114 Ace Orc Warrior 1

    Upon reaching Auron, the boss raised his right hand which hold a big mace. Preparing to swung down his big mace, a cold mist was visible around the area. A shiver ran out through the boss as his movement slowed down. Auron already chanted [Sloth] as his swordsman character prepared to receive the attack. After which, Auron immediately gulped a mana potion to replenish his mana point.

    The boss' hand which hold big mace swung down, however the speed which his hand swung down was visibly slower than when he raised his mace. As the attack moved slowly, Auron easily dodged the attack. Auron just needed to sidestep to dodge the mace.

    After dodging the attack, he didn't just stay idle. Auron bombarded the boss with attack. His swordsman character used [Bash], while his mage character chanted [Weakness]. Auron decided to made his mage character to chant several control curse spell before launching attacking spell.

    A red number floated above the boss' head. The damage was not pretty high compared to the boss damage. As an orc, the boss' defense and damage was high enough compared to other monster species.

    After receiving damage, the boss directly used his summon skill, [Summon orcs]. 3 [Orc Warriors] and 2 [Orc Archer] was summoned upon his call. The summoned monster immediately launched attack to Auron's swordsman character which made Auron had to pull back from the boss.

    The boss and his summoned monster kept on the pressure. When Auron moved back, they went forward to chase them. Keeping his calmness, Auron told the AI controlling his swordsman character to use [Attack Potion] and so did he.

    This time, Auron didn't just buy mana potion and health potion, he also bought several [Attack Potion].  By using this potion, the user's attack would raise 20% for 300 seconds. With his attack raised, Auron tried to split the monster into two groups.

    His mage character and swordsman character moved to different direction. The monster who chased them naturally could not let this go. The naturally split their group as well. 2 [Orc Warrior] and 1 [Orc Archer] moved to Auron's mage character. While the rest of the orc and the boss moved to Auron's swordsman character.

    The player and monster's group split into two. Auron stopped when he felt that they had enough distance between them. The group was visibly split into two, however, the distance between them was not too far away. Auron thought that if there was something wrong, he could immediately helped as the boss was in his swordsman character's group.

    A [Fire Wall] was chanted and tried to block the group who was advancing towards Auron's mage. However, it could not stopped the orcs' advance. As the orc warrior in front just broke through the fire wall as if it was nothing. A burned smell could be smelled as the fire burned out the orc warrior's flesh.

    Of course, the orcs received some damage due to force his way to ward the fire wall. However, it seems the orcs didn't care with his health and just kept on advancing with one thing in their mind, destroy this human.

    Auron chanted another spell. This time, an big earth spike was formed from the ground and thrusted the orc in the front. During his time in the academy, he patiently studied in the library. His relentless action proved to be great. He could learned some of basic spell for free, for example [Weakness]. Meanwhile, his basic spell's level, that he had already learned, was raised. And, [Earth Spike] was one of the spell that got stronger.

    Before, his earth spike was only as big as an orc's arm. This time, his [Earth Spike] was twice larger than before. Of course, a big [Earth Spike] means a higher damage and wider target. The orcs in front of Auron swung his mace and tried to crush the earth spike. It didn't worked.

    The [Earth Spike] received damage from the orc's attack but it could not made the attack to stop. When the [Earth Spike] successfully hit the orc warrior, the damage produced was lower than expected, but Auron didn't felt dejected because of it. Instead, he stabbed his dagger to the orc while chanted another [Fire Bolt]

    A red flame conjured and targeted the orc's head. With the injury in the head and stabbed in the body, the orc staggered a bit before regained back his position. An arrow passed by from behind the  stabilized orc towards Auron.

    As Auron already raised his awareness towards the surrounding, he could detect the arrow that was coming. However, as he was just finished launched his attack, he tried his best to dodge the arrow but he could not completely dodge the incoming arrow. The arrow grazed Auron's shoulder.

    Auron felt pained but he could not focus on it right now. Another orc already used his skill [Crush] to Auron. The orc swung down the mace and although the orcs was under the effect of [Sloth], the speed which he swung his mace was fast enough. Thanks to the [Sloth] it was just slightly faster that the orc normal attack speed.

    This time Auron could dodge the orc skill completely. After dodging, Auron didn't moved back instead he launched another attack toward the first orc he attacked. In this situation, Auron wanted to exchange hit and quickly killed the monster. He believed that a little sacrificed was needed, in this case his health potion.

    In a few seconds afterward, also with the help of the [Attack Potion], Auron managed to kill the first orcs warrior. He immediately focused out on the second one. With the same strategy as before, Auron wiped out the other orc warrior and orc archer in the next few seconds.

    Auron already wasted one minute to cleared out the monster on his part. He quickly looked at his swordsman side. There was one orc archer and the boss left. Looking at the potion and the fight, he knew that the swordsman already spent some health potion. Didn't want to waste anymore time, Auron controlled his mage character and targeted the orc archer that was behind the boss.
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