112 Orcs Camp 2

    Orc Camp was a hunting ground which encompassed a wide circular area. Inside, many orc camps could be seen with several [Orc's Patrol] patrolling between each camps. There were three size of the camps, small, medium, and large. Each of the camps would have some sort of leader that running the camps.

    The small camps was scattered around the edge of the area. When one went deeper into the region, the camps would get bigger and bigger until finally they arrived at the one and only large orc camps in land.

    The leader in the small camps was a monster that was slightly stronger than the rest of the orc in the camp but it could not be considered as a boss which was why people considered it as a mini boss.

    Meanwhile, when one arrived at the medium size camps, the leader inside it was considered a genuine boss. It was much stronger that the monster in the area. The boss had a uncommon grade.

    As in the large camps, the boss was considered the big boss of all the orc's camp. The boss was the most strongest orc in the camps. It had two grades above the ordinary orcs which was a rare grade.

    Each camp have their own territory. When a player stepped inside the territory it will activated a countdown timer of 10 minutes for small camps, 30 minutes for medium camps, and 1 hours for large camps, even if they misstep.

    Within the allocated time, they needed to raid the camps and successfully killed the leader inside it. If they could not killed the leader or ignore it, after the timer was end, all of the orcs in the camp and the neighboring camps would come out and chased the player and his group.

    Their objective was only to kill the leader inside the camp. They could do it by clearing all of the orcs inside or just barge in to the boss location and killed it. When a player could killed the leader within the allocated time, a gold chest could be found inside as a bonus loot. Also, the rest of the orcs in the camp would disappeared as the leader died. However, this benefit would not come out if the leader was killed passed the allocated time.

    An empty camp would not trigger the countdown timer. 30 minutes after the leader died, the orcs in that camp would be spawned once more. Although, there was gold chest dropped, it was not enticing enough for player. The reason was because the gold chest only contained a little amount of money. It was way lesser that the one in Pirate's Treasury. Each gold chest could only give maximum of 1 silver. Moreover, that chest should be the one from the large camps.

    Despite the loots was not too good, the Orc's camp had their own benefit, the experience points. If one could destroyed a camp alone by clearing all of the orcs inside, the experience they would get will be raised by half.

    The mechanism was like this. When one killed a monster, they will get a full experience point and also half of the experience point will be stored by the system. If they could cleared all of the orcs inside the camp within the allocated time, half of the experience point that was stored by the system would be given to them as a bonus.

    This made Orc's camp became a great hunting ground to raise a level. Back then, this hunting ground was very popular. With huge amount of experience point given, this was a must go hunting spot.

    Right now, Auron was raiding a small orc's camp. Both of the guards went up towards Auron. But before the guards could arrived and attacked him, his swordsman character which was controlled by the system went up and blocked it for him.

    His attributes was sufficient to make him blocked the attack from the guards. Moreover, he already had better equipment than before that boosted his power more. The swordsman blocked one of the attack from the guards with his swords and the other attacks with his body.

    The swordsman's health was reduced little. Auron didn't stayed still with a tank in front of him. He can leisurely chanted a spell. A heat surrounding Auron raised. A ball of fire was made on top of his hand. With a swayed from his hand, the ball of fire went to the orcs guard and exploded damaging both of the orcs.

    As the battle went out, the orc's health slowly reduced little by little. After few seconds, both of the orcs died. Sure is the experience point was higher here, from the battle, Auron got 1% from the two orcs. Unfortunately, his swordsman character also used several health potions.

    "This cannot continue, I need to went up to the front instead of chanting spell from behind" Auron pained at the fact he needed to used several health potions. In orc camps, the battle will almost be the same as this, they would fight more than one orcs at a time. If he leisurely chanted spell from the battle, he would depleted his health potions supply faster.

    Auron changed his weapon from staff to dagger and prepared to went up in the front. Before he went to look for another group of orcs inside the camp, he looked at the countdown timer. As he looked at the countdown timer, he sighed.

    "I will not be able to clear all of the orcs within the allocated time. I need to kill the leader as fast as I can for this camp"

    Auron knew, he could not cleared all of the orcs in this camp and he didn't want to force himself to do it. If he force and himself and he failed, only death that awaits him as flood of orcs from neighboring camps would come to him. Even if he managed to survive the incident, it would surely cost him a lot of health potions supply.
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