121 Shallow Lake 2

    Auron, accompanied by his swordsman character, walked forward until they arrived at an intersection. There were three roads ahead, northwest, west, and east. The northwest road leads to the orc's camp before. While the west road leads to the destination before he met with Jaden which was easier hunting spot than where he headed right now.

    Since Auron decided to go to Shallow Lake, naturally, he took the east road which leads to where he wanted. Along the way Auron walked slowly and was not in rush. The distance was farther than when you went to orc's camp.

    [Horrendous Rose] (common monster)

    Level: 58

    HP: 80000/80000

    MP: 5000/5000

    Skills: Entangle, Life Drain

    Description: Beware a mutated rose!! It became frightening despite cannot move. It can sap your life and replenished its health and also it is not alone.

    It took Auron for 30 minutes to arrived at a certain place where he spotted his first monster from his trip. As Shallow Lake was an open field, there were no border indicating the area. So, the player decided to make the Shallow Lake's area started from where they met the first monster. Which was where Auron was where right now.

    Although it was included as the Shallow Lake's area, however, it was only considered as the outer area of the Shallow Lake. The reason was because the difference in the monster's level was visible.

    The deeper one went inside the area the higher the level of the monster. There were three area of Shallow Lake, the outer area, inner area, and the core area. The monster in the outer area only ranged from 50 to 64. While the monster in the inner area ranged from 65 to 75. As the core area the monster level ranged from 76 to 89. And, Auron's goal was, of course, the core area.

    Of course, all the other player, who hunted at this place, goal was the core area. The reason was because the outer and the inner area was not to good as a hunting place. There were many hunting place far better that the outer and the inner area of the Shallow Lake.

    The experience from the monster was not to good. But, the main reason was there were many monster that spawn as a group and the place they were spawned was very close to each other. If one not careful enough enough they could aggroed more than one group at a time that could bring disaster to the group.

    Moreover, the spawned time was fast. If they could not killed the group in time, another group would spawned. When they finished the group that had just spawned another, if they were slow, another group would spawned. As this continues, it would feel like they were killing the monster endlessly.

    Although the outer and the inner area was not so popular but many still had to come here. As if they wanted to go to the core area they needed to go through the outer and inner area. Auron spotted the monster which now he knew that he had just entered the outer area of the Shallow Lake.

    As it had told in the description of the monster, the monster could not move at all. So, there was a proper tank they could just passed the group without killing the monster at all. After all, like it was told in the description, the monster was not alone. Usually there would, two or three monster near that. So, a tank should be able to hold the damage from more than 3 monster at a time.

    As Auron's swordsman did not have a good equipment, he could not do that. Maybe, he could hold 3 or 4 monster's attack at a time. But, more than that it was hard. Auron decided to kill the monster as he believed that he could kill the monster easily. He also believed this was easier than if he decided to break through without killing anything.

    [Horrendous Lily] (common monster)

    Level: 60

    HP: 84000/84000

    MP: 8000/8000

    Skills: Entangle, Life Drain

    Description: Beware a mutated Lily!! It became frightening despite cannot move. It can sap your life and replenished its health and also it is not alone.

    [Horrendous Daisy] (common monster)

    Level: 57

    HP: 78000/78000

    MP: 2000/2000

    Skills: Entangle, Life Drain

    Description: Beware a mutated Daisy!! It became frightening despite cannot move. It can sap your life and replenished its health and also it is not alone.

    Auron looked at the surrounding, and he found there were two more monsters beside the first one. As the monster took form as a plant, it was hard to distinguished between the mutated monster and the real plant.

    Auron took out his weapon. He started to attack. Learning from before when he was at the orc's camp, this time, he didn't just stayed at the back instead he also went up in front. A fire was form in his hand.

    As a plant, fire was his nemesis. So, when the fire landed on the plant, the damage it took multiplied by 1.5 times. If the plant could talk, he would definitely shrieked. While his mage character fight with one of the monster, his swordsman character was engaging battle  with two of the monster.

    Auron easily took out the monster in no time. He already could defeat the orc which was way more high leveled that this plant, so of course this monster was no issue for him. Moreover, with his fire element spell, the damage he produced multiplied by a lot.

    Auron smoothly progressed in his journey. Slowly but sure, he went deeper through the area. The distance from one area to another area was also far which was why it took long time for him to reach the inner area. Moreover, he was being careful, so not to fight a lot of monster at the same time, so he could save his potion until he reached the core area. After another hour of walking, he arrived at the border between the outer area and the inner area.
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