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    Since he was in a town, he went to sold all of his loots and replenished his potion supply. After that, he didn't waste any more time and dashed out of the town.

    His destination was Orc's Camp. They walked past the entrance of the town. After few minutes walked they arrived at the intersection before. This time, he chose the path which leads to Orc's camp.

    In no time, Auron arrived at the vicinity of the orc's camp. He didn't waste any time as he dashed out to the nearest small orc's camp. He was eager to test out his new equipment.

    Tringg.. A countdown timer popped out as he stepped inside the small orc's camp area. This time, the camp's layout was different from before.

    Before, the boss was in the middle of the camp, but this time, the boss was at the innermost part of the camp. Moreover, the layout of the camp this time was very structured. The building was designed such in a way that there was only one path. Which mean, to fight with the boss, Auron had to kill all of the orcs inside the camp.

    Just like before, there was two guards at the entrance of the camp. Auron's duo immediately fight with both of the orcs.

    -1702. As the fire bolt Auron chanted hit one of the orc, a red damage floated above the orcs head.

    -802. A damage also appeared above the head of the other orc as a result of the sword from his swordsman.

    There was a massive difference between the damage produced by magic attack and physical attack. This was the result of the equipment. Auron's physical damage also improved since his attributes had gone up from leveling up but the difference was not too much.

    Meanwhile, the magic damage was improved a lot as the result of the equipment. This was greatly contributed to the fact that the equipment was a set for magical class which raised a lot of intelligence compared to the strength. In addition the set bonus also give additional intelligence for Auron.

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    Auron felt ecstatic seeing the result. He believed with this new power, he could cleared out the camp. Auron took out his dagger and moved to the front while using [Walking Chanting]. As his magic damage was the stronger one, he didn't want to waste any seconds.

    Both of them fight with one orc each. A series of damage floated above the orc's head as the fight continues. Although the equipment set was intended for magical class, however, since Auron and his swordsman shared the same attributes, his swordsman also enjoyed the benefit.

    The swordsman's health and mana also improved. With more health, the swordsman could do more risky thing.

    In no time, the orcs died. The orc who face Auron died first. Then, Auron went to help the swordsman to finish his orc. The speed they killed one orc was tripled.

    Since there was a countdown timer, Auron decided to do some speed run test. They immediately continue they hunting. As they went through the only path in the camp, dozens of orc's carcass was left behind by them. It was like a massacre.

    Experience point by experience point continued filled Auron's experience point pool. Auron's duo was like a death god for the orc. Wherever, they went, several orc's carcasses would be produced. There was no orcs strong enough to stopped them.

    A group of 3 orcs went fight with Auron's duo only to die. Then, 5 orcs went up to eradicate Auron, but it was futile. They also died.

    Actually this sight was not new. Many of current player could also produced such sight. What made this somehow amazing was the fact that the player who done this was just level 50. Well, it was not a player but two level 50 players. But, it was still amazing. Unfortunately, no other player could know about this fact.

    In slightly less than 5 minutes Auron already arrived at the boss of this camp, [Ace Orc's Warrior]. A notification also appeared in front of both of them.

    [Your party have cleared all the orcs except the leader in this camp. If your party could kill the camp leader before the times run out, your party will received bonus experience points]

    Not wasting time, Auron's duo engaged in battle with the boss. A fire hit the boss followed by a sword attack. The boss was pushed by the sheer power of Auron's duo.

    The boss roared calling out his subordinate. A group of summoned orcs spawned beside the boss. The summoned monster attack Auron's duo. With less quantity, the pressure around Auron risen up. However, it was not much as both of them divided the responsibility.

    The swordsman would be up at front fighting against the boss and several summoned orcs. Meanwhile, Auron would kill the summoned monster one by one. With improved health and the help of health potion, the swordsman could endure the bombardment until Auron managed to kill all of the summoned monster.

    The process was quick. The boss was one step late as he used his roar's skill. If he was quicker, the summoned orcs would also received the roar's buff. Only the boss would enjoyed the roar's buff while Auron's duo suffered the debuff.

    However, the debuff didn't affect much of Auron's duo fighting capability much. As the battle continues, the boss slowly pushed. Moreover, after the roar's buff skill ended, the boss was pushed even more.

    [Fire Bolt] came out from Auron moved towards the boss. Auron aimed at the boss's head. It was a clean hit as the boss was distracted by the swordsman's movement. -1620. -820.

    ROOOAARRR. The boss screamed out as he slumped to the ground dead. A gold chest and several loots popped out above the boss' carcass. However, it was not nothing compared to the notification Auron got.

    [Congratulations! Your party wiped out the orc's camp before the timer ended. Bonus experience will be divided equally to all of party's member].
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