123 Sadist Tigress 1

    Auron who was only with his swordsman character didn't have the privilege to assign one of them to debuff the tigress. Despite knowing this, Auron didn't back down. He believed that he could still defeat the tigress with just the two of them.

    The tigress attack Auron who was at the back ignoring the swordsman in front of her. She raised her paw ad ready to swung it to Auron. Knowing the intention of the tigress, Auron had already prepared. Moreover, from all this time he played in the mage character he began to familiarize himself with the way of a mage played.

    As a mage, he had lower defense because of the equipment that a mage could use. A cloth type equipment would always had a lower defense than a heavy type equipment. But, the bright side was, the cloth type equipment didn't hinder his speed like the heavy type equipment.

    Also, as a mage had to chant first before launching a spell, he had to prepared some spell in advance. If not, it would be late and he would be fall under a dangerous situation. When he played as a swordsman, he could overcame the dangerous situation. However, right now, he was playing a mage character, it was very hard to overcame a dangerous situation once he fall under it.

    So, to avoid a dangerous situation, he had prepared beforehand. Like, moving place after he launched an attack or chant a debuff spell or defensive spell as soon as he already launched an attack. Moreover, sometimes he was fighting in the front, which means he should to think faster and could not let his guard down before the enemy died. Fortunately, he had [Walking Chanting] skill which helped him a lot.

    A defensive spell launched, [Earth Wall] was picked as the terrain was more supportive for an earth based spell. A layer of sturdy wall sprout out from the ground. The wall managed to hinder the boss speed as the boss collided with the wall. However, it could not stopped the boss fully, as the boss was strong enough to destroy the wall.

    The wall managed to hinder the boss for a second. And, that one second was enough for Auron to move away from his spot to another spot. He didn't just moving passively, instead he also chanted another spell, his most powerful debuff spell he could use right now, [Sloth].

    A faint cold mist spread toward the surrounding with Auron at the center of the mist. The boss' body who touched the mist became slower. As soon as the boss became slower, Auron moved to the spot behind his swordsman and chanted another attack spell.

    The swordsman moved up to the front and also used his [Force Impact] skill. The skill managed to push the slowed boss several steps back. The distance between the boss and Auron's duo widen. It enough for Auron to finish chanting his spell before the boss could reached him.

    Contrary to their expectation, the boss didn't directly move forward and attack them. Instead, the boss used his roar skill, it weaken Auron's duo attribute and strengthen the boss. Then, the boss moved zig zag toward Auron's duo.

    This time, she didn't aimed at Auron who was at the back. She aimed toward the swordsman in the front. An attack spell was launched towards her. However, as she moved zig zag, the spell missed its target.

    As the tigress moved closer to the swordsman. The swordsman already launched another of his skill, [Wind Slash]. He aimed it towards the tigress and it managed to hit the tigress.

    - 790. A red number floated above the tigress' head. A low number since the tigress' roar already weaken their strength. The tigress continued her marched and swiped out his paw.

    -2310. The swordsman suffered an enormous damage. It reaped almost a quarter of his health. A quick helped had came, as an [Earth Spike] emerged from under the tigress' body and aim her open belly from bottom.

    The tigress realized the attack and moved to the side. A critical damage was produced as the [Earth Spike] managed to only graze her body. The damage was not as high as a critical damage supposed to produce as the spike only grazed her body.

    The swordsman gulped his health potion to be safe, and started to launch another attack with his sword. Although, Auron's skill could be used by both of his character, however the system could not do that.

    Once Auron observed his swordsman fighting style and asked the system on the reason why his swordsman did not used any mage spell as he already mastered [Walking Chanting]. The system replied made Auron realized another restriction for his "cheat".

    [The system could only controlled the specific skill from the character's class it controlled]

    Which mean, when the system controlled Auron's swordsman, it could only used the swordsman skill. On the other side, if the system controlled Auron's mage, it could only used the mage skill.

    Only Auron had the privilege to used skill from both of his class whether he played his swordsman or mage character. This saddened Auron, but he still accepted it wholeheartedly since he feel that this "cheat" he got was still a fraudulence. From the attributes point he got from leveling his level was enough for him to consider this a fraudulence.

    As the tigress suffered another damage, she moved several steps and stared at Auron's duo who was ready to launch another attack. A killing aura suddenly seeped out from the tigress. Auron knew this was the result of the tigress using another skill, [Berserk].

    Auron felt fear as he knew berserk would raised the tigress' speed and damage. Moreover, the most dangerous thing about this skill was it could overlapped with the effect of [Beast's roar].

    After launching the skill, she also marched forward toward the duo. The speed it produced was twice of what she showed before despite the [Sloth] effect. The tigress once again disappeared from both of their sight.
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