138 Jadens Trouble

    "So, as I said before, I can only lend you at most 10 thousand golds. More than that, my damn old man will know and the problem will get bigger from there." Jaden said.

    "No, just forget it. Before, I just wanted to take advantages of you. But, after all of this, how can I still do it." Auron rejected the offer.

    "No. You can still keep it. Treat this as a gift for our friendship. But, don't tell anybody that I give you money even to that Kemdall" Jaden warned Auron.

    Since Auron need money and Jaden insisted on giving him the money, Auron could not help but accept it and offer his gratitude.

    "It looks like you don't like Kemdall and your old man?" Auron asked.

    "Yes, not just my old man but all of my family as well." There was a sign of furious in Jaden's voice when he said this.

    "As you know, my father had 4 children, 3 sons and 1 daughter all of which already married except me. I was the youngest son as well as the youngest children. Like you know, my family was a big family with many business. My father gave out each of my siblings a business to handle except me."

    "However, my father still kept on meddling with the business and he still had the veto right. Moreover, my father still handled more business than all of his children's business combined. I don't care about it as I didn't get any business handed to me and I like that."

    "With no responsibility, I got more freedom to do what I want. And, 5 years ago, I started to learn about baking. And, I love it so much. After that, I get engrossed to this path that I have choose"

    "More and more I get into the baking world. With the resource my father had given me, I made my own bakery. I also started to get into Two Worlds as the cooking skill in this world could help me to raise my skill as a baker"

    "As a baker and with a lot of money, I didn't need to raise my level and just can keep on buying ingredients as I want. My skill raised, so as my business began to grow big."

    "Although, it was not as big as my old man business, but it was considered big if you compared it to other people business."

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    "However, one years ago, suddenly, when my old man coming back from a business trip, he brought a woman younger than me. Then, what was shocking was that he declared the woman was his daughter and told the other to treat her like his daughter."

    "This news shocked all of the family member. I am shocked as well, but I don't care about it and just do what he wanted. So, I treat the girl like my younger siblings. The girl was fine and beautiful. She also was kindhearted."

    "Then, one week later, another shocking news was announced by my father. He wanted to retire and he would left all of his wealth and other business to one of his children."

    "This news shocked all of the family members. Then, my old man continued, he says that there was a test needed to be passed. The first one who can make money more than what his entire business kingdom could make, will be the winner. To be fair, my father gave me and my younger sister each a business to handle."

    "I rejected the offer and said that I wanted to focus on my bakery and didn't care about this competition."

    "My father frowned but he didn't force me. After all, if my bakery could make more money it was still considered valid as the winner."

    "With this competition going on, the family atmosphere became intense. Each of them became

    "Time passed by, my father like my younger sister to be the winner and he spoiled my younger sister so much that he secretly helped her to win this competition."

    "However, three months ago, suddenly, my younger sister left from home and never came back. She also left all of his business unattended."

    "This shocked my father as well as made him furious at the same time. He tell all of the people to search for his daughter"

    "After three days of searching, my father stopped the search and it's my time to suffered. Without my sister, he started to push me. He told me to stop my bakery business and handle one of his business. At first, I didn't want it, at the end, my father told me that I still could do both of my business. I accepted that offer. However, with sudden more pressured, I am stressed out."

    "One day, I could not accept all of this and yelled at my father asking why he do this to me. At that time, he said that he was sorry but he didn't want his inheritance to fell on my siblings because of the in laws family."

    "My father said that his in laws family who was like a wolf who want to control all of his business, already contaminated my siblings to destroy the family. And, he didn't trust them. Which was why, my father choice fell on my younger sister but without her, he could only put the burden on me." Jaden told weakly.

    "Hearing my father's reason, I also didn't like I could only accepted all of this and do as what he wanted. But, I still could not forget about my bakery. And, Two Worlds was the place for me to release my stress. Seeing I am playing Two Worlds, my father didn't want me to stay away from the path, so he hire Kemdall to oversee me in disguise that he wanted to support me."

    "Fortunately, you didn't contact me through Kemdall, or my father would also know about this meeting." Jaden laughed.

    "Ehrm... Is it okay for you to tell me all of this?" Auron awkwardly asked Jaden.
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