131 Preparation

    [Congratulations! Your party wiped out the orc's camp before the timer ended. Bonus experience will be divided equally to all of party's member]

    A massive experience point flowed to Auron's duo. However, it was not enough for them to gain a level. Auron had already went through another two small camps. And, after clearing two camps, he still not gain enough experience to level up.

    Surprisingly, he still got a little bit of health potions left while he still got a fourth of his mana potions left from when he first started went to hunt here. However, the number still not enough to afford him to raid another small camps. He still could take the risk to try but he didn't want to do it.

    Auron's duo used return scroll and went back to Gancit. As his view became cleared, Auron directly went to buy some potion supplies from the NPC store.

    "It looks like I needed to upgrade my swordsman's equipment." Auron thought while he was looking at his swordsman equipment.

    Auron looked at his swordsman's equipment and found that the equipment was pretty old. Moreover, it was the equipment that he got from hunting. He felt that it needs an upgrade.

    Auron looked out at the city's market, but he could not find any suitable equipment for his swordsman since it was pretty difficult to look for level 50 equipment at this stage of the game. In addition, Gancit was a hunting place for player above level 60.

    Auron decided to go to the NPC's equipment store. Then, he bought a set common equipment for his swordsman. Of course, the quality was not a good one since it was from NPC. However, it was better that his swordsman's equipment right now. Moreover, the set bonus gives Auron more attributes.

    [Carapace Mail] (common grade equipment)

    Type: Body - Upper

    Requirement: 30 Strength, 30 vitality, level 50

    Class: Swordsman, Merchant

    Defend: 80

    Health + 1000

    Set Effect:

    2 pieces: Defense + 5

    3 pieces: Strength + 5

    4 pieces: Vitality + 5

    5 pieces: Vitality + 5, Health + 1000

    [Carapace Pant] (common grade equipment)

    Type: Body - Lower

    Requirement: 25 Strength, 20 vitality, level 50

    Class: Swordsman, Merchant

    Defend: 65

    Health + 200

    Set Effect:


    [Carapace Gauntlet] (common grade equipment)

    Type: Arm

    Requirement: 25 Strength, 20 vitality, level 50

    Class: Swordsman, Merchant

    Defend: 50

    Health + 200

    Set Effect:


    [Carapace Helm] (common grade equipment)

    Type: Head

    Requirement: 20 Strength, 30 vitality, level 50

    Class: Swordsman, Merchant

    Defend: 70

    Health + 600

    Set Effect:


    [Carapace Boots] (common grade equipment)

    Type: Footwear

    Requirement: 20 Strength, 35 vitality, level 50

    Class: Swordsman, Merchant

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    Defend: 75

    Health + 400

    Set Effect:


    Auron intentionally chose the set which gave him more durability instead of physical strength. And, his choice was the carapace set. It was a common grade but it was a popular choice for swordsman or merchant who wanted to became a tanker.

    The vitality boost and the health boost was the main point of this set. It boosted out the wearer health. Meanwhile, the defend for this set was not so bad. It was like the average defend from another equipment which made this set more popular.

    If one could not buy a better set from player, they would chose this set. The downside of this set, beside the lack of strength and physical damage, was the price. NPC's store charged higher price for items. Moreover, a set like this.

    The price set for this set was enough for Auron to buy 3 up to 4 uncommon grade non-set equipment with the same level. But, for his quick growth, Auron tried to be more lax. He was left way behind the others high ranker. Moreover, the high ranker usually had support for their guild and their financial supporter which made them level quicker. Auron heard a gossip that there were several high rankers already gained 50 levels after the update.

    50 levels from level 1 and 50 levels from level 500 seems there was no big different, but actually the difference was a wide as an ocean. However, Auron didn't want this to disturb him, so he didn't really mind with the other's growth and focused back on himself.

    Auron equipped the set equipment he bought and inspected his status.

    [Smiling Wizard]

    Level: 51

    Exp: 48%

    Defense: 550

    Hp: 24400

    Mp: 33060

    Strength: 109

    Agility: 104

    Vitality: 105

    Intelligence: 218

    Dexterity: 103

    Luck: 54

    Elemental Understanding:

    Fire: 1%

    Attribute point: 0

    His attribute was raised higher especially his vitality, intelligence, health and mana. It was all thanks to the esitem's set and carapace's set he used. With his status right now, he was far superior than ordinary player with the same level.

    Auron felt proud. He felt that he could now safely fight in the medium camp although the monster there were stronger than the small camps.

    Of course, all of this wasn't without a sacrifice, Auron spent a lot of gold to achieve this stage for health potions and the carapace's set. Now, he only had a little bit over 5 golds at his hands.

    He hoped that he could gain some precious items from the hunt later or else, his gold in hand would be spent until it depleted which would hampered his progress.

    After finishing all of his preparation, he started to walk towards the city's entrance. His destination was the medium orc's camp.

    Around another 30 minutes walking from the city's entrance, Auron's duo arrived at the vicinity of the orc's camp. Auron needed to clear out one or two small camps first before he could went deeper to the medium camp.

    Auron picked out two small camps near him. He clear one small camp first before went to the other small camps.  After clearing the two small camps, he went deeper into the orc's camp. Finally, he arrived at the border between the small camps and medium camps. He looked up at the medium camp near him. The size was noticeably bigger than small camps, and also he could see 4 guards guarding the entrance instead of 2 guards.
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