132 Orcs Medium Camp 1

    Orc's medium camp had a bigger sized compared the small camp. However, the number of the monster inside was the same with the small camp. Of course, the quality of the monster would be higher than the small camp. But, with a bigger sized place and same amount of monster inside, there would be much more space for battle and way to avoid battle.

    [Orc Shield Bearer] (common monster)

    Level: 89

    HP: 560000/560000

    MP: 100/100

    Skills: Sacrifice, Guard

    Description: Using shield as its main weapon. Its job is to protect other orcs.

    Out of the 4 orcs guarding the entrance, there were 3 [Orc Warrior] and 1 [Orc Shield Bearer]. The body of the [Orc Shield Bearer] was bigger than the other three orcs. It was because he had to use a very big shield.

    Auron stepped inside the camp. A 30 minutes countdown timer started as soon as he entered the area. Since it was medium camp, the security was higher than small camp.

    When Auron's duo stepped inside the camp, the orcs guarding the entrance immediately notified of an outsider. They looked at Auron's direction. Spotting Auron's duo, four of them went into formation.

    With the [Orc Shield Bearer] in the lead carrying his big shield, the 3 [Orc Warrior] followed from behind. The shield was very big and heavy that its needed, the already big sized [Orc Shield Bearer], to be carried by both of the [Orc Shield Bearer]'s hand.

    Arriving at the front of Auron's duo, the [Orc Shield Bearer] raised his shield. Although, it had been long since Auron hunted here, he still knew about the monster's behavior, uniqueness and specialty. One of them was, [Orc Shield Bearer] could not attack.

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    So, Auron's duo ignored the [Orc Shield Bearer] in the front and immediately charged towards its back and targeted the three [Orc Warrior].

    The [Orc Shield Bearer], who was ignored in the front turned toward his back and slammed down his big shield. A loud bang sound was produced when the shield slammed to the ground. It was a distinctive behavior when [Orc Shield Bearer] used his skill, [Guard].

    As soon as the [Guard] skill used the [Orc Shield Bearer] could not moved an inch. A protective aura also seeped out from him and covered him. If a player looked at the orc's health bar, there was a trace of white color on it indicating the amount of the protective aura. It covered 10% of the [Orc Shield Bearer]'s max health.

    At this stage, when the [Orc Shield Bearer] was attacked, it would reduced the protective aura first until it depleted before the orc's health started to reduce. And, the protective aura could be stacked. The [Guard] skill had 1 minutes cool down. After 1 minutes, the orcs would used the skill once again. If the [Orc Shield Bearer] didn't suffered any damage, then the second time, he used [Guard], his protective aura would cover 20% of its health.

    Fortunately, there was a maximum for the protective aura. It could only covered maximum 100% of its health. However, it was still a massive amount since it would double the orc's health to above a million.

    Auron ignored the [Orc Shield Bearer] and directly attack the [Orc Warrior]. Auron took up one of the orc while his swordsman fight against two orcs. When Auron's attack was about to hit the orcs in front of him, a purple aura shot of from behind him, hit the orc and covered him.

    Auron's dagger connected with the orc. However, the damage was not float above the [Orc Warrior], instead, it was floated above the [Orc Shield Bearer]'s head.

    The purple aura was the result of the [Sacrifice] skill from the orc. It would covered up to 2 orcs maximum in range of 30 feet from the caster. When the orcs covered by this aura getting hit, the damage would transfer to the caster of this purple aura. Also, this aura would last until the [Orc Shield Bearer] died or the target of this skill was out of range.

    This was [Orc Shield Bearer] way of fighting. Instead of attacking, he would covering his allies using [Guard] and [Sacrifice]. [Orc Shield Bearer] was trained to only using this set of skill which was why, although, its intelligence as a common grade monster was low, he could always use this skill in battle.

    Since Auron's opponent was covered by the purple aura, he looked at his swordsman's side. On his swordsman side, there was one with purple aura and one without it. Auron chose to focus on the orc without the purple aura first.

    Auron's duo focused their attack on the orc without the purple aura first. Soon, under the attack, the orc died. When the orc died, Auron's duo focused back on each of their opponent. They each took one [Orc Warrior] as their opponent.

    The battle already lasted for 1 minutes, while both of their opponents didn't suffered any injuries yet. Instead, the [Orc Shield Bearer] already had third of his health left.

    The [Orc Shield Bearer] raised his shield and slammed it to the ground once more which made a protective aura covered him. A few seconds later, since all of the damage suffered by [Orc Warrior] was transferred to [Orc Shield Bearer], the [Orc Shield Bearer] finally died.

    Without the purple aura, [Orc Warrior]'s health started to reduced bit by bit. Finally, at the end, both of the [Orc Warrior] died.

    Auron picked up the loot and went past the camp's entrance inside the camp. For this camp, Auron just wanted to test the water first. So, before he entered the camp, he already decided that he would directly went to the boss as soon as he could.

    Auron didn't want to force himself to clear all of the orc inside the camp and failed at the end. So, he wanted to know how much time he needed to directly cleared out the camp. Then, based on that time, he would decided his action when he raided next medium camp.
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