125 Sadist Tigress 3

    "Attack!" Auron commanded his swordsman.

    The swordsman went forward raising his sword. This time, Auron took the initiative to attack first instead of waiting for the tigress to attack them.

    However, the tigress didn't stay idle. She also leaped forward. With her paws, she deflected the swordsman's sword away. Then, she opened up he mouth and wanted to bite the swordsman's head.

    The swordsman tried to dodge her bite by moving to the side. But, he was one step slower. Although the bite didn't manage to fully hit the swordsman, but her sharp teeth grazed the side of the swordsman's head. Blood flowed down from the wound.

    Seeing her bite didn't damage the target like it was supposed to, she followed up her attack using her paws. She raised up her limb and using all of her might pounced the swordsman. The paws struck the swordsman's body and made the swordsman lose his balance.

    The swordsman tried his hard to balance his body so as he not fell down. It was hard his effort showed the result, he didn't fell down. As he regain his balance, the tigress already launched another paws at him.

    He tried to block the paw with his swords. When the paw was so close to him, a [Wind Bolt] hit the paw and deflected the attack. The swordsman swung his sword down as hard as he can toward the deflected paw.

    -1892. A critical hit as the sword hit the paw. The tigress was in pain but quickly regained her composure and summoned her beast once more. 3 tigers appeared once more as the tigress summoned her.

    When they was about to attack, a faint cold mist showed up at the surrounding and slowed down the tigress and her summoned creature's speed. Auron had chanted another [Sloth]. The skill cooldown had already ended, so he could not missed the chance to used it.

    The speed was slowed visibly. When the boss and the summoned tiger moved, Auron could kept up with all of their movement.

    "Since this was the case" Auron thought.

    Because he could kept track all of the slowed down tigers in front of them, he decided to kill the summoned tiger first. Auron moved up with the dagger in his hand. He targeted the nearest tiger first.

    With combined effort from Auron's duo the summoned tiger quickly died one after another. Moreover, the slowed speed had brought them massive advantages.

    It took only 8 minutes for both of them to kill all of the summoned tigers. However, it was not with a damage. They also suffered some injuries from the tigress' attack. But, it was insignificant as they spent no effort to heal it using health potions.

    Now, the tigress was left alone once more. They focused back their attack toward the tigress. Right now, the tigress speed had long gone back to normal. However, it was not a problem from Auron's duo.

    With their teamwork, they could pushed the tigress down. They used the strategy they used when fighting with the Ace Orc Warrior before. They taking turned to attack and supported each other.

    28%... 20%... 15%... 10%...

    The tigress' health reduced at high speed. From the barrage of Auron's duo attack the 10% health that the tigress had, in just a mere second went down to 9% and its kept going down.

    When the tigress' had 3% of her health, she used her beast's roar skill. Her strength went up while Auron's duo strength plummeted down. Alas, it was to late. With just 3% of her health left, Auron didn't care with their injuries as long as it was not a grave injuries.

    They kept on attacking the tigress ignoring the injuries they suffered from the tigress. At last, after another 3 minutes, the tigress roared her last roar as she fell down to the ground dead.

    With her dead, Auron's experience point soared up, sadly, it didn't enough to give Auron a level as his experience point stopped at 93%. Auron looked at the loot. There was no good items dropped from the boss.

    There were only several miscellaneous item with one level 75 common grade equipment. After all, an equipment will not always popped out from the boss.

    Auron looked at his potion supplies. He calculated the number of the potion he spent. It was massive. From his calculation, he actually suffered a loss. The loot he get from he started hunting in the Shallow Lake up until now could not amounted to the number of potion he used.

    And, the battle with the tigress before contribute 20% of the expenses he produced. Although, he suffered a loss in terms of wealth, but Auron didn't disappointed. After all, his objective was to raise his level.

    Up until now, he already went up 4 level and a little bit more he would gain his fifth level. Fortunately, he still have a sufficient potion supplies to continue his journey to the core area. Moreover, he still had some back up money that he could used to buy another potion supply even if he suffered a great lose in this hunting session.

    Made up his mind, Auron and his swordsman character restore their health first before continue their journey to the core area. Along the way, they still met up with several tiger as their distance to the core area was not short.

    He arrived at the border of the inner area and core area after 20 minutes walking. It was a long journey from the outer area up to this core area, but it was a rewarding journey. He gain 4 levels and now, he experience point was at 99%. Another 1% and he would gained another level.

    This speed of leveling was hard to achieve if one didn't hire adventurer group to power level them. But, Auron could achieve this all by himself. Only he could achieve this. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough fund to buy equipment else he would soar quicker.
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