105 Fight 2

    A loud sound reverberated around the area. A trace of burning flame was spread over on ground in a large area. A wide hole on the ground was created. If nobody knew the situation, they would think that it was a result of atomic bomb.

    On the edge of the hole, there was a trace of human laid on the ground. His condition didn't looked well. When one looked carefully at the human, a trace of barrier slowly faded away as the human struggled to move and stand up. That human was Black Bull.

    Before, Black Bull tried to stop the assassin from chasing the lady and son. Of course, his level was not enough to face the assassin. That was why, he was easily blown away by the assassin. However, he didn't give up, when the assassin tried to continue his journey, Black Bull grabbed the assassin's ankle and it could successfully hinder the assassin from chasing.

    Seeing a little ant like Black Bull tried to stop him, the assassin became annoyed, he decided to kill the ant first. He thought that since it was an ant, it would not take a long time to kill it and began chasing his target. He turned around and face Black Bull.

    The assassin then stabbed his dagger to the ground as Black Bull still laid on the ground. Seeing a dagger was coming, Black Bull instinctively rolled to the side and dodged the stabbed. He quickly stood up and raised his shield.

    The assassin had wasted more and more time, so he became serious. He shown all of his power and move towards Black Bull. This situation made fear inside Black Bull intensify. As the assassin move towards him, his fear grew more and more and made his feet cower in fear.

    As the fear intensified, his hand which raised the shield, slowly descend. When the assassin was in front of him, Black Bull's defense was wide open with no any guard. The assassin grinned evilly  and prepared to swung his dagger.

    Black Bull who was in fear, under the instinct to live, he putted his hand inside his armor and took out a square item. He immediately activated the item he took. A few seconds after he activate the item, quickly a barrier wrapped Black Bull in less than a second and a blinding light was spread all over the area followed by an explosion.

    [Boom Box] (Rare item)

    Type: Miscellaneous

    Class: All Class

    Effect: Upon activation, a barrier will be formed for the user followed by a huge explosion. Beware as explosion could not differentiate between friends and foes. Warning restricted item!! To possess the item, one needed a license.

    The square item that Black Bull took out was [Boom Box]. As the description mentioned, the barrier was made around Black Bull to protect him from the explosion. It made the explosion didn't do any damage to him. However, the barrier only protect him from the explosion, but it didn't protect him from the impact of the explosion which made him blown away and arrived at the edge of the hole.

    As the barrier could not protect him from the explosion's impact, he blown several meters away.

    The impact also injured Black Bull which made him in pain and difficult to move. Usually, one would had to have level above 400 to use the [Boom Box] as to evade the after effect of blown away. As Black Bull was low leveled, it was no wonder that from the explosion impact would made him suffered severe injuries. Fortunately, he already upgraded his equipment to be the best he could use, if not, he would already died.

    [Boom Box] was a dangerous item which made it to be classified as a restricted item. As a restricted item, one need to have a license before they could possess one item of it. If one had it without a license moreover using it illegally, the user will be trialed in a military trial. Even, his family could not escape from it. Only the military could possess of the item and some rich noble and rich merchant. Actually, Black Bull stole the box from his family's treasury and he intended to turn it back after he graduated from the academy. But, what a fate, he actually used it here. He knew a penalty was waiting for him and his family, but he could not think any of it now as his body was aching with pain all over the place.

    The result of the explosion was clear Black Bull under the shield of the barrier could survive although suffered severe injuries from it. Meanwhile, the assassin was dissipated without any trace. In truth, the assassin could survived the explosion if he managed to use his life saving skill. However, he was caught of guard because he didn't think that a student could possess such an item which made him didn't manage to activate his life saving skill. And this reaped his life.

    Auron, Deadly Tower, Feather Slice and the other assassin fought with them was shocked by the explosion. A different in level was clear between the two however it was a surprised to see the high leveled one was died meanwhile the low leveled one survived. Moreover, the sound of explosion also made all of this became more epic.

    As they was in shocked, Auron was the first one to regain himself. As he regain himself, he looked at the enemy in front of him and thought "A chance". As no one saw him, Auron used [Bash] skill with his dagger toward the enemy. Caught of guard, the enemy didn't prepare for a surprise attack which made him could not dodge the attack and suffered an injury.

    As his attack was connected, he followed it up with another attack from his dagger and chanted a spell. When a commotion sounded beside them, Deadly Tower and Feather Slice regained themselves and helped Auron to kill the enemy.
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