly Tower shifted their focus to stop the incoming attack from the enemy. Auron blocked the incoming dagger with his dagger in his hand. Auron's strength was not enough to completely block the enemy attack, Auron was staggered.

    Fortunately, Auron was not alone, Feather Slice and Deadly Tower followed up with their attack. If not Auron obviously was going to die. The enemy dodged the attack from Feather Slice and Deadly Tower.

    Their attack missed the target but it helped to stop the enemy from attacking Auron. The enemy took some distance from Auron's group. He smirked mocking them that showed he was playing with them.

    The enemy moved once more to attack them. When the enemy was about to attack them, a large explosion with several small explosion was sound loudly beside them. It was from Black Bull's side.

    Auron's group and the enemy unconsciously looked at the source of the sound.
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