124 Sadist Tigress 2

    A shadow leaped to their left. Then, a seconds later, they found the shadow already on their right. The tigress' speed was too fast. Auron could only saw a shadow moving closer towards them.

    Fortunately, inside the inner area, there were many trees around. With many trees around, the tigress' movement space was limited. In addition, there were many small branch and dried leaves on the ground. So, when the tigress moved around, it could not avoid to step on the branch and tree which produced sound.

    From the sound, although Auron only saw a sliver of shadow, he could faintly deduced the position of the tigress from the sound. However, the tigress' speed still managed to put Auron's duo at defensive position during this moment.

    The swordsman put up the sword in front of him so he can react quick when the tigress attack him. Meanwhile, Auron summon an [Earth Wall] in front of them as well as summon [Fire Wall] behind them.

    The tigress decided to broke through their back. A [Fire Wall] could not hinder her as she came forward with full speed from behind of them. A burnt smell could be smelled in the air. However, it didn't stop the tigress from attacking.

    As a damage was floated above the tigress' head, she was close enough to Auron. She opened up her mouth showing her long and sharp teeth. She jumped and aimed at Auron's head.

    Auron didn't go panic. As the swordsman came forward and bashed as hard as he could towards the tigress head from the side. He hoped to deviate the tigress' attack like before. However, this time it was a failure, the tigress' head still on the right track to bite Auron's head.

    Auron already timed up the tigress' attack and chanted a spell before. As the swordsman's attack could not deviate the tigress' attack to the side. Auron chanted an [Earth Spike]. A timed [Earth Spike] formed in a few second and thrusted the tigress' head from below.

    It successfully hit the tigress' head and managed to close her opened mouth. However, as the distance between the tigress and Auron was so close, also with the tigress' speed, the tigress collided with Auron as if the tigress's intention from the start was headbutting Auron.

    Auron and the tigress moved several meters together. -1229. Auron suffered damage from the collision. However, he could not think about that in this time. He quickly used his [Aqua Barrier]. A water barrier formed around Auron, as the tigress already stood up and gave Auron another bite.

    The swordsman quickly came to aid Auron. He [Charge] toward the tigress from behind. With the collision from behind, the tigress' body went forward a bit. Auron, who was under the tigress with all of his might, using both of his hand and feet, he pushed the tigress up.

    The tigress body who was lifted up with the addition of the collision impact from the swordsman from behind made the tigress thrown behind Auron. However, the thrown didn't manage to make the tigress fell as she could controlled her body and landed with four of her limbs on the ground.

    Auron who was on the ground, stood up to regain his position while the swordsman went up to the front and facing the tigress. Through the exchange, Auron's duo managed to reduce 12% of the tigress' health.

    The tigress leaped forward to attack once more. However, this time, there was some changed on the tigress as her roar's buff and the [Sloth] debuff ended. With only, the buff from her berserk skill, the speed was not as quick as before.

    Auron could somehow followed the tigress' position and blocked the tigress' attack. The tigress' continued to attack despite being attacked. While Auron calmly assessed the battled and taking turn in defense and attack covering each other.

    With the teamwork from both of his character, the tigress' health started to reduce faster than before. Moreover, when the tigress' health was at 80%, her berserk buff was ended. This slowed the tigress' once more.

    With the normal speed of the tigress, Auron continued to chip the tigress' health slowly. However, the tigress' had a pretty high defense with made both of Auron's duo had to exert more effort.

    After 10 minutes passed, the tigress' had 49% of her health left. Meanwhile, on Auron's side, they still had almost full health. The swordsman had 90% of his health while the mage had 99% of his health. Of course, all of this was thanks to the continuous consuming the potion. If not, both of them already dead a long time ago.

    At this time, the tigress used her summon skill and summon 3 tigers. The pressure felt by Auron's duo raised. Both of them could not focused on just the boss or killed the summoned tigers first because if they choose either option, with the tiger's speed, it was hard to keep track all of their position.

    Auron's decided to used skill that produced area damage. Both of them threw all of their skill that had area of effect. From [Whirlwind Slash], to [Twister], then [Wind Slash],...

    Auron with the focus to control the situation chanted several debuff and defense spells, like [Weakness], [Earth Wall], etc. Sometimes, he also launched an area attack towards the enemy.

    Thanks to the potion supply, they managed to launch continuous skill that used mana. After several minutes battling, the summoned tigers managed to die one by one. From 3 tigers became two and lastly became one.

    Not all of them died at the same time since not all of the area damage skill produced the same damage. Some of them produced damage depending on the distance between the caster and the target.

    Now, there was only the tigress and one summoned tiger left. The summoned tiger had 8% of his health while the tigress still had 28% of her health left.

    Auron's duo gulping another health potion and mana potion. Their health went almost to full once more. They were ready for the last round of their battle.
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