109 Abundant Rewards 1

    After few moment, three guys arrived in front of the mission tower. They were Auron and his two friends excluding Keiran. As they stepped inside the building, a common sight could be seen inside the mission tower.

    "Looking for party to collect rare ore"

    "Anyone want to eliminate [Fiery Rat] with me?"

    "Selling healing potion cheaper than NPC store"

    Since this was a mission tower it was also a place full of opportunity. So, it was not a surprised that there were many people looking for group to complete a mission. There were also some with side class to sell their own produced item.

    Auron ignored these people and went directly to the receptionist. It was the same receptionist when they accepted the quest.

    "I bet you are here to collect your rewards. Wait for a bit. Let me check first." Before Auron could say something, the receptionist already stopped him from doing that.

    "First of all, I offer my condolences to your friend. I know it is not easy to accept this, but rule is a rule after all."

    "So, let us get to the point, after the incident happened, the higher up decided to question the noble who posted the mission for more detail."

    "Since the one who issued the mission didn't include the detail before, we have punished him because neglecting an important detail which result in the wrong ranking for the mission."

    "The mission's rank was changed to fourth level mission. Since, you have participate the mission and also helped to safe the noble's wife and son. We have decided that it was more or less you have completed the mission."

    "The rewards was raised from 40 points to 360 points. Also, as another punishment for neglecting important detail, the academy force the noble to give a piece of equipment as an apology for each of you."

    "For, Smiling Wizard, you will get [Ruby Scepter]. For Borad, [Gargantuan Bow]. And for, Keiran, you will get [Opsite Dagger]. Don't you worry, although Keiran had been expelled from the academy and cannot claim any rewards, the noble who posted this mission told us that he already sent his gift directly to Keiran."

    "Lastly, the noble also wanted to meet you once again. He said that the rewards before was an official rewards from the mission through academy. And now, he wanted to give you the 'unofficial rewards' which was why he wanted to invite you to his house to claim the rewards"

    "Now, for the points how do you want to divide it among you?"

    Shocked flashed out from Auron and his friend face. Although, he already knew that the academy will changed the mission ranked which will result in higher point, he still could not help to become surprised with the rewards he get. Moreover, when he received the piece of equipment, he became more shocked. It was a rare grade equipment.

    [Ruby Scepter] (Rare grade equipment)

    Type: Staff

    Requirement: 50 intelligence, level 45

    Class: Mage, Cleric

    Attack: 30 - 80

    Magic Attack: 284 - 354

    Intelligence + 10

    Vitality + 3

    Effect: A scepter with Ruby on top of it. Ruby is a ....

    At this stage, a rare equipment was what he needed. It could help him to become stronger. Although the piece of equipment was for a mage, but it still increase a lot of attributes. And, this was what he needed. As his swordsman and mage character shared the same attributes which mean this addition would help his swordsman to hunt better.

    Regaining his mind, Auron said, "We will divide it equally". As they had discussed it before coming here, they had decided to divide the point equally. Each of them will get 120 points. However, with the minus point they had, they only left with 20 points. It was already enough for them to pass the monthly goal.

    As Auron and his friend conclude claiming his rewards at the mission tower, they didn't immediately choose another mission, instead, they went to Daniel's house to claim the 'unofficial' reward.

    Arriving at Daniel's house, they were directly escorted to Daniel's study room to meet Daniel. Daniel greeted them warmly as they were walked inside the room.

    "Come here. Come here. Have a seat!" Daniel happily greeted them.

    After they have seated, Daniel told them why he was so happy. The fact that his son and wife was safe from the incident contributed to Daniel's happiness right now. But, it was not all. There were other thing that made him happier which was the paper that Auron earned from the fleeing prisoner before.

    "Radit told me that you contribute greatly to acquiring this piece of information!" Daniel pointed to Auron.

    Inside the paper there were list of noble's name that was suspected contributed to this incident. After few investigation from Daniel's side, he knew that the reason why they do this was not because the secret mission he had with the king, instead it was just a jealousy from several noble which wanted to hinder Daniel's progress in the kingdom.

    Actually inside the paper there were 20 noble's name and only 80% of it that was the real perpetrator. The prisoner wrote as many name as he could to hide the real perpetrator as well as to buy him some time to flee as far as possible. Moreover, inside the name, the prisoner also include several name that he hated as to make Daniel became his sword to attack the noble.

    After the investigations, Daniel also discover this truth that not all of the name inside the paper was responsible for the attack. However, after recognizing some of the name, he decided to give this information to the king as some of the name was some noble that needed to be watched. The king gladly accepted the name as it gave him a reason to watch this several noble family that was dangerous for his royal family. This also made the king rewards Daniel.

    Daniel, who got rewards from the king, didn't forget on how he could achieve this piece of information. He decided to give another rewards to Auron and his friends.
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