115 Ace Orc Warrior 2

    An orc was pulling the bowstring very hard, preparing to unleash a powerful arrow. His target was a human in front of him that always moved left right like a monkey. Calmly aiming the arrow towards the monkey-like human without anything to be afraid since there was a big orc in front of him guarding him.

    The monkey-like human moved around and could not stopped. If it was a person who aimed, it would be annoyed the person, however, the orc expression didn't care whether his arrow missed the target or not. The orc unleashed the arrow towards the human.

    Just as predicted, the arrow missed the target. However, there was no change in the orc's expression. With the same expression, he took another arrow and preparing to unleashed another attack toward the human. He pulled the bowstring very hard.

    However, this time, before he could unleashed the arrow, a dagger slashed his arm from behind followed by, a hot fireball hit his back. The orc archer staggered to the front. He was angry. His attack was stopped by the attack. He looked behind him to find out who in the world dared to hit him from behind.

    When he looked behind his back, another dagger slashed across his face. Blood's splattered as his face was bleeding. Didn't care about his injuries, he prepared to attack the being who attack him. Pulling the bowstring, preparing to unleashed the arrow.

    When he was about to release the arrow, a spike was formed beneath his feet. The spike getting bigger and wider. In less than a second, the spike was formed fully and thrusted the orc's left arm.

    The orc didn't managed to dodge since he was preparing to attack. His left arm thrusted by the earth spike that was formed. A lot of blood was released from the arm. In the next second, the spike which thrusted his left arm disappeared leaving a wide hole in his arm.

    His attack cancelled once again. No pain in his face, only anger as his attack was cancelled once more. He was preparing to launched another attack. However, his movement was slowed down since his left arm had a wide hole. But, it didn't stop him from pulling the bowstring.

    A dagger slashed his feet. Ignoring the dagger, he kept pulling the bowstring with all of his might. Suddenly, the surrounding temperature dropped. A cold thing hit his feet. He kept ignoring the things happening to him and only focused on one thing. How to kill this sneaker with his arrow.

    Once again it happened, before he could unleashed his arrow, he got stunned from the skill of the sneaker. It looked like a [Bash] skill from swordsman. His anger rose because, once again, he failed to launched attack when he was supposed to attack.

    He didn't give up, he tried to pulled the bowstring once more. As what happened before, another attack came from the sneaker's dagger. A stab to his body followed with a fire ball towards his face.

    His got hit by the fireball in his face which made his head was pushed backward. However, he quickly regained his posture back. Facing the sneaker face to face, his anger rose. Finally, he could unleashed an arrow despite all of the distraction from the sneaker.

    An arrow shot out from his bow towards the sneaker. With the short distance, the arrow should have hit the sneaker, however, on the contrary, the sneaker managed to dodge the arrow while making another attack.

    The orc didn't feel frustrated despite his arrow didn't hit the sneaker in close range. His anger kept on building up. He tried to launched another attack. He putted his arrow on his bow and ready to aim.

    Unfortunately, the sneaker slashed his face and produced a critical damage. With the help of another earth spike that manage to impale him, he felt that all of his power slowly disappear. His anger that had built up also gone. It was replaced by a weakness in all parts of his body as his eyes slowly closed.

    His body slowly slumped down as his eyes also slowly closed. With the world slowly turned dark, he finally accepted his body that continue went weak until all of his power had gone. All of this fight with the sneaker, he only could unleashed one and the only attack to the sneaker. When all of his body slumped down on the ground, his body disappeared and replaced by a pile of items scattered on the ground.

    Auron who had killed the orc that had turned into a pile of item now turned his sight toward the boss that still battled his swordsman character. The potion consumption rate was higher than he had predicted.

    The boss already had his health reduced by one third. However, it didn't stopped him to keep him from attacking, instead his attack become more ferocious. Moreover, the [Sloth]'s effect already gone. The swordsman who battled with him could not help but consumed more and more health potion. Also, to reduce one third of the boss health, the swordsman needed to use a lot of skill which made him also consumed some mana potion.

    Auron who knew all about this could not stayed quiet. He used [Dash] and chanted a [Fire Ball] spell. With a dagger in his hand, he used [Bash] followed with his [Fire Ball]. With a sudden intrusion from a new joiner, the boss looked the new joiner. With two enemies, he felt that he needed to reduce the number of enemy quickly by killing one of the enemy. Which made him used his skill, [Ace Crush] more frequently.

    However, using it was easier said than done. With two enemies on his hand, it made him more difficult to focus on. When he used the [Ace Crush] on one of the enemies, the targeted enemy abandoned his attack and focused on dodging which made him missed all of the skill. Moreover, the other enemy kept on attacking him and sometimes used a skill that could produced a negative effect, like slow or stun.
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