126 Core Area 1

    Auron arrived at the side of a spacious lake. The lake was so large that it was impossible to see the other end of the lake from one side. The water inside the lake was clear that one could see the bottom of the lake. Also, as its name, the lake was shallow.

    Auron jumped to the lake. The water only took up until a little bit below to his knees. The water slowed his movement a little. However, since it was only a water, it was not as harsh as when he was in [Mud Swamp].

    [Giant Alligator] (uncommon monster)

    Level: 81

    HP: 135000/135000

    MP: 20000/20000

    Skills: Crunch

    Description: An alligator. Its body was so large that it can eat a cattle in one gulp. Beware of its teeth!

    [Giant Crocodile] (uncommon monster)

    Level: 83

    HP: 180000/180000

    MP: 25000/25000

    Skills: Crunch

    Description: A crocodile. Its body was so large that it can eat a cattle in one gulp. It is more dangerous than an alligator. Beware of its teeth!

    [Poisonous Frog] (uncommon monster)

    Level: 77

    HP: 120000/120000

    MP: 0/0

    Skills: None

    Description: A poisonous frog. It use it tongue to attack from range. Beware!! There is a 5% chance its attack inflict poison status.

    [Poisonous Toad] (uncommon monster)

    Level: 78

    HP: 115000/115000

    MP: 0/0

    Skills: None

    Description: A poisonous toad. It use it tongue to attack from range. Beware!! There is a 5% chance its attack inflict poison status.

    The lake consist of these four types of monster. With two of them were a reptile and the other two were an amphibian. The reptiles were so big and it also like to roam around the lake. Meanwhile, the amphibian rarely moved around, they could stay at one spot for an hour before moving to another place. However, the amphibian had a strong poison.

    When Auron jumped inside the lake, the splash of water triggered the surrounding monster. They spotted Auron and directly attack their prey. Two [Giant Alligator] were coming towards Auron's duo.

    Their speed was as fast as a humans running. In no time, both of the alligators already arrived near Auron. One of the alligator jumped up and wanted to bite Auron's swordsman while the other one tried to attack Auron's mage.

    Both of them immediately lifted their weapon to block the incoming alligator's attack. Their sword and dagger blocked the attack from the alligator, however they were pushed back a little. It was thanks to their high strength else they would already fell down to the water.

    With a little push they neutralized the alligator's attack. Auron's duo immediately took action, They used [Weapon's aura] their own weapon. They also gulped an [Attack Potion] each. With the strengthen of their power, they confident that they could defeat the alligator easily although their level was lower.

    -921. A damage floated as Auron's swordsman swung down his sword towards the alligator. Since the alligator's body was large, it was easy to target.

    The alligator's bleed but it ignored its injuries and counter attacked Auron's swordsman. It opened again its large mouth and targeted Auron's swordsman's hand.

    Seeing this, Auron supported the swordsman from the side, he slashed out his dagger upward to the alligator's mouth. Before the alligator could bite the hand, the dagger already landed on the alligator's mouth and successfully change the attack's trajectory.

    The alligator hit the swordsman's body. Meanwhile, the other alligator already aimed toward Auron's leg.

    [Dash]. Auron used dash to dodge the bite aiming his leg and moved away.

    MISS. the alligator missed the target. However, it didn't stop there. It swung his tail towards the swordsman.

    The swordsman had to jump to dodge the tail. Now, the swordsman was in 2 vs 1 situation. Auron who was using [Dash] before, came back and helped the swordsman. It was no surprise as the alligator was an uncommon monster with a little bit more intelligence than a common monster.

    When Auron dodge the attack using the [Dash] and moved away, instead of chasing Auron, the alligator pressured the swordsman in 2 vs 1 situation. It was difficult for the swordsman to cope with the situation. In that short moment, the swordsman failed to block the other alligator's attack as he was still in the air from dodging the other alligator's tail.

    One attack from the alligator already reaped 1/7 of the swordsman's health. It was a dangerous moment. Fortunately, the situation didn't last long as Auron's already came back to helped him.

    Auron used his [Wind Bolt] as well as [Bash] toward one of the alligator from the back. Two damages floated above the alligator, it also managed to move the alligator aggro from the swordsman to him.

    The swordsman gulped a health potion and continued to fight with one of the alligator. The situation turned back to one on one situations.

    The battle continued for another 4 minutes before one of the alligator died while the other one had a low health left.

    After one of the alligator died, Auron's experience soared. However, it was not enough for him to  leveled up. He needed to kill this leftover alligator to level up.

    With one alligator left, it was easy for them to kill it. Not long after, the [Giant Alligator] died. The large body of the alligator stopped moving and turned grey.

    A yellow light surrounded both of Auron's character which showed that they were leveled up to level 48. Auron allocated his attributes point and went forward to take up the loot before they were looking for another monster.

    Not far from their place, Auron spotted a [Poisonous Frog] alone. As it was alone, Auron decided to move to the frog. The frog also felt Auron's duo presence coming towards him. However, it didn't move closer or moved away instead it waited patiently as Auron's duo came to him.

    When Auron was in the attack range of the frog, the frog opened up its mouth and lengthen its tongue attacking Auron's duo.

    Since it was only one attack, the swordsman went forward and blocked it with his sword easily.
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