106 Fight 3

    Seeing Auron had the higher position against the leftover assassin, Deadly Tower and Feather Slice directly helped Auron. Feather Slice went over the back of the assassin and tried to use [Back Stab] while Deadly Tower supported him with [Ice Arrow] to slow down the enemy movement and attack speed.

    As the assassin was in the dire position, he desperately tried to defense and block every attack he could. At first, several attack was managed to hit him. However, as the fight continued, with the help of assassin's level and higher equipment, the assassin slowly managed to come out from his dire position.

    The assassin slowly started to launched counter attack. The situation was about to be reverse. Auron and his friend had frowned and panic expression. They knew if this situation continue, they could not escape death.

    Despite the bad situation, Auron tried to observe his enemy calmly. He could see that his enemy had 60% of his health left. After all of the surprise attack and the teamwork from three of them, they could only reduced 40% of the opponent health. Meanwhile, Auron and his friend had drank many health potions just to keep them alive till now.

    And now, the assassin slowly gained upper hand on the fight. Auron felt helpless. He looked at two of his friend, despite their continues fight, they also felt helpless and could only fight until the end.

    Time slowly trickled, 5 minutes passed by and the assassin finally gained the upper hand. The assassin began to unleash his skill. A deadly strike launched over and over toward Auron's group.

    Auron and his group tried their best to block the attack, however they could not fully block or dodge the attack. They could only manage to reduce the damage they received by blocking the attack or dodging so that the enemy's weapon only grazed them a bit.

    As their expression began to turn more sour, the assassin who had wasted a lot of time tried to end all of this. The assassin used his deadliest skill to attack. With dagger in his hand, the assassin suddenly gone from their line of view.

    Panicking, Deadly Tower and Feather Slice turned left and right to search for the assassin whereabouts. Auron frowned. He tried to observe his surrounding but he could not find any hinted from the assassin. He knew this was before his attributes was way lower that the enemy. He could only rely on his instinct.

    With Auron's signal, three of them began to move closer and tried to protect each other. At this time, the assassin showed himself near Deadly Tower. He tried to launched his highest damage skill to one hit Deadly Tower.

    However, as the dagger was approaching Deadly Tower, Auron who was beside him manged to detect the assassin's presence. He blocked the dagger from the assassin. But, the assassin's power was stronger than him, Auron was pushed back and fell down, so as Deadly Tower who was pushed by Auron fell. With only Feather Slice standing, he tried to cover his teammate. However the assassin already knew the intention, he kicked out Feather Slice which made him flew several meters back.

    The assassin turned back his focus to the nearest people, Auron and Deadly Tower. All of this was happened only in a minutes. Auron knew he could not evaded this anymore. As the death came near, Auron and Deadly Tower felt helpless they could only prayed and leave all of this to fate. If this was a boxing ring, Auron surely had throw a white towel and end all of this.

    As the assassin launched his attack to Auron and Deadly Tower, three arrow flew by towards the assassin. The arrow was not ordinary arrow, it was the result of [Power Shot]. The assassin who wanted to kill Auron and Deadly Tower felt the danger, so he stopped his attack and change to defensive mode.

    The assassin managed to dodge the attack. Then, he looked at the direction of the arrow came. His complexion turned sour. He immediately began to retreat. Auron who was waiting for his death, heard a galloping sound of horse behind him. He turned his head and looked behind him.

    fifty guards was riding a horse and coming towards them. Auron felt relieved because he knew he was saved. As the captain of the guards arrived, he commanded, "Treat the injuries and make sure they don't run away. The rest follow me to chase the enemy away"

    As the last assassin escape, the guards didn't bother to chase him, instead he directly went over to the Blue Lake. Auron and his friends began to receive some treatment from the guards. As they were treated, Auron learned the story how they could come here.

    The guards were coming due to the loud sound of the explosion, and as they were in the military, they immediately knew this was the sound of [Boom Box] which was a restricted item. They went to the sources of the sound to confirm it.

    In the way to this place, they met with Daniel's son and wife who was also in desperate situation and condition. From the lady, the captain learned about what has happened. He told two of his guards to escort the lady back while he kept going to this place.

    Then, as what had happened before, they managed to save Auron who was in the hand of death. Actually, the guards didn't want to bother saved the guards, but as the guards of the city they had the obligation to chase the enemy away. If this was just and small ordinary robbery, they would certainly ignored Daniel's guard life. But, this was a planned attack and they had to make this as a warning for the other.

    As the treatment from the guards already finished, the guards who treat him 'escort' them back to the city. Auron knew although they could escape from the hand of death, but they could not escape from the military trial
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