137 Jaden 2

    Auron waited at the designated meeting place. He sat on an ordinary bench near a park. Not long after, a person came to his bench and sat down. It was Jaden.

    "Hello, it's an honor to meet with you. I..." Jaden started the conversation.

    "Let's get straight to the point. I need money. I want to borrow some money from you and I will owe you a favour" Auron cut Jaden's speech and answered coldly.

    "Ehrm... Okay, how many do you need?" Jaden awkwardly answered.

    "How many do I need to join the auction?"

    Shocked shown in Jaden's face, "From what I heard the minimum price for the cheapest items is 10 thousands gold and that was just the minimum bet. If you want to win the item, you will need around more than 50 thousands gold and that was for winning the cheapest items."

    "I cannot lend you that much. At most, I can only lend you at most 10 thousands gold."

    Seeing Jaden could not provided him, Auron stood up and prepared to leave. Seeing this, Jaden gritted his teeth and said, "I really can only lend you at most 10 thousands gold. Even with all of my money, I am only attending the auction to sightseeing not to participate in the auction."

    "Also, I really want to befriend with you."

    Auron stopped and looked at Jaden. He realized he was to cold to him and seeing Jaden's face, he realize that Jaden was not the type to stab in the back. However, he still kept his cold expression and asked, "Why you insist on befriend with me? You must know that I am not high leveled player. Also, I don't know you and you don't know me."

    "Sorry, I will introduce myself once again. As you know my real name was Jaden, I am the youngest son of Ferdinand. I..." Jaden started to introduce himself once more.

    But before he could finish his speech, Auron cut his speech once more and colder than before "So, what the son of Ferdinand's conglomerate group want with lowly and undeserved me?"

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    Ferdinand was the name of one of the most richest person in the world. Their business ranged wide from property, oil, bank, and many more. And, Jaden was the youngest son of that group which mean he had the power to do anything.

    "Wait, it is not like what you think." Jaden hurriedly answered.

    "No, you must already know who I am! So, tell me straight what is your intention on befriending with me?" Auron became nervous. He was in his mage character right now, he didn't know if his 'cheat' already leaked or not. What he know was that there were only little people that could pressure Black Sheep and Ferdinand's group was one of it.

    What Auron didn't know was that even Black Sheep didn't know who got the so called 'cheat'. In Black Sheep, only few with higher position knew that the existence of this 'cheat'. And, the amount was less than 5 people. Moreover, there was no alarm or sign to tell Black Sheep that the 'cheat' already activated.

    One way for the people inside Black Sheep to know, was to analyzed all of the data. At first, all of 5 people still monitored the player's development every day. However, as the game became know worldwide, the amount of data was expanded greatly, it made them didn't care anymore about the so called 'cheat'. In addition, all 5 people already drowned in their massive wealth coming from the Two Worlds.

    So, right now, Auron's secret was safe to even Black Sheep's employee. But, still there was no safe measure that his secret would be kept forever, since who knows in the future, one out of the 5 people would be bored with their wealth and started to pay attention to the game once more.

    "No! I don't know who you are! I know what you think. I truly want to befriend with you and it will be rude if I sent people to investigate about you. I didn't do it. Moreover, if I sent people to investigate then my old man would know about it and I didn't want that old man to know."

    "What I know about you is you are Smiling Wizard who was selling me an epic grade skill book. Kemdall even didn't know about our meeting now." Jaden started to get furious as Auron kept on suspicious and maintain cold nature towards him, but he still could control his anger.

    "Then, why are you want to befriend with me? I know I worth nothing in your eyes. You could find way many more people out there better than me" Auron started to feel guilty, so he softened his voice.

    "It was because..." Since Auron softened his voice, Jaden's anger started to dissipate. After all, he was not the one who easily angry and kept on his anger for long time. He started to tell his reason like what he had told Kemdall the day he bought the skill book from Auron.

    Hearing the reason and Jaden high evaluation about him, Auron felt more guilty than before, "Sorry, I have wronged you before. My name is Auron. It was just that..."

    "No problem, I didn't take it to the heart. And, I know you must have your own reason to feel that suspicious" This time, Jaden cut Auron's speech and he comforted Auron.

    "So, it looks like I was the same age as you. I am 26 years old this year. What about you?" After the situation warmed, Jaden tried to change the topic and spoke comfortably with Auron.

    "Yes, I am also 26 years old this year." Auron answered, he started to put his prejudice away.

    "Then, let's be friend" Jaden offered his hand for a handshake.

    Auron felt hesitant. He afraid that his judgement would be wrong once again. But, at the end, he still agreed to handshake. After all, if he didn't trust his own judgement, then who will trust his judgement.
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