128 Core Area 3

    The swordsman brandished his swords towards the incoming [Giant Alligator]. Then, he kicked the [Giant Alligator] trying to push the alligator back with his feet. However, the alligator only moved back an inch.

    The alligator became more aggressive, opened its mouth and tried to bite the swordsman. With this short range, the swordsman need to react quick, so he chose to move away several step back.

    He moved back and made the alligator's bite missed its target. Then, he raised his sword vertically in front of his chest.

    A long tongue aimed at his chest. However, before it hit his chest, the sword he raised before, blocked the tongue.

    As the tongue was pulled by the owner, the [Giant Alligator] already in front of the swordsman and tried to launched another attack.

    A [Fire Bolt] hit the alligator's mouth from side. The alligator ignored the pain and opened its mouth wide wanted to eat the swordsman alive. However, the swordsman already dodged to the side and used a skill with his sword.

    Auron who already arrived at the scene tanked up the alligator while the swordsman took out a health potion. Auron slashed out his dagger and took up enemy's attention.

    Another attack from the [Poisonous Toad] came once again. This time, the swordsman moved up and blocked the attack midway. After blocking the attack, the swordsman ignored the toad and worked together with Auron to face the alligator.

    In 2 vs 1 situation the alligator could not do much. In addition, with only less than 10% of its health left, the alligator quickly died under the cooperation between Auron's duo.

    "All of the alligator died. Now, it is time to kill the annoying toad. Hopefully there is no monster spawn nearby." Auron thought. Then, he commanded his swordsman to kill the first [Poisonous Toad].

    There was two enemies left, [Poisonous Toad] and [Poisonous Frog]. Auron decided to kill the toad first since it was closer.

    Just like the first frog they faced, it kept attack them, however it didn't move anywhere as Auron's duo came closer.

    The swordsman blocked the attack from the [Poisonous Frog] while Auron blocked the attack from [Poisonous Toad]. After blocking the incoming attack, both of them advanced toward their marked enemy, [Poisonous Toad].

    Auron's duo quickly killed the [Poisonous Toad] before moving onto their next target. No big effort was needed for killing the toad and the frog. Without any tanker in front of them, they were weak as long as the attack could be blocked.

    Collecting all of the loot from the battle before, Auron's duo rested up a bit. The battle before was so intense that they needed to spent a lot of effort. Auron looked up his experience point, it was 30% filled.

    There was still a long way to go. If it was another player, this 30% was enough for them to get another level.

    After resting a bit, Auron looked up another monster. He needed 70% more experience point before he could equipped the set. This urged didn't make Auron became careless, instead he became more careful, else he would face another intense battle like before.

    Auron moved up towards north east. Moving several steps, he saw a bunch of crocodiles and alligators several meters in front of him.

    "No, this can't do" Auron could not fight with that many enemies yet. He didn't want to waste too many health potion with a high chance to die. He shook his head and decided to look another place.

    He moved east from his spot. A [Giant Alligator] was in sight alone. Auron immediately went and killed that [Giant Alligator] then he looked for another enemies.

    Right now, he was like a bully that searching for a weaker prey to bully. If he saw a stronger group of enemies, he would avoid it and looked at another place. When he found a weaker enemy or at least as strong as him, he would grinned widely and 'bully' them.

    Fortunately, when they was hunting, there was no unwanted monster spawn near them. This ensure their hunting to be safer and no such intense battle occurred.

    -992. A [Giant Crocodile] died as a result of Auron's [Fire Bolt]. After several hours hunting, he was close to level up to level 50. With this last [Giant Crocodile], his experience point soared full. He was leveling up.

    An excitement feeling surged inside Auron. He was so excited. At last, he could threw this crappy equipment and tasted a rare grade equipment set.

    Auron took all of the loot from the last [Giant Crocodile]. Then, both of his characters used up a [Return Scroll]. A blue light warped Auron's duo and a progress showed up in front of them. When the progress bar was full, they disappeared from their previous place.

    When they regained their consciousness, they already arrived at Miderian. "Crap! I forget to change save point." Auron cursed as he transferred back to Miderian instead of Gancit. A disappointed look showed on Auron's face when he thought that he needed to pay sum of money to used the teleportation portal once more.

    But, that disappointed look didn't last long as excitement filled his heart once more. Now, he could change his mage's crappy equipment. Auron unequipped his equipment and quickly change to Esitem set he gained before.

    After changing the equipment, he felt more powerful. His appearance become more powerful as he equipped the set. There was only one thing that looked contrast from his appearance, his weapon staff.

    Auron rarely used staff as his weapon, so his staff's level and grade was so low. Fortunately, his dagger was not too shabby.

    Auron's duo went up to the teleportation portal and paid up money to teleport back to Gancit.

    "Now, with this equipment, I can challenge the Orc's camp once more." Auron grinned.

    As he arrived at Gancit, he believed that he could easily clear the Orc's small camp. He went out of the teleportation portal. The first thing he did after went out of the teleportation portal was changing his save point to Gancit.
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