113 Orcs Camp 3

    Auron observed his surrounding. He tried to find where the leader resided in. Usually, the leader of the camp would be near the biggest residence in the camp.

    [Ace Orc Warrior] (common boss monster)

    Level: 87

    HP: 235000/235000

    MP: 1000/1000

    Skills: Summon orcs, Orc's Roar, Ace Crush

    Description: The leader of a small orc camp. It is an orc warrior that joined orc's elite squad once before

    In the middle of the camp, Auron spotted the biggest residence in the camp. Besides, there was the leader a slightly bigger orc than the rest of orc in the camp. This was the boss. It was an orc warrior that once before joined the elite squad that serves the king. After retiring, the orc was given a camp to manage and become the leader of the camp.

    The layout of each camp was different from each other. So, each time a party wanted to clear the camp they needed to analyze the camp once before spotting the leader of the camp. Moreover, after the camp cleared and respawned, the camp's layout was also different. This was to ensure to give a challenge for the player that hunt this place.

    Fortunately, the leader in Auron's camp was in the middle of the camp which mean, Auron didn't have to clear all of the orc before reaching the leader. He mostly needed to clear half of the camp to reach the boss.

    [Orc Warrior] (common monster)

    Level: 83

    HP: 100000/100000

    MP: 100/100

    Skills: Crush

    Description: An ordinary Orc Warrior. Can be found anywhere within the camp.

    While thinking on how to reach the boss, a group of three orcs come towards Auron. There were three orc warriors coming to him. Although, they were the same as the boss, an orc warrior, however, each of their body was way smaller than the boss.

    Auron, controlling his mage character, kite two of the monster to him, while he left the other one to his swordsman character. The orcs swung their club in their hands. With dagger in his hand, Auron dodge one of the club, and move once more to the side to dodge the other one.

    An orcs attack was very strong. It damaged hard when it connected, but the speed of the orc was slow. Auron easily dodge the attack and started to chant a spell. Firstly, he chanted [Sloth]. A layer of cold mist was spread out around Auron. Although, the area of spell was not wide but it was enough to cover the three orcs.

    The movement of the orcs already slow, after its touches the cold mist, their movement become slower than before. When the orc finished one of their attack, Auron could launched 4 attacks and dodge the orc's attack.

    The orc's health reduced at visible rate. Soon, one of the orcs died under his mage character. At the same time, one of the orc that attack his swordsman character also died. Then, with two character bombarded the leftover orcs, the orcs died faster than the other two.

    Because of the limited time, after the orc had died, Auron didn't even picked the loot on the ground, instead he directly kite another group of orcs. Another three orcs were aggroed to him.

    [Orc Archer] (common monster)

    Level: 85

    HP: 93000/930000

    MP: 100/100

    Skills: Double Strafe

    Description: An ordinary Orc Archer. Can be found anywhere within the camp.

    This time, it were two orc warriors with one orc archer. With the orc warrior at the front battling his mage character, Auron commanded his swordsman character to directly attack the orc archer behind.

    Auron could not chant [Sloth], since it was considered a rather advanced spell. Auron's [Sloth] was still level 1, but it already depleted almost 75% of his mana point on when he use the spell before. However, the effect was noticeably great, which was why Auron didn't mind using it over and over. Unfortunately, since it was still level 1, it had a long cool down. The spell's was still on cool down. Auron could only chanted another spell, [Weakness].

    The target of Auron spell was the orc archer behind. Auron's line of thought was, with [Weakness], the fragile orc archer behind would become more fragile. Then, his swordsman character could finished it quicker and helped him to finished this two orc warriors.

    Auron's strategy proofed to work perfectly. In less than 30 seconds, the orc archer already died under the swordsman's attack. With his swordsman help, Auron managed to get rid of the orc warriors.

    Then, Auron directly kite another group of orcs. This cycle continued until Auron was left with 3 minutes in his timer. After the countdown timer hit 7 minute marks, the orc camp become more empty than when Auron first came. Almost half of the orc in the camp was missing under Auron's two character attacks.

    When he was hunting the orcs before, he managed to raise one level. With the orc's level way higher than him, the experience point he get also higher than his level supposed to get. It was not strange for him to get one level under 10 minutes.

    Moreover, Auron didn't spent much on the his potion supplies. This was thanks to him partying with his another character. The experience point that was supposed to be divided evenly with the group member was absorbed fully to Auron. In addition, his burden was halves. This was a dream for every player in Two Worlds. However, the other player could only dreamed of it and thought it was such an impossible thing to achieve, yet here Auron could get what they had dreamed of.

    After clearing almost half of the camps, now, Auron could safely kite the boss and fight with the boss safely. Auron hit the boss. Being hit, the boss faced Auron and prepared to attack. However, Auron didn't continue his attack, instead for more safety measure, he kite the boss toward the camp's entrance which no other orcs was visible.

    The boss was running towards Auron and its speed was faster than ordinary orc warriors. While waiting for the boss to come towards him, Auron already prepared to receive the boss. He stood side by side with his swordsman character.
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