122 Shallow Lake 3

    -1099. A red damage floated above Auron's head.

    Instead of running away, Auron swung down his dagger towards the enemy. Meanwhile, Auron's swordsman character also helped by swinging down his swords. A [Fire Ball] also blasted the enemy.

    A series of damage floated above the enemy's head. And, finally the [Fire Ball] managed to reap the rest of the enemy's health. The enemy roared as he was fell down to the ground. A monster with the same form as a sabretooth tiger laid down on the ground before it disappeared and replaced by a bunch of item on the ground.

    Auron just defeated one of the monster in inner area [Ferocious Tiger]. A yellow light shone around Auron's surrounding. His level raised once more. After he was arrived at the border between the outer and inner area, Auron had walked for another hour.

    The journey was not a peace one, instead he met with a lot of tiger like the enemy he had killed before. Luckily, although the monster was stronger than the monster in outer area, they were not spawn in a group. It made Auron and his other character didn't have to rush when defeating a monster.

    They could calmly move and killed the enemy. With such calm in his mind, he save a lot of potion. The downside for the monster in the inner area was their experience. The monster was stronger than the monster in the outer area, but the experience they gave only slightly above the outer area's monster.

    However, although the experience was not a lot, since Auron was under leveled that the monster in the area, he could still feel the raised in his experience. Sadly, he needed four times more experience point than normal player to get a level. Despite the experience point he needed, during the journey from the entrance of the Shallow Lake until now, Auron already raised 4 levels.

    Auron walked up to the tiger's carcass, he took up the loot and putted it in his inventory. Then, he opened up his status window and allocate his attributes.

    [Smiling Wizard]

    Level: 47

    Exp: 0,1%

    Hp: 10200/10200

    Mp: 15000/15000

    Strength: 96

    Agility: 96

    Vitality: 51

    Intelligence: 100

    Dexterity: 95

    Luck: 50

    Elemental Understanding:

    Fire: 1%

    Attribute point: 0

    After Auron leveled up, his health and mana point was fully replenish. He was pretty satisfied with his attributes as he had some of his attribute from a quest which was a rare occurrence. At his low level right now, he already got 15 permanent attributes.

    No other player had such luxury like Auron. The average player got a permanent attribute from quest or item when they were level 300. Even for the most luckiest player, they only got 3 permanent attributes when they were at level 150. As for Auron's character before, he  got his first permanent attribute when he was level 342 from a quest.

    Even though  Auron already spent one hour in the inner area, he was still halfway through the inner area. One of the reason was, of course, because Auron took his time each time he fight with a monster. The other reason was the terrain. There were many uphill roads.

    Auron continued his journey to the core area. Just as he was about move, he heard a bustling sound around the bush to the northwest of his place. Auron's interest piqued. He guessed that it was a monster. As his intention coming to this place was to level up, he could not disregards any monster he met.

    Auron walked up slowly to the northwest of his place. What he found surprised him, it was a huge tiger. It was bigger than any other tiger around the area. Also, it looked more ferocious than any other tiger.

    [Sadist Tigress] (uncommon boss monster)

    Level: 78

    HP: 590000/590000

    MP: 10000/10000

    Skills: Summon tiger, Beast's Roar, Berserk

    Description: A female Tigress. It is very ferocious and sadist. It has high speed, high defense, and high damage.

    "A boss monster!" Auron thought.

    Auron looked at the vicinity of the area. It was empty. A nice place to fight with the monster. Auron was afraid that his fight would attract another monster in the area. Fortunately, there was no monster in the area, so he could fight with the monster peacefully.

    Made up his mind, Auron went forward to fight with the monster. His swordsman went up to the front and used [Bash] to open the fight.

    -821. A red damage floated above the tigress' head. The damage was lower than when he attack ordinary tiger. If he attack ordinary enemy, he would produced more than thousand damage.

    ROAR!! The tigress roared as she got hit by the sword. She opened his mouth and tried to bite Auron's swordsman as a counter attack. However, before the attack succeed, a dagger grazed her body followed by [Fire Blast] to her head.

    The [Fire Blast] managed to deviate the tigress attack and it made her attack missed the target. Missing the target, the tigress looked once more to Auron and launched another attack. However, this time, she didn't directly attack Auron, instead she used her high speed and tried to attack Auron who was controlling his mage character.

    The tigress' speed was so fast that it was almost like the tigress' disappeared from his sight. With Auron's high attributes, he barely managed to deduce the location of the tigress. This was the reason that this boss was not easy to fight. Many people even considered her, as powerful as  boss in the core area, even though, she was roaming around the inner area.

    However, she still could be defeated if her speed was taken from her. Usually, a group of player would spent all of their effort to take that speed. Using all sort of movement restriction and stun skill, they would spent all of their effort in that area. There were even many groups that assigned more two players just to do that specific things, debuff the tigress.
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