133 Orcs Medium Camp 2

    Auron stepped inside the camp. He immediately looked for the boss' location. However, since the place was bigger, he could not find the boss' location from his line of sight. Auron opened up his mini map to look the boss. He found the boss was at the northwest from the camp's entrance.

    Auron moved from the entrance. He took the path towards northwest of the camp. He found two orcs at his path.

    [Orc Javelin Thrower] (common monster)

    Level: 87

    HP: 380000/380000

    MP: 2000/2000

    Skills: Speed Throw

    Description: It throw javelin to attack.

    One orc was [Orc Shield Bearer] and the other one was [Orc Javelin Thrower]. Auron's duo immediately took out battle position. Meanwhile, both of the orcs already spotted Auron's duo and charged at them.

    As like any other [Orc Shield Bearer] would do, the [Orc Shield Bearer] was up at the front and when he was close to Auron's duo, he slammed his big shield and used [Sacrifice] to protect the other orc.

    Auron's duo unleashed their attack towards the [Orc Shield Bearer] in the front since [Orc Javelin Thrower] was a range unit.

    It was better for Auron's duo to attack the shield bearer first, since if he targeted the javelin thrower first, it was useless. The javelin thrower already enveloped by purple aura from the shield bearer which mean even though Auron's duo targeted javelin thrower first, he would still not be able to kill it until he kill the [Orc Shield Bearer].

    [Orc Javelin Thrower] was a range unit with more damage than [Orc Archer]. The damage produced by [Orc Javelin Thrower] almost half stronger than [Orc Archer]. However, its shortcoming was its attack range and attack speed. Its attack range was half than [Orc Archer]. In addition, its attack speed was slightly lower than [Orc Archer].

    This made this orcs' duo was easy to defeat since one of the orc could not attack and the other one had a slow attack speed.

    Auron's duo didn't even waste any single health potion for this orcs' duo. Taking the loot, Auron continue went north west. Auron met with another two orc's group.

    [Orc General] (uncommon boss monster)

    Level: 92

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    HP: 800000/800000

    MP: 20000/20000

    Skills: Orc's roar, Orc's summon, General's aura

    Description: One of the orc's general. It uses spear and shield to leads group of orcs at the front.

    After defeating that two groups, Auron finally could see the camp's leader. Its body was as huge as [Orc Shield Bearer]. However, the difference was, when [Orc Shield Bearer] need to use both of its hand to wield the shield, [Orc General] only needed one hand to wield the same shield.

    However, before Auron could go against the boss, there was still one group of orc before the boss. It was a group containing three orcs consist of 2 [Orc Warrior] and [Orc Javelin Thrower].

    Auron kited that three orcs away from the boss first before battle against it. He didn't want to get the boss' attention because he fought closed to the boss.

    After defeating that group, Auron prepared to fight with the boss. However, he could not directly fight with the boss without preparation because there were three orcs beside him, one [Orc Shield Bearer] and two [Orc Javelin Thrower].

    This was what unique about this boss, there were already orcs guarding him before he used his summoning skill. This was also the reason why this boss was way more difficult to defeat than the small camp's leader.

    The boss' strength already higher than the small camp's boss. In addition, there was [Orc Shield Bearer]. The [Orc Shield Bearer] made it more annoying to kill the boss. If Auron was unlucky then the [Orc Shield Bearer]'s skill would protect the boss. Moreover, when the boss used his summon skill, the combination of the summoned monster was the same as the group of orcs beside him right now, one [Orc Shield Bearer] and two [Orc Javelin Thrower]. Which mean, he would have 100% chance to summon [Orc Shield Bearer].

    Another thing was, the boss had a passive skill, [General's aura]. It would raise his subordinate's attack power by 10%. Fortunately, it only raised his subordinate attack power and not the boss' attack power. Also, when the boss used his roar skill, the passive skill could not overlap with the roar's buff.

    After all of his preparation done, Auron's duo used [Attack Potion] to raise his attack. Then, he went towards the boss and started the battle.

    The boss roared and commanded his subordinate beside him to attack Auron's duo. He also went forward towards Auron's duo and lead his subordinate. The boss and [Orc Shield Bearer] were in the front, followed by two [Orc Javelin Thrower] at the backs.

    This time, Auron was the one who handled boss and [Orc Shield Bearer] at the front while his swordsman went to the back and fought with two [Orc Javelin Thrower]. Unfortunately, the [Orc Shield Bearer]'s skill protect the boss and one of the [Orc Javelin Thrower] at the back. Seeing this, Auron commanded his swordsman to target [Orc Javelin Thrower] who was not protected by the [Sacrifice] skill.

    Meanwhile, Auron fought with the boss and [Orc Shield Bearer]. Although there were two monsters in front of Auron, since one of the monster could not attack, it was the same as fighting against one monster, the boss.

    The boss thrust his spear. The thrust's speed was fast. With his attributes, Auron barely managed to dodge the spear. As the spear thrust the space beside Auron's head, he could feel the wind from the spear's thrust.

    Seeing his thrust missed the target, the boss moved his spear horizontally towards Auron and attacked Auron using his spear's body. However, once more, it missed the target. Auron ducked to dodge the spear.

    Auron tried to look for a way to counter attack however, the big shield was obstructing his sight and made Auron difficult to attack the boss.

    But, it didn't make Auron gave up. Although physical attack from the front was obstructed by the shield, he could still used magic attack.
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