107 Military Trial

    The day went by, after they were escorted back to the city, they get immediate treatment to heal their injuries. After being treated, they was escorted back to the academy and they were not allowed to take one step out of the academy. Yes, they were now under house arrest as they were waiting for their military trial tomorrow.

    The gossip were spread out as a group of student would be trialed as they made violation. Some were pity on their misfortune, but the other happy as their rival would be reduced. This caught the attention of the higher ups in the academy as well. This was the first time, there were some student from their academy that going to be trialed before their graduation.

    As Auron and the other were under house arrest, some of the higher ups in the academy also began to interrogating them on the reason and to get the complete story from them.

    "Okay, thank you. I wish you a good luck. From my point of view, you guys can be saved but for that student, don't have too many hope for him."

    This was the third person from the academy's higher ups that was coming to ask them the story. And all three of them said the same thing. Three of them could be saved but the last person could not. Obviously, the unfortunate person was Black Bull. As he was the one that used the [Boom Box], Black Bull could not escape from this. He could be exiled to the war zone, or even get immediate death penalty.

    After the third person get out of the room, the room's mood sunk. A heavy atmosphere could be felt in the room. Every one looked pity on thee Black Bull that laid on his bed right now. They could not accept this since using the [Boom Box] Black Bull managed to save their lives.

    As the main culprit, Black Bull could not help but sighed. He could only surrender all of this to the fate. He was just wished that his mom didn't know about this. But, he also knew that it would be not possible for that.

    Amidst the heavy situations, they managed to hear a slightly better news. Gerard and the other managed to be saved. However, not all of them could be saved, from the original guards only 20 person that could be saved including Radit's group. Sadly, from Radit's group only half of them could survive while the other half suffered medium injuries.

    Meanwhile, from the guest's group, all of the noble were saved without injuries only some traumas, however some of their guards also suffered injuries. They would surely asked some explanations to Daniel.

    Sadly enough, although this news was a better news than what he had heard from the higher ups, however it was not enough to make the moods in the room better.

    As the day went by, the morning came, it was also the time to start the military trial.

    "Let us now begin the trial, the usage of prohibited item!" The head judge announced the start of the trials.

    As the defendant, Auron and his friends became the main of the event. Also, as this was the first time happening for a student to be trialed, this became an interesting event for the military. Many of the alumni and the military attended the trial. There was even a representative from one of the prince attended the trial.

    "We have heard the story from Daniel's wife about the event yesterday. Now, we want to hear it from you and your reason to use prohibited item" The head judge asked Auron's group.

    Auron as the representative of the group explained the story from the start. From when he was patrolling the area until they got message from Gerard and until they were chased by the assassin.

    "From your explanation, you didn't even know the item. So, let us hear it from the main defendant.  From where and who you got the item?" As Auron could not explain the item source, the head judge asked the main defendant and the user of the item, Black Bull.

    "Your majesty, I don't want to hide anything, I stole it from my family's treasury." Black Bull answered with weak voice. He already left everything to the fate.

    The head judge looked at Black Bull's expression and he knew that Black Bull didn't even try to hide or defense himself. As there was nothing else to know, the head judge declared, "The trial was halt for a 30 minutes break. After that, we will announced the trial's result and the sentence for the defendants.

    As the head judge and the other judges wanted to leave the court room, "Your majesty, as we are one group, we want to have the same sentence from each other" Auron said followed by nodded from Deadly Tower and Feather Slice's nod signing they were agree with what Auron said.

    The head judge looked over to Auron and flatly said, "It was not you decision to make any demand. We will give the sentence as what we feel right."

    Then, the head judge continued to exit the court room followed by other judges. Meanwhile, the audience also left the room and Auron and his friends escorted to another room.

    After 30 minutes passed by, the audience and the judges went back into the court room. While Auron and his friends was escorted back to the court room, the head judge silent the audience, "Silent! The court will begin shortly for the trial's sentence"

    "We, the judges, already made an agreement. Now, for Smiling Wizard, Feather Slice and Deadly Tower, as you wasn't the user of the item and didn't know anything about it, you will be free from all the punishment."

    "Meanwhile, for the main defendant, Black Bull, as you are the user of the prohibited item, your punishment will be severe. You will be expelled from the academy. Also, you have to pay 100 gold within 2 days. If you cannot pay it within 2 days, you have to do hard labor until you managed to pay it"
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