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    The scenery around them slowly vanished one by one as they cleared out the orc's camp. From the boss' carcass to the other orc's carcasses. Then, the building followed to vanished one by one.

    As the orc's camp became a barren flat land, a blue light surrounded Auron's duo. Auron's experience slowly went up before stopping at 39%. From the battle in the camp, after whipping out all of the monster including the boss, Auron's duo got 25% experience point. Then, the bonus experience given by the system was half of that which means 12.5% experience point.

    The 12.5% experience supposed to be divided equally among the party's member. The swordsman and Auron would get 6.25% experience point each. However, since Auron and his swordsman shared the same experience pool, Auron get all of 12.5% experience point. In total, from this raid in the orc's small camp, Auron got a whole 37.5% experience point. It was a huge amount, considering he needed four times experience point than ordinary player.

    Right now, Auron is happy because of the experience not because the loot he get. However, despite the loot was not much compared to other hunting ground, he still collect all of the loot. He needed a lot of money to provide both of his characters. Moreover, he chose to hunt at the place surpass his level which means he needed more potion supplies than others.

    After collecting all of the loot from the boss and the gold chest, Auron looked and calculated what he got. And, as what he had expected, even if he sold all of the loot he got from this, it could not cover his potions expenses from the hunt before.

    No rare item or equipment he got like the one he got the first time he hunted here. It was no wonder he suffered loss in terms of gold. But, Auron was still happy. The loss was not as much as what he expected since he used new set equipment which made him stronger. Also, the experience point he got could not be measured with gold.

    Auron focused back on his hunting. He put all of the happiness he felt at the back of his head and focused once more. Then, he immediately went to the neighbor camp.

    The layout of the camp this time was different from the last one. The boss was located at the east of the camp. Auron could choose to directly went to the boss and conquered the camp. But, he choose not to.

    The reason was none other than the bonus experience. He became stronger thanks to the rare grade mage equipment set he wore right now. Thanks to the equipment, now, he could easily cleared out a camp even though he still used some of the potions, but he would not gone under a dangerous situation. There was no way he would missed the chance to get the bonus experience.

    Auron cleared out the south part of the camp since the entrance was at the southern part. Then, he purposely going to the west part of the camp first before going to the north. Lastly, he went to the east part of the camp.

    After ensuring that he already kill all of the orcs inside the camp beside the boss, through the system notification, he went up and challenged the boss. And, just like before, the boss could be defeated by the duo.

    After picking all of the loot, Auron went up to the next neighbor camp. At this new camp, the boss was waiting near the center of the camp. And, Auron chose not to fight with it until he kill all of the others orcs in the camp.

    Fortunately, everything going to the right way. He cleared out the other orcs until he got the system notification. Then, he challenged up the boss.

    After this third raid, he gained a level. It was all thanks to the bonus experience he could gained a level in such a short time.

    "This is it! This is why the orc's camp was a popular hunting ground back then." After clearing the camp, Auron was excited. The bonus experience he gained right now could not be compared to when he hunted here. The reason was because, back then, he needed to be in a party of 3 up to 5 players to clear the small orcs camp which cause the experience point he got was divided.

    Even though, he was stronger than before thanks to the equipment set, Auron still careful on his hunting. After clearing each camp, he would checked out his potion supplies before continuing the hunt. He didn't want to be in a situation where he ran out of potion when he really needed one.

    "There were still enough potion to raid another two small camps" Auron thought.

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    Since he could cleared out the orc's small camp rather easy, Auron wanted to raise the difficulty. He wanted to challenged up the orc's medium camp. Unfortunately, after checking his potion, Auron felt that the potion he had not enough to raid a medium camp.

    A medium camp difficulty was different from the small camp. It was more difficult since the orcs there would had higher level than the small camp. Moreover, the camp's leader he needed to kill was not like the one in the small camp.

    The boss in small camp could not be compared with the boss in the medium camp. Auron didn't want to take the risk of dying. Which was why he put down the idea to raid medium camp with his current condition.

    Instead, he went up to another small camp near him. With the amount of potion he had now, he still could raid two more small camp. Auron decided it that way. He would raid another two small camps before he went back to Gancit and replenished his potion supplies. After that, he would try to challenge the medium camp.
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